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The Whole Deal!

Honestly I’m such a stuck in the mud with my shape and skin choices it’s boring but when I got notice of Mr.Bloch that he has some special offers on for us ladies I had to indulge and WOW he’s included the WHOLE lot of appliers and for only 49Lds!

SkinuseHarmony is the skin’s name and again not only do you get the SLink hands and feet appliers but also Lola Tangos, PhatAzz (not worn as I refuse to have a fat ass!) and Loud Mouth and if that lot doesn’t tempt you  then you get a total of 3 shade and each shade comes with a choice of lippie.  I’ve not had time to pop into the in world shop Mr.Block to see if this is also on offer there but here is the link to his Marketplace where he has this and a couple of more special offers but be QUICK because like all of his shapes/skins etc they’re limited in number.  OH almost forgot there  even more because it comes with 2 mod shapes and one of them is for the Loud Mouth but I’m not wearing the shape give but my Anna shape.

Skin2This is Harmony again but the paler skin option. Ignore the wisps of hair I must remember that as adorable as this Diva hair is it’s not one for close-ups LOL.  Honestly as I was trying this skin out and taking the pictures the SLink Group were chatting away and as usual a lot of people were bemoaning how hard it can be sometimes to match skins and your “extras” so for those who are struggling or like me a bit lazy with the skin matching this is ALL you need.

Mr.Bloch Marketplace Shop

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Buff Boy(free skin&shape&hoodie)

Mr.Bloch is a group to join because James Grayson (thiagoo.bloch) seems to be pretty generous in remembering to put out a free GG every month and this month it’s Matty and as you can see although he is pretty buff, buff enough for Faith, but not ape like. Nice that the gift includes the shape and skin.

Mr Blochuse

In case you don’t want to walk around naked pop over to Mr.Bloch and grab this free to join Group Gift.


Going to take a guess and say this is a pretty new shop and the reason I say that is because so far all there is for sale is a small selection of hoodies, shorts and if you want a “grill” then a set of teeth with quite a variety of grills (the gold tooth covering). AH I knew there was something different about this mesh item, if you look closely at the picture you can see it has a thinner more “liquid” look to it and that s because it’s made with the new Liquid Mesh.



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Mens’ Freebies, shape, skin, clothes.

MrBlocMy preference for skin and shape is pale and weedy (check out my other photos) but when Mr Bloch sent out a notice about his November Group Gift of a shape and full skin pack I had to get it.  The body has well designed muscle shading with broad shoulders and slim hips but not so extreme you look deformed and with the full choice of skin colours a very generous GG.  Although I will still use my preferred skinny ass shape I’m going to be keeping this one for future use in some pictures.

JacketNice to get a bit of colour other than brown, greys etc.  The shirt is an add on.  This comes from Platypus and is their and is their Frozen Hunt item (it’s a snow flake that you’re looking for).  If you want the second outfit then look at the MM boards and you will find the snowflake there. Not wearing my Mr Block shape/skin in these photos.

shirtWhilst I was there I slapped the MM board and since it has only a 5 slap limit I was pretty sure I’d get it and sure enough next day I logged in it was sent to me. Again a great use of colour and this pack includes the shirt, trousers and belt.

Mr Bloch


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Meet Mr bloch.

A men’s only Gacha event which is much appreciated (so much for women so little for men) For a 100Lds this is a bargain skin especially when you know that Mr Bloch skins are well into the 1200Lds price range (although you do get shape,skin and eyebrows in the full priced packs).  When I called into Mr Bloch’s inworld shop there is a Free Group Gift of a Halloween skin.  Lots of runny make up and badly sewn up scars so if you’re still looking for a Halloween skin this is great.  The one thing that is noticeable about Mr Bloch skins is that they all seem to have a limited amount.

As for the Gacha Event here is a bit of everything from men’s jewelry to shapes and skins and all reasonably priced.

Mr BlockI tried to get this picture done last night so people could also have a chance of grabbing the nerdy cardigan and shirt from Blank Line and it was their FLF offer (Fifty Linden Friday) but since nothing would rezz I couldn’t and now sorry but at this price you can’t get it anymore but they do however have the same style cardigan and in a choice of 5 different shades.  They also have some even crunchier knitted ones which look equally as great and I think I will be treating myself to one of those.  Demos available and don’t panic if you think it’s faulted, a good touch is that you can actually wear the cardigan separate from the shirt and tie (but not the shirt and tie on their own) or you may also find that you can wear the mesh shirt and tie under another jacket, cardigan you may own.  Try the demo and you will see what I mean and when you try the demos you will see that each pack comes with the male and female sizing.


Mens only Gacha Event

Mr Bloch Marketplace

Blank Line

Mr Bloch Inworld