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I swear I’m not superstitious butttttt (Cheapies & Freebies).

Blimey for me personally Friday the 13th has certainly lived up to it’s rep and I wasn’t going to do a post but then I read a notice from Mina Nakamura and it was a case of “YESSS” something has finally gone right.

OK, First of all, I am wearing a super bargain cropped sweater which only cost 10Lds or in my case 20Lds as I forgot I already have it and in fact wear it a lot! I picked it up from the MP(Marketplace) as the MUTE shop isn’t inworld anymore.  Although I’ve had this particular top now for years it’s still a fine and wearable basic jumper with a colour Hud of 8 options.

As it happens everything in the Mute MP shop is only 10Lds and I can guarantee that it is great quality.  If I remember correctly the owner of Mute was shutting up shop and she decided to go out with bang and reduced everything to 10Lds and people went “cray cray” grabbing as much as they could but then she, Jayzee Netizen decided she would keep her shop open but the prices would stay the same.  There was a bit of a backstory to it which I am not too sure on but the long as short of it was a lot of people could buy some really affordable wearables.  The inworld shop got closed down years ago but the stuff is now all up in the MP.  If in doubt just buy the one item to check the quality but I bet you will log back in for more.

There is a reason I’m in Mina’s and it’s not because I’m wearing a Mina’s hair, I’m nearly ALWAYS wearing a Mina hair LOL it’s because of a notice that was put out.  Took me a while to muddle through it because my brain has had enough of “Adulting” today so I decided to cut & paste and you can read it for yourself.

“Last Chance Vendors” will go live on Sunday at 12:00 am SLT and will give you the last chance to pick up the gifts for a very discounted price of 50 LS.  MINA V.I.P. members receive 50% DISCOUNT on the “Last Chance Vendors” when wearing the MINA V.I.P. group tag
The amount of gifts is not limited, but the vendors will be live for 24 hours only. After that period the exclusive colors will not be available again.

So… if you missed out on a midnight gift you really wanted, be sure to drop by at the store by midnight SLT when the Last Chance Vendors go live!
Some creators offer an optional add-on color-hud for a discounted price. Keep your eyes out for those!”

So basically you have just 24 hours to slap a board on Sat and then hit the other one on Sunday and since there doesn’t seem to be anything about having to join a group I’m gonna assume each slap is for free LOL.

The note also mentions that because this is a popular event then cut back on you Avatar impact, there is actually going to be a security orb which I assume will just send you the message to cut your impact if you exceed the 50.000 limit.  This is for all the shops I believe and not just Mina’s.  This isn’t going to be an issue for most of us, even I barely scrape over the 30.00o but I do know that some hairs and Bento heads can cause an issue so ditch them and so everyone inc yourself can snag with minimum lag…Ooo I rhymed.

PS.Blimey I’ve been over to Mina’s twice and people are already TPing in believing the event has started but it hasn’t and if you check out the “Monthly Midnight Madness Blog” you will be able to see exactly when it does….BEST OF LUCK.

PPS I’m gonna say it again through, check out the Gacha’s in Mina’s shop.  One day I will have to show you some of them so you can see someof the great hair for a bargain price I go on about.

Mute (Marketplace only).

Monthly Midnight Madness Blog

Mina’s Mainshop

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Pretty in Rose (10Ld).

The notice came out so I popped straight over to MUTE to grab not one but 2 new 10Ld outfits.

The first is this mesh dress called Freja.  A simple sweet, spring, summer, pretty little mesh dress.  You do have a choice of colours and I thought the rose was lovely and as it happens it also matches a pair of pink/rose-coloured boots I’ve previously bought from here so for another 10Lds worth checking out.

cross mute

Lots of lovely natural folds esp in the skirt, can I just say that the exaggerated fold under my boobs is because of my pose and not the outfit, I’ve only just noticed it.

