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Awash with excitement

coldLogic kylie top, byron pants NEW!-Petite Mort glasses 10L- ArisAris sandals NEW - Dark Mouse jewelry

Ohmaiii newness from coldLogic, ArisAris and a sale at The Wash – could my day get any better?! Well actually it did, but more about that later . So so so this is the “kylie” blouse top and “byron” dotty jeans from coldLogic. The blouse is a free-flowing design , the fabric is a brushed cotton effect. Dontcha just love the dotty jeans?! I do, but then I’m a dotty freak. Lots of colour choices for both and free demos instore and on the market place. I’m wearing the physique size of both items over my physique body – brilliant fit, it would also work with the Maitreya body – all standard mesh sizes also included as usual.

coldLogic NEW - Dark Mouse daisy necklace, earings & - ArisAris Sandals NEW! bracelets, Dark Mouse FREE hair - Petite Mort sunnies 10L

ArisAris have released a lovely pair of toe post sandals that paired up with the outfit perfectly. As is usual with ArisAris, you get a great HUD with SO many choices , makes these little beauties super flexible. Nowww, on to my GREAT news and scoop !! I used to buy and blog for a jewellery designer named Mouse Mimistrobell, her store name was Dark Mouse . The store closed inworld a while back but its open again !! This made me so happy, I popped over to scope out the new store which is ever so pretty, only went and won myself this hair-do on the lucky board too – result. it’s called “Alex” and is an up-do with a side bar of sweet flowers. The pack is HUGE, and contains all hair colours. I’m also wearing the daisy bracelet and necklace plus earrings, the necklace was always a favourite of mine from years ago, but I saw the matching bracelets in the new store and snapped them up. Welcome back Mouse ❤ Ohhh mustn’t forget my sunnies, these are by Petite Mort and at $10L a real bargain buy from the cart sale at The Wash.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

Dark Mouse new store location

The Wash cart sale

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Have to get your roller skates on for this event…because Im all behind …theres just two days left sorry! Etheria is well worth a trip…a collaboration with clothing & jewelry designers…making items to come together in harmony…from the notecard :

What is Etheria? It is a collaboration between jewelry and clothing designers to create outfits that complement each other. I’ve invited several of my favorite jewelers to create new pieces and they’ve invited their favorite clothing designers to join them! I’m honored and pleased to announce new and exclusive creations from:~ Caroline’s Jewelry & DCNY
~ Dark Mouse & Lark!
~ Lolapop! & Schadenfreude
~ MIAO & Somnia
~ Undefined Lilies & Whippet & Buck

Dark Mouse has this stunning set out called *My lady love*, its something I will wear regulary. Drop necklace,with vines and roses spilling along the strands, bracelets, a ring & earings…this is what Id call a *heritage* collection, meaning…you will wear and wear and wear it for years. Its classic and wont go out of fashion- the ring was actually the VIP gift for this month, so if you havent joined up to Dark Mouses group, make sure you do for next months gifty!

Somnia & Miao got together for this look, the dress is by Somnia “Christine” and wow…what a fantastic idea.. you buy the outfit and it comes with seven (yes seven!!) colours of bodice , bow & skirt sash. The skirt remains grey plaid and you can alter the accent colours by means of a menu  and changing the shirt/ jacket layer…cool huh? It also has two further leg parts on the skirt to give a full length look, but I was totally digging the 3/4 style with my boots.

Heres the MIAO necklace (there are also earings that match) its named “Heather stone”, the awesome thing that I adore about MIAO items, is the flexibility of can change almost every part via a menu, gemstone,acccent stones,metals etc..makes it hugely wearable. Very sweet teardrop stones..and the colours co ordinate so well with the dress by Somnia…superb! Dashhhh over and check it all out before the 8th ! Thanks Mouse,Sanura & Kess xx

Etheria 2

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Cat & Mouse

Ahh one last blog before I jump on that plane and head to sunnier days..and what a perfect outfit to show you for a pre holiday morning . MIAO has this offering for The Moody Monday gig…its called “Summer Lovin” and comprises of a fahhhbulous pair of shorts and a halter top…teeeny tiny daisies dotted over the sash belt & tied halter…complimented by the scrummy tobacco brown shade of the fabric ,fitted me right-outta-the-box, but is mod for you to fiddle with to your heart’s content. The whole set is yours for just 55L  for Monday only. Dashhhhhhhhhhh and get it ! (Thankyou Kesseret xx)

