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Group gift & new releases – purrrrrrr

Hurrah! B&T Mesh Studio has some newness to share….First up is these scrummy mesh Military olive green shorts…superb fit and nice detailing …teamed up with another bundle of newness the Golden Dragon mesh tee…really lovely dragon motif on the front of this….would also look fantabulous with jeans…uhm…I have to admit I clung onto Steves bootstraps and copied him….I just HAD to go get those Muism boots that are currently in the Make Him over 2 hunt…I had a sneaky suspiscion that they would fit chicks also..and I was right ..yippeee! *squirm* also….one more admission..I actually couldnt find the hunt gift…sooooo my darling friend Talena Carissa rode in to help me…goddammm she found them in under 2 minutes! Well worth the hassle factor though…they look awesome huh?

Next we have some pretttttty floral mesh jeans from B&T..dark background with various hues of red & pink roses allllllllll over….I think theyd look cracking with a fresh pure white shirt no?

Kept you waiting for the gift … It really couldnt be anymore perfect if it tried….its mesh-score 1….its got a kittycat on the front score 2 yay! Lotsa sizes for you…even on the back the kittycat motif appears…I adore it …head over to claim your pussycat tee and check out the new goodies…grab demos that are freely available..<3 Thankyou BabyLee & Tommi xx

B&T Mesh Studio


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You’re on the Bottom

I can be such a slowpoke when it comes to hunts. I missed the kickoff to the MHO7 Hunt by a few days, fortunately for me it’s a month-long extravaganza because I would have kicked myself for missing out. There are a brilliant array of designers giving out some awesome gifts and I’ve got a few to show you tonight. Funnily enough, except for the skin, they are all items for your bottom half!

Speaking of the skin, it’s from Akeruka, a name you guys should know well if you’ve been here before. It’s called Nando and it comes in this full tan tone along with the facial hair. It’s most definitely a very masculine skin with the usual super well-done details that you always get from an Akeruka skin.

The boardshorts you can also see above are from Redgrave who are always a must-visit for me when they’re involved in a hunt. Oh so summery, these shorts have a gorgeous look and I love the colours – the blue and brown go very well together here. They are mesh so you will need a mesh-enabled viewer to see them.

The next item I found was from a store I’d never visited before: Ink No.8 Meshfactory. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, just that it would be mesh and that was enough to get me lookin’. Eventually I found their gift and saw that I’d scored these awesome Dungarees. I can honestly say that I don’t have anything in my inventory like this, mesh or otherwise. The texturing is absolutely fantastic and they have a real funky look to them that I like a lot. With these dungarees you get two alpha layers and two sizes of the mesh to choose from so you should have no problem getting these to fit.  With these I wore my hunt gift from Sartoria: the Travellers Sneakers which are some very cool footwear indeed, I love the pattern on the uppers of these.

Now, if you want to talk about footwear, Muism has you covered. It has been one of my favourite stores for as long as I can remember and it’s no surprise when you see their hunt gift the ‘Troy’ boots. These boots are simply stunning. The leather texture is gorgeous and the details are superb. Check out the shadowing around the so good straps and the little ‘M’ logo up the top, amazing. The boots also come with a script that allows you to resize them as well as change the texture of the strapping on the boots. There are a whole different range of colour choices, you can even add a little sculpted sock to stick out of the top of the boots if you wish, but I liked it better without.

This hunt will go until the 15th of July so you have plenty of time to hunt down these and more of the fab items that are up for grabs.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1:
Skin: Akeruka
Boardshorts: Redgrave
Picture #2
Dungarees: Ink No.8 Meshfactory
Sneakers: Sartoria
Picture #3
Boots: *Muism*

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Make Him Muism

It’s obviously been too long since I’ve paid a visit to *Muism* as when I went down there I saw loads of brilliant gear that was new to me and of course I had to pick some up. Like the ‘Scoop Tee’ and ‘Cargo Shorts’ I’m wearing above. They come in a cool range of colours and look great. I especially love the cargos. Even from a distance you can see how amazing the detail on the textures are and the sculpted cuffs and pockets fit well.

While I was there I also came across the Make Him Over Hunt 6 item. I wasn’t even looking for it. It just magically appeared right in front of me, gotta love it when it’s easy. The gift is the Chronotech G5 in navy. A wicked, sporty looking watch with lots of options. You can change the time or leave it set for SL time, change the face colour and resize all through the handy menu, it is indeed a very cool accessory and worth picking up.

So head on down to *Muism* keep yourself on time by picking up a great watch and treat yourself to some of their awesome clothes.

Get the gear here: *Muism*

Pose by Olive Juice


Lucky Stripe

I am usually quite unlucky when it comes to those so-called ‘lucky’ chairs and boards, the A’s just don’t seem to come up for me so I usually don’t give the boards and chairs too much of a look when I see them. However, while I was at *Muism* yesterday to pick up a new pair of jeans, one of the lucky chairs came out with a ‘anyone can win’ message and I jumped on it.

The prize that was on offer you can see above: the  Stripe OS Shirt in Navy. This is a beautiful smart casual shirt, I do like my stripes and the colour of these are a fantastic, really lovely shade of blue. The bottom of this  is pretty short so you might need to wear something under it (or high-waisted pants) but it still ends up looking awesome. You also get three different looking sculpted collars to choose from with this top and it also comes on all layers.

This is definitely worth being patient for and hoping for your letter to come up. However, the prizes seem to rotate and there are some for guys and girls. Go check em out and good luck!

Get the gear here: *Muism*