The hair is a Mina’s called Joelle, a severely cut look, I love the fringe or as a lot of people call it the “bangs”.  I’m going to be showing you this hair again because I had really wanted to show you the grey option.  I had picked up a sexy sheer body stocking from Mute but I hadn’t read the details closely and this outfit is only for Appliers or I should say all the Appliers bar my SLink Physique one LOL, which is a shame as that sheer sexiness and the cropped Mina hair in the grey shades would have been stunning.  So I’m going to have a rummage in my invent and see if I can find a complete look to show you.

But of course you can go and try it for yourself.  At this moment the Joelle hair can only be found at The 100 Block Event but it’s worth a visit because ALL the hair packs are at a brill 50% discount.  It’s been running since the 9th so finally it should be reasonably quiet for you to be able to go check it out.

PS Remember from Mina’s mainshop you can TP to any of the events she is taking part of and of course she has a FREE hunt hair for all.  Since this is the Wayward hunt it’s a small brown parcel you’re looking for and if you want to check out the hair scroll back a few posts and you can see the hair and all the other Wayward hunt items I scored.

MUTE Discount skybox

Mina@The 100 Block

Mina Mainshop

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Flashable (10LD new Mute items).

I say “items” in the headline because I know that Jay Shadows has also put out a new set of Zippered Mesh Tights which are compatible with Belleza. Maitreya and Omega Appliers but I forgot to grab them in my haste to get my sweaty claws on this skirt.


A “Flirty Skirt” and again I stuck to the more standard brown but there is a whole palette of colours including Summery ones and Polka dots which really will be perfect for the coming seasons.

Remember everything in this discounted skybox is only 10Lds, this is all shop quality stuff.

I’ve just been rereading my Group Notices from Mute and I see now that there are 3 Designers who have come together to create great and affordable clothes.  Sweetbonbon7, mercedespiper and of course Jay Shadows (jaysee.netizen).  If you remember Jay had a very successful shop in SL but decided to retire but she got so many messages of how she and her clothes would be missed she decided to set up a skybox and to set the price of all of her clothes to just 10Lds.  It’s quality stuff as well inc SLink shoes and Appliers where applable LOL

PS the group is free to join and since they regularly put out new clothes it’s a great way to keep upto date.


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Let me kiss it.

When Faith and I log in the first thing we have to do is sit down and work our way through all the notes and notices we get sent in our search for goodies to show you so I was sat there on platform working my way through my junk mail and I realised how good this just all looked.  From the new Mina hair to my PumeC skin and how looking this good in SL now need not break the bank anymore. OK so this particular hair is full priced at the moment but Mina Nakamura has so many brilliant hairs out and often they’re at special events at special prices so if you can’t afford this one make sure to pop into her shop as in the entrance way are boards with all the Hairs which are available at events, and the LMs, and you can find them at sometimes a great discount.  Check out Mina’s Gacha because the hair in there, Selenia is one of my fav hairs and it only cost 75Lds for a try and although you can’t chose which colour you win you get a colour pack and not just the one single colour. me The jeans which I always wear are an old hunt prize and the top is an old freebie and the one in the next picture is a Mute 10Lds top and the shoes which again I always wear were 49Lds from Lindy’s. bins Just a fun shot at the Shiny Shabby sim of me trying to find any freebies but no luck so far.  What I did find was way too many new and fresh designs for your AV and home and since I’m on a limited budget till payday I had to TP out before I caved in and bought more Lindens. me2 Popping this picture in because I’m guilty of showing you the more natural colours such as blonde or browns but you can also chose much zingier colourful hairs that still look natural. I always wear PumeC skins and although I think the one in these pictures was Anastasia which is a full priced one I usually chose my skins at random because they’re ALL great even the ones given away as Group Gifts.