While I was at MIAO, I noticed the skirt Id been coveting for a while was now just 25L *faints*, of course I snapped it up in a colour to go with my new summer loving halter..yummmi ! The skirt is called “Rosie” and is available in heapssss of tones! Notice my super sweet daisy necklace?… It’s from Dark Mouse and is the Moody Monday item for this week…just 55L…

Ohhh and umm…well this t-shirt just kinda popped into my hand as well…I just can’t resist them browwwwwns ! So shoot me but cmon..its gorgeous and only 75L (jacket and Shirt layers included) its kinda sparkly also…and has those beautifully well done creases that make it so strokabubble …lotsa other colours available too . ooOOoo don’t forget when you buy from MIAO look out for your scratch & win card, wear it while you’re in the store and see if you’re lucky today !

Go get summery: MIAO       Dark Mouse


Accessorise your heart out

I’m going to share today one of my favourite jewelry designers. For some time now I’ve been slowly building a collection of  Dark Mouse jewelry, some from the generous monthly group gifts,some from the store ,sales…the work is exquisite and detailed, classy and fun. You’ll know what I mean when you buy your pieces. Check out the tiny tiny details, always a beautiful clasp..the fit is perfect ,styles that will work with the most demanding fashion diva’s wardrobe. Above I’m wearing the Anzac necklace and earrings, I chose the silver tones but it’s also available in copper & gold.Fittings for both spine & chest. Yes it has pearls but that doesn’t mean its only for evening wear, look at the design closely..see how it would also work with a crisp denim shirt or a casual sundress ? You can click on each photo for a closer view of the prettiness !

Possibly my most favourite of the new releases is the Spring fling set…I got pretttttty excited about the bows and multiple rows of flowers,beads and chains..such a brilliant spring to summer look..eye catching ! The earrings reflect the centre of one of the flowers in the necklace,the top of the necklace is almost a choker with its dainty tied bow,pretty all the way down its longgg chain to the well-appointed leaves that snuggle in your cleavage…complete the look with the jaunty bracelet which has a matching bow to compliment the one at your neck.

The Steeplechase collection is seductively easy to wear set,also available in copper,silver & gold tones….this is something I could wear on a daily basis,works wonderfully with most things in my day-to-day wardrobe…never be shy to add your glam accessories girls..they  can really lift an outfit!

Last pieces I have to show you today are from the Aisling range. This is special and something I’ve been hunting around for..a VERY long neck chain. I’m not big into chunky jewerly..I prefer fine work..and this fits the bill perfectly. It’s a longgg delicate chain, on the end of which an intricate filigree pendant hangs. The earrings are just fantastic…this also comes in copper,gold or silver tone options, and would work equally well with evening or more casual wear.

Most collections have special offers when buying an entire range, plus other goodies like hair acessories..prices for the new releases begin at around 200L with the collection packs saving you around 200l -great deal!

Head over to the store today and take a gander at the loveliness. There are some gatcha machines (can’t resist those and items are transferable for gifts or exchanging with friends) Theres a scratch & win machine too!! Plus a lucky chair…dont forget to join the group to receive updates & the generous gifts (I seem to recall there is a join fee but as I’m IN it I can’t see now sorry!)

Go get glam: dark mouse


Did you have a happy mothers day?

I hope you all did ! Player surprised me with this sassy little red dress for my mother’s day …and I thought he’d forget ! It’s from  Badoura Design and is called Maria..grecian style silk scarf hangs seductively down your spine..and two options of sheer or opaque for both the dress and scarf,all yours for 150L…they have a store inworld but he bought it here:

Whilst getting the info about the red dress, I also found this to-die-for jumpsuit by Badoura. At one Linden dollar it’s not going to break the bank, it’s so stylish and classy I had to have it ! Pretty soft salmon/pink tone that can carry you from day to evening perfectly. This was also found on the market place in their store here :

Notice the stunning jewelry I’m wearing? It’s by one of my all time favourite stores “Dark Mouse”. I’ve got a lot of more Mouse Mimistrobell’s designs to show you this week-stay tuned! I’m wearing the cream pearl flower bracelet & necklace, both 200L each, the workmanship on these items is just astounding, if you can’t wait for my review this week, go visit the store, you wont leave empty-handed trust me.

Badoura inworld store       Dark Mouse