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I simply can’t be ARS*D! (Dollarbie(s).

Moan, moan and more moaning as I wish sellers would UPDATE their shops LM’s in their profiles or MP shops. I’ve spent the last 2 days TPing here there and everywhere, often ending up in the middle of nowhere which I guess is a lot better than landing on someone’s private property and getting booted or a club which would make a hardened SLer blush but all of those are nothing compared to finding yourself rezzed in a wall, under the floor or as in this case trapped in rocks under the ground.

OK, Moaning over, I am SO PLEASED with these pants.

Ignore the shoes I’m wearing, they’re a classic case of get them while they’re free/cheap as these have now gone up to full price but you may want to check out the High Top Dollarbies in the same shop as these pants.  Not the best fit style-wise to these pants, which is why I’m not wearing them, but good Dollarbies on their own.

The picture of the pants on the Marketplace show a hud with the colours and most of the colours look just like shades of black and that’s not necessarily the case.  In this ↑ picture, I’ve chosen the brown on brown options and in this picture ↓ the bolder colours.

I will try to see if I can find the Mystic shop inworld but I’m getting HANGRY, can you tell lol, so I’m logging out for a snack then logging in for a short while to log back out again as I have to do RL for a while.


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Choking the Chicken.(Dollarbies).

This first item I remember blogging but that was with my male Alt so it was YEARS ago.  Although that picture was SFW it was almost NSFW lol and it was a fun picture to do.

My rubbery friend comes in both “Blonde” and this “Brunette” colour.

Sadly I’m sat here like a spotty teen grinning as I’m trying to think up a smutty comment for this picture but I will leave it up to you.

Only available on the MP and if you’re wondering about the clutter that too was a load of Dollarbies from the MP but unless you drop me a note I don’t think I will blog it now.

PS.  You can send these as gifts.


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PPP=P*ss Poor Planning!(New Mina & a Dollarbie).

To save your sanity I will leave all my insane rambling till after I’ve shown you the goodies.

This is a new hair from who else?  Mina’s of course.  As you can see with “Maddie” she’s kept the double hud colour option that is a new look to this and another recent hair, just scroll back a couple of post ago to see that one.

I wasn’t going to use these pictures at first as they were just a test “ooo let’s see how they look” set of snaps but when I relooked at them I rather like the simplicity.  Anyhow this hair, if you click the options tab, also comes with 2 ways of wearing the fringe/bangs.  TBH I really don’t like how it looks without the softening effect of the fringe but that’s totally my preference and not the design.  As I’ve said you get the 2 huds, one for left and one for right and each comes in the colour pack you chose.  Love those big fat bunches and if you look closely you can see that she’s even used the hair texturing to cover up where a tie would have been used in RL to create this effect.

This new hair is only out at Kustom 9 so don’t even bother trying to get in there esp as it’s only just opened so it’s gonna be heaving!  I’m putting the link to the Seraphim blog because you can see whats up for sale at this event and as always you can use the Mina Mainshop to go check the demo out in lag-free heaven.

PS.  I don’t bang on about it enough but the Group Membership for Mina’s in only 200Lds and she’s recently added a new hair to the room that has all of the shop quality hairs in it.

The dress is the dollarbie and there is a reason the hem is slightly cropped in the picture and I bet you can guess why?  Yup no SLink fit but you do get a fit for SLink Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya & Isis and although I could find a nice fit it wasn’t a perfect fit.  Again you may have the mesh bod that does fit or of course you don’t even use one and have an alpha in your invent which will work.  The sleeves are attached as well which is a lovely touch but that might make a struggle if you do go for your own Alpha.

You might want to rush as obviously this is a lovely Valentines pressie off Spirit but it is only on the MP(Marketplace) and it might be pulled soon as Valentines is well and truly over.

You can skip all of this part as it’s just boring waffling…I’m good at that.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day and remember even if you’re on your own there is no reason why you shouldn’t make sure you have a treat to spoil yourself or in my case our cat because we remembered it was his RL BD on Valentines lol. So me and my OH probably spent more on him than each other plus we spring cleaned the house so let’s face it Valentines for a lot of people is overrated lol.

I’ve also been MIA because it was also my RL BD(say that so it rhymes) and I’ve had a lovely time which has only been slightly marred by Windows desperately trying to force me to do a window 10 update even changing my computers setting to allow it!  I won and Windows lost, this round at least lol but if you don’t want the windows update then check they haven’t changed your settings.

I’m also trying to sort out sim out, I should have maybe started next week rather than this as we stripped it all back and I started to rezz away but then had to stop as RL was fun, fun and more fun but now I need to get sorted and get all those bald sim patches filled, get my new studio sorted and make my mind up what house I’m finally going to live in for the next several months which I have to say is much more fun in SL than RL lol.


Mina’s Mainshop

Spirit (Marketplace)