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I got spendy!

Sorry no freebies in this post, although I do think the body stocking is an old gift and there is mention of gifties.  Anyhow, I finally decided to release the moths and open my SL wallet and spend Lindens.

First port of call was SLink to pick up my much wanted “Pointe” feet and then off to Mosquito to get the ballet slippers to this I added a More Than Ever off the shoulder top/sweater I had and the body stocking and voila.

In RL I have 2 left feet, I scare people when I try to dance but I think that everyone of us has that inner desire to dance even if it is in SL.

So the roll call is…

Ballet Shoes.  These come from Mosquito’s way and sorry because I can only see SLink feet fit and to wear these you will also need the SLink Pointe feet.  You get a 12 colour hud which allows you also to colour the 5 separated bits ie the shoes, sole, ribbons etc

The off the shoulder top is from a More Than Ever little set I’ve had for a long time.  It comes as a separate and the skirt is really good but I’ve repeatedly worn this laced up off the shoulder top with other outfits as it’s such a well textured and pretty little thing.  As it happens I actually have one of the Lucky Board wins from the More Than Ever shop which is an “Urban Ballet Dress” but it’s been swallowed up in my invent and I couldn’t find it.

Sorry MP links only, but the MP has the inworld links as well.  I’m actually searching the MP right this minute for a more kick ass Tutu but I’m not having much luck as the ballet world doesn’t seem to have kept up as well with mesh as I would have hoped but then again maybe thats me and I’m just not looking in the right place.

Remember though that the Mosquito inworld shop has a pair of excellent gift shoes which I just recently blogged and More Than Ever does have 3 Lucky Boards I do believe she also has GG’s out as well but it’s been a while since I popped in and the demos for the items I’ve shown in this post can, of course, be picked up inworld as well.

SLink (Inworld)

Mosquito’s Way(Marketplace but freebies inworld).

More Than Ever (Marketplace)

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Heads up(Hunt&Dollarbie).

I’ve not done a hunt in ages and the last one I did was so hard I quitted(sic) so when Ever Wonder dropped me a note about a Hunt her shop, More Than Ever, is involved in it was a case of sign me up.

This is what the note said….

“Flawless is having a fun shopping activity this month called “Adventures In Babysitting.” It is a hud-driven quest activity, giving you a simple series of tasks. You receive 11 nice prizes when you complete it.

The quest centers around searching for a pair of 7 year old twins that wandered off when you took them to the shopping mall. It brings you into 11 of the Flawless SIM stores. The quest takes about 45 minutes to complete.”

Sounds perfect and I get to check it out a day early but Ever Wonder, the owner of More Than Ever has already sent me her hunt prize which I am wearing in my next piccie but once I’ve done this hunt I might do another one to show it off better.

PS Check out the More Than Ever Shop now before it becomes PACKED with hunters as I have quite a few items of her clothes and some of my “go to” outfits are from her shop they just “sing” to me but more than that there is 3 lucky boards and a Teleport Hud gift board all with prizes worth waiting for.  Her group is Free but the Teleport Hud one is 10Lds but cheap enough esp when you see the unusual design you get as a gift

Once I’d given up waiting for my initial to come up on the Lucky Boards I TPed over to BDKX shop which is new to me and almost new to SL as it looks like the owner/designer has only been inworld for about 8 months although of course they could be an old timer with a new account.

The shop is buried in the middle of a thick wood so where you TP in just walk down the path next to the BDKX sign.  Not a fully stocked shop as yet but sometimes it’s great to see a shop/designer grow in SL and from some of the very unique and interesting builds here this is a shop to keep an eye on if you like decor items or things for you sim that stand out as being different from the rest……not badly priced either!

Plus I got a Balloon for just a Linden and I have a thing for Balloons it’s almost pervy.  I picked the burnt orange one but there is more choices.

Feeling better in RL and treating myself to a load naughty food so I’m heading back inworld for even more goodies.

More Than Ever



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Thanks to the lovely Shiada I can give you a bit of an update, and I’m so sorry Shaida if I’ve got the spelling of your name wrong I jotted it down so quickly! anyhow it turns out that the Teleport Hub Group is Free to join but for a limited time, although it was a super cheap group in the first place.  But if it being free and the GG of a full garden I showed you a couple of posts ago isn’t enough to tempt you then I’ve put the LM for Ever Wonders shop “More than Ever” as there is a lovely dress in her shop next to her LBs.  so you can quickly join the Teleport Hud Group there and grab that dress BUT wait because there is even more.

