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Getting Sassy.(Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

I’ve been to a couple of the big events going on in SL and Oh Boy my computer is complaining and on a “go-slow” process.

Just before I decided to throw the towel in I found this Kawaii dress in the Sass shop.  It’s a TeleportHub gift, so only the 10Ld joining fee.  You get a 2 option hud, this pink version and a pastel purple one.  I love the pattern on the skirt and wish the whole dress was that pattern only.

Then I remembered these Mosquito’s Way boots which are their newest Group Gifts and couldn’t think of anything more perfect to go with this outfit.

Ok, I did forget to turn around and take a picture of the front but I think you can see that all the details are in the back which leaves the front nice and simple.

The TeleportHub Group Gift is on the wall next to the door in the Sass shop and the New Mosquito’s Way Group Gift is on the wall next to the desk but also if you check the wall to your left as you go into the Mosquito’s shop then that’s where the older gifts are and on the other side is the Lucky Chairs.

Mosquito’s Way 


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Second Chances. (9 Free Shoes/Boots!).

You may recognise or even own these Mosquito’s Way boots as I have blogged them before.

I popped into Mosquito’s Way which is always so generous with top quality boots/shoe as Group Gifts and now she, Camilla Limondi, has been extra generous and put out 9 shop quality shoes and boots!

This is a pair I already own and I did recognise a couple of them from past gifts and some I don’t remember.

PS.  Yes I did think about editing the breakthrough out but we all know the struggles of trying to match your fav long jeans up with ankle boots so I just left it as you can see it’s nothing plus if it did bother me I’d just change my jeans.

Mosquito’s Way

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Personal Choice.(Freebie).

I’m sure I saw and then decided not to blog the latest Mosquito’s Way freebie only because I’m just not a fan of the big sole look but then it was bothering me as I know the Mosquito’s Way quality and I hate missing blogging quality.

So I popped over to grab them and as you can see they do have that thick sole, not the thickest I’ve seen though, and you can also see the quality.  Love the colour and that cording and although they’re not keepers for me I know for a lot of people they will be.

While you’re there check out the Lucky Boards

Mosquito’s way.

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My last treat.(25Ld Tue & Mention of Freebie).

I think this dress has “Ballet” in its description so it’s my excuse to pop on my ballet shoes and pull a few Plie’s.

I picked this gold one but there is an equally as nice blue one.
That white overskirt is like rough scrunched up netting.  I couldn’t see a demo but esp for this super bargain price of 25Lds it’s a snip.  BTW The funny way it’s hanging is simply because of my pose.

I’m not sure if this 25Ld Tue offer is out for just 24hours but I suspect that it will be out all week.

If you’re wondering about the shoes, sorry deffo not free but worth every Linden.  These come from Mosquito’s Way and although with the Pointe shoes you do have to have the SLink Pointe feet, and yes I have those as well.  All of that adds up but SL is for our dreams and if you want to dream that you look like you could float like a butterfly and not stumble like a Hippo then the cost of the feet and shoes is a small price. BUT This particular pair of shoes comes with this flat version and that can be worn with ALL mesh flat feet.  All 3 of her ballet designs shoes are available as demos in her shop so have a try and be that Ballerina.

As for the Freeness, we also all know that Mosquito’s Way is pretty generous with her Group Gifts and if you’ve not picked that pair up then you’re in for a treat, I was doubly lucky as I’ve not only picked it up but my initial was on one of the Lucky Chairs and so I’ve scored another great pair of shoes.

PS. The dress is a Maitreya fit only but a really good fit even for my SLink bod.


Mosquito’s Way

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“Predictably Good” that is.

I was going to save these for tomorrows post but I couldn’t resist so I logged back in pulled a pose and here they are. As always from Mosquito’s way a shop quality freebie and this is deffo my last post as I still have some RL work to do.

Mosquito’s Way

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Oops, the walk of shame.(Freebie).

This happens often when I TP over to a place I want to use as a background only to find it’s not there anymore, the sim has gone or as in this case it’s now a private home.  Normally I’d TP out right away but since it was empty of both people and furniture I just pulled a pose.

I also made a mistake in that I thought the boots were brown, they’re the freebies, but it turns out they’re a deep purple.

I did take a close up of the details but its a rotten picture and since we all know that the quality of the Group Gifts from Mosquito’s way I figured I could get away with it. So there are zips and lacing and crinkles and wrinkles which make this yet another quality freebie.

Mosquito’s Way NEW Landmark.

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Getting inspired. (Freebie).

One day Mosquito’s way is going to change from a free group to a paid for one as the gifts are so shop quality even I’d pay to join and I’m as MEAN as the day is long.

As always just such a great gift.  Plus there are 4 Lucky boards and you get I believe 4 mesh feet fits, but you can see they will fit any foot.

And that’s it, do I get an award for not waffling on?

Mosquito’s Way