I Just recently I bought a Gacha skin from a shop and it was really nice and came with some Appliers but in the end I thought I can’t blog this because for the same amount of money, 100Lds, you can join PumeC and get 4 brilliant shop quality skins with ALL Appliers.  So I gave that skin away.  I also went and joined a VIP Group for another skin shop and to my shock when I went to the “VIP Room” to grab all the lovely goodies it turns out that all you get is a skin, a single skin, just ONE skin and nothing else not even a cleavage layer or brow option, no appliers not even a phat azz. (I know gifts are lovely and I don’t expect them, but when you’ve paid a reasonable amount of Lindens to join the group I do tend to expect appliers so the gift is usable – ok I’m whining a little I know I know !)  So I binned it and un-joined.

bed However a shop where I have been a very happy Platimum Group Member of for many many years) is Michigans Shack.  It cost 500Lds to join and each month a Group Gift is placed out and also various itmes with various discounts as well for us.  I have a folder stuffed with items from Michigans Shack (it’s typed as MiChIGaN’s ShAck).  You do not have to be a Group memeber to enjoy this shop, just join the normal group to be kept upto date with all of the hunts that are regularly held here and you will still end up with lots of goodies and they’re all top quality. bed2 Each week there are special 60Ld items out and rarely a week goes by that I don’t end up buying the special offer and this week there is a whole load of very 50 Shades of fun items (BDSM) and this bed.  This bed which seems to be standard with most MS items comes with not just single and cuddle poses but with the hardcore ones so if you’re into threesomes, gay, lesbion, toys etc then there is a menu for you but please if you’re not do NOT let that put you off as these aren’t just sex driven items of furniture. Last mention apart from the one on the Shiny Shabby sim ALL of these pictures were taken in my Nams setting with no photo editing to show you how clean and clear the skin, hair and clothes look.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Mainshop

PumeC Mainshop

MiChIGaN’s ShAck

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Curves&Holy Moley!!!

MUTE again and this 10Ld offer is for some Kim kardashian curves or rather pants that give you those curves.


I wish I had remembered to put on a pair of shoes I’ve previously bought from Mute but never mind.  Booty hugging mesh pants with a metallic sheen to them. Once I finished taking this picture I just put on a sweater and these are such great basics that can be dressed up or down as you want.


Although my waist looks ridiculously tiny and these leggings/pants are meant to give you curves and even though my AV size is on the smaller size I think look great and not out of proportion and I’m going back for the black, white and the silver pair but many other colour options available.


Of course I had to put in a Booty shot LOL.

Mute is owned by Jᴀʏ Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡs (jaysee.netizen) and when she shut her SL shop for various RL and SL issues she got so many messages off her supporters that she reopened a Discount Skybox and everything is priced at 10Lds.  So far I’ve grabbed everything apart from 1 dress.  Some great stuff and she puts out something new at least each week and usually more often.  You can join the group like I did, for free, to make sure that as soon as it’s out you can go and grab it

HOLY MOLY! I’ve just checked her Marketplace shop and she has put a total of 730 items priced between 0-10lds and 138 for between 11-110Lds the pricier items are the Fat Packs.  Don’t Panic when you see that the link takes you to a shop called Sugar and Cyanide it’s the same shop just different names.  I’m going to be stocking up on skater skirts, jumpers, SLink shoes and on and on.

Mute Discount Skybox

Mute Marketplace


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Beautifully Flawed (Discount&Dollarbies).

Because I take pictures so much I sometimes spot flaws that others wouldn’t and when I was taking these pictures I realised that my brilliant finds of the day have flaws.  So I binned the item with the worst flaw (uck) but I can’t bin this dress because it’s just too sweet.

The flaw is that the base prim, sculpt, mesh square (I’m not very techie here) that the outfit is built around is visible.  Normally this cube is buried inside of your AV somewhere but in this case you can still see a tiny cube on the palm of your right hand.  Not the first time this has happened but unlike the other times this items isn’t Mod so I wasn’t able to edit it.

