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Birthdays & Champagne

Aphrodite Musical Birthday cake & Rose Champagne NEW!

Aphrodite have just released a new line of Birthday cakes, they are sooper special and beautifully made. I’m showing the “Queen of  roses” which is quite literally the sweetest cake I’ve seen in a while. It has blowable candles that sparkle away, and it also plays a “Happy Birthday song” upon touch. It’s not the same old same old Birthday song, it’s a long version ! If you touch it you get a menu for all sorts of cakes. Also new is the posh rose Champagne, extra bottles to place on the table, and a beautifully animated glass with frothy bubbles for you to wear.

Aphrodite cakes New !

Heres a few of the delicious cakes, all are animated for you to hold them. The awesome thing is not only can you wear these and *eat* them, they are only 2 prims each – so scatter them around for décor ! Btw, the cake comes with the sweet table, so you’ve got the complete set up, ready to roll. Go take a peek in the market place store or the inworld one, there are a few different cakes to choose from.

coldLogic NEW! Damselfly NEW! Aphrodite musical Birthday cake - dispenses fooood NEW!

Had to try one didn’t I ? The strawberry looked so yummy so I dived in et voilà ! My dress is part of the new release from coldLogic, its called “twain” , the range of colour options is juicy and fresh. Perfect for those end of summer weddings. More on that new collection later – thanks coldLogic team ❤

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

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hair by Damsel Fly @ The Theme Park