A Give Away which inc one of my FAV, and nonfree, Group MADPEA.  I’ve only scanned the details but I’ve put the link for you to read fully.  Madpea is an amazing group/shop and event creationist in SL.  MADPEA is what Second Life is all about their events sometimes are not cheap to do but the fun and brainstorming and ultimately the gifts you win far out surpass any cost of joining.  The MADPEA hunts are the only ones I happily pay to join if only I had time to do more of them I would but this is a chance for you to try so read the link and keep your fingers crossed your a winner.

But I have to go now so BIG THANKS to Shiada for the update because I would have missed it and yes I’ve rejoined the Teleport Hub group because even though I am a Mad MADPEAer the chances to win the entry to one of their hunts is a prize worth trying for.

Teleport Hud Promotion/Madpea

More Than Ever

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Spam, but no freebies here.

Poor Faith gets a daily “spam” note off me I even label it “spam” so she knows it’s gonna be full of rambling nonsense however if it was labelled “OMG WHAT THE F*CK HAS HAPPENED?” she knows to open that quickly and read it.

So no freebies as such just a bit of “spam” cos today I am winning both in RL and SL.  Ever Wonder who has a shop called “More Than Ever” sent me a gift.  She knows I just do the free stuff so when she sends me something it’s not to blog, unless I want to and I sure as Hell wanted to. As it happens I had spotted this cardigan already in a notice she had sent out and I had debated either spending Lindens or dropping her a note so I could get my greasy paws on it so to find it in my inbox this morning was a lovely surprise.


Just looking at the picture of this cardie it sang to me.


That lacing and the off the shoulder look in a way this cardigan reminds me of upcycling projects on Pinterest.  I then logged off washed my bin out, put a clean quilt cover on my duvet, made an appointment to meet up with a friend for lunch and even binned some old Tupperware and then it hit me! I missed the skirt! and I just had to log back in and pull a quick pose.  Obviously, tops/skirts are separate and both stand up so well on their own, this top will go with so many things and the skirt is a beautiful fit and colour.


So basically for your 199Lds you get 2 shades of top and 2 shade skirt and ALL of the mesh bod fits.  I’ve shown you the 2 tops but only the 1 skirt from the “Turquoise” pack.

I have to admit it’s been a while since I was last in her shop so I TPed over, yes there is a free Group Gift which I’ve shown you before a simple denim dress but there is now Lucky Boards! and they change and they’re shop quality items and they change quickly so all of the 3 things I love in lucky chairs LOL.  I don’t know how long Ever Wonder had had her shop open when I got my first gift off her but it’s nice to see she’s finally expanded her shop as over the years she’s just got more and more quality goods.  Right next to this new outfit is a simple short n top set which is one of my all time faves.

Then I popped over to Collab88 event which has now calmed down enough for me to spend a nice unlaggy time wandering around.  There seemed to be a nice selection of gym sports decor and clothing and as soon as I TPed up to the demo platform I found the studio of my dreams.


I’m not going to show you much more of it but it’s basically a large dance/studio room and a smaller dance/studio room with an entrance hall,  in a concrete industrial build for land not sky.  If you want a much posher fancier ballet school build there is one there as well but again this Soy one “sang” to me.  Only 288Lds and it is rather primmy at 150(ish with certain accessories) but I’ll give you the Collab88 LM and you can go check both of them out for yourself. OH and yes I have bought it and I’m not just posing on the Collab88 sim lol.

This new studio/dance/ballet build leads me on neatly to my next RL win, I started to do Yoga last year and OMG I love it! No I’m not slim, lithe or in touch with my inner soul! no one in the class is LOL.  Were just a bunch of ordinary shaped women/men of all ages who push our bodies in ways our bodies have never been pushed before.  Because Yoga makes you use muscles other forms of exercises don’t make you use when you finished a session you feel as though you’ve had a deep massage, you’ve stretched the kinks out of muscles you didn’t even know were kinked!  The long and short of this is TRY it or something, anything to make yourself fitter and healthier in both mind and body.  If you’ve been putting off going to the gym or the pool but because you’re not “Instagram” perfect sod that NO ONE IS! and no one gives a SH*T! or if they do then you’re in the wrong gym.  I’ve been going for 6+ months now and no one looks at you no one cares.  Sometimes when you go in and you see a larger person sweating and pounding away on a piece of equipment people’s first thought it “good for them” and they then just get on with their own stuff.  When I go to the pool my pale, flabby, dimply thighs are no worse than anyone else’s and no one looks.  So skinny minnie, or large lady/man do not put off going to might be surprised at what you find that you can do and love to do.