Honestly this is such a lovely well textured dress I don’t care about that little flaw.  I took these pictures not only in my Nams setting but I also changed my dome cover to a realistic sky so basically this is as good as it gets in an SL setting.  Icing on the cake is that you have 3 dresses in this pack each with the blue skirt but with different coloured tops, pink and black.  If you don’t like the blue skirt options then check out Rakar’s Marketplace shop because she has other colour variations and each pack cost ONLY 1Ld!  Actually I’ve just bought the pink pack and I will let you know if that to also has this little flaw.

dress use

One of my fav events has now started and yet again Mina Nakamra has a discounted hair out for us.


This hair is called Linda and as standard you get a colour pack of your choosing but in this hair you get something new 3 boobs sizes.  You get the standard 00 (small boobs) 01 (big boobs) and a new size of 02 (gazungas).  I’m wearing the 00 size in this picture because I keep my AV boobies on a more natural sizing but I did throw on my Lolas and the mid size fits a treat which means those of you who love your “gazungas” will want to rush over and grab this hair. I have to mention that those exagerated curls emm curl around your nips.  Can’t be more subtle than that, a nice sexy little touch.

The reason I love the My Attic event is simply because there is usually a good mix of hair, shoes, decor and poses here and all priced under 100lds which means “Linda” is only 95Lds and for that you get a colour pack and not just the 1 shade.

Flawed3This weeks offering from Mute is these SLink Flatties.  As always each colour is priced at only 10Lds.  Lots of lovely base colours such as red, blue but at 10Lds each I decided to go crazy and steer away from my norma “safe” colour.  There is 2 10Ld offers this week but I’ve just done something very similar to the dress so I don’t want to do another so quickly.  A free to join group and I would suggest you do because Jay Shadows (jaysee netizen) releases these 10Lds items pretty frequently and as soon as I get the notice I’m off like a shot although you don’t need to panic as she keeps all the offers out so you can grab them at your leisure.

UPDATE.  Turns out that the pink dresses from Rakar also have the same flaw and the SLink flatties are also wearable with Belleze feet.


Mina@My Attic

Mute Discount Skybox

Mute Marketplace

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I Spy, cheapies, freebies and pretties.

I spy freebies, bargains and something new for my home.

mute shoes

Yup Mute is still putting out the 10Ld bargains and since I can never have too many SLink shoes esp when they’re just 10Lds I of course popped straight over and grabbed these.  A whole board of different colours and it was hard to choose so yet again I plumped for the beige/brown shade but there is everything from bright pink to emm these beige/brown ones LOL.  SLink so that means you need the High feet for these shoes.


I popped over to the Cosmopolitan Shop.  There is a large mainshop with a whole selection of clothes, shoes, poses etc from many well know SLshops.  Outside is a nice shopping mall and you will notice a lot of the shops have shopping trolleys outside and in them you will find a lovely discounted item.

In the main shop I found these goodies and I also grabbed their Group Gift which I completely forgot about.  The GG, free to join, if I remember correctly is a stool, high in height and with an industrial look to it.  However these boxes are a real find for me esp as I’m cleaning out and redoing my home a little bit and these will be perfect in my home/outhouse.  The box with the bottles and the one with the lid on are only 10Lds! and the one without the lid is a FREEBIE from Ex Machina and even the box with the bottles in ONLY 2 prims! and the other boxes are only 1 prims and copyable.

I don’t know too much about this shop, Ex Machina and tbh not a lot on their Marketplace Shop but when I get back inworld I’m going to have a scout around to see if they have more stock inworld.  Till then I’m chuffed with these boxes.


Since I saved so much more at the Cosmopolitan event and Mute I splashed out on this gorgeous candlestick which can also be found in the main shop.  75Lds and only 2prims for the main candlestick and a single prim for the stand alone one and yes it’s also copyable.

candles 2

I zoomed in for a closer picture.  Slightly kicking myself that I didn’t check out how it glows in different windlight settings but even in my Nams setting it looks so pretty. DOH forgot the name of the design/shop for this candle set but when you go into the Cosmopolitan main shop you turn left for the boxes and right for the candlesticks LOL.  They’re both placed on the centre stands.


Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town

Ex Machina