PS don’t panic the Cheap B*tch will be back tomorrow.

More than Ever


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Untouched! (Inc a Freebie).

Not a complete free post but OMG I’ve just been checking out the “The Upcyclers Hunt” and I’m going to have a lazy RL day in SL and go shopping for what looks like some seriously Free and quality home decor items and all of that will be in my next post until then spend some Lindens B*tches!

A bit of a mix here because why not.  Firstly I put on an OLD PumeC Group Gift called Nicole she comes as standard with all the Appliers you will ever need inc I believe some mesh head ones.  As said this is an old gift but I just wanted to show you another shade that PumeC has in their range because I usually stick to the paler Winter/Spring shades but there are also amazing sun kissed to much darker shades.  On a close up you will see that she has gentle tears falling unlike the real me.

As for what Group Gifts that may be out at this moment I do not have a clue! When I went over to LM grab yesterday the place was packed with people joining the PumeC group whilst it’s FREE so I’ll leave that for you to find if you go over yourself.


This is me inworld with our sim wind light setting, which is a new one.  In this picture, I’m not even pulling a pose that’s just my AO in action, a nice smooth and unfussy one, but I will admit I’m using a face light.  Because I take soooooo many pictures using wind light and or indoors etc  I got sick of having to put one on and off all the time and so I now leave it on all the time.  This face light is not only one of the most subtle and flattering to your skin it does NOT floodlight you or anyone near you.  Just so subtle you will forget you’re wearing it and even better no one else will notice you’re wearing it. PS I will try to find where it came from and link that for you.

Update because I’ve checked and this is a Facelight that was made by a private individual and sent out in a group I’m in as a gift.  She made it even better because it’s COPY and TRANS so I’ve made a whole load of copies and if you want to try out a super and subtle facelight just drop me a NOTE! lol IM’s don’t get ignored they get capped so a note is always a better way to contact us.


It’s been a while since I’ve had an outfit from Ever Wonder and her shop More Than Ever.  She knows I like to do mainly Freebies so she sends me lovely outfits and never gets snotty if I don’t blog em cos she knows I’m “a cheap b*tch baby” but I love this, I love the fit, the fact it comes separated so you can wear the skirt or top on their own and each item come with a small 3 Hud tex option all in the same shade theme.  This one is the Fawn Woodland pack and in my other picture is one from the Fawn Bramble pack and a fit for all mesh bods


Not just a close up of the face but the HAIR is a New Mina and this time I ain’t leaving it too late as FaMESHed has just opened it’s doors, my last post about FaMESHed was done just as they were slamming the door shut LOL.  This time, I’m pretty happy with my pictures as I think they do show Zahara off as best as poss.  As always I’ve been so predictable and stuck with a shade of brown but again there is a whole palette of shades to choose from everything from bubble gum pink ombre to the blackest of black and so a shade for everyone and unlike a lot of new designs Mina’s is still the standard price for a pack.  As always a link at the bottom to the Mina main shop so you can try the hair on without the crush that FaMESHed will be.

But also please check out the hat hair in her shop, great winter beanies for men and women cos we like to keep our hair seasonal just like our clothes LOL.

I simply cannot do a post without at least 1 Freebie in it.  Not just a pair of shoes but 3pairs, 2 heels and 1 flatties.  Not 100% sure I’ve not actually don’t these shoes before but even if this is a reblog still well worth it.


You do have to join the SL frees & offers group to grab these ones, the group joining sign is right next to them.  Shoes for not just SLink but also Maitreya and others…yeah ok I’ve forgotten so SHOOT please don’t.  A nice touch is that the delivery boxes is a shoe box with the shoes that are inside on show and they’re low prim, only 2 I believe, and they make a great bedroom/dressingroom decor item.


Mina Mainshop

Livalle (Shoes)

More than Ever@The Designer Showcase

More Than Ever Mainshop

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Randomness (inc Freebies)?

I had a really nice time easing myself back into SL just checking out LM’s and potential freebies and just other randomness so this post is going to be a little bit of a mishmash.

I am actually in this picture but don’t bother trying to spot me as my old LM took me right under the lighthouse and it was only by caming and TPing onto one of the seats inside was I able to get untrapped.  Since it’s such a beautiful setting I thought I’d take a snap.


Thanks to Ever Wonder for sending me her latest offering for the Designer Showcase Event.  I think I’ve missed it the last few rounds so I’m going to have to check it once I get my ass back in SL gear lol.  This outfit isn’t free but like everything here there is items at a special discounted price.

I’m putting in my “update” here because I’ve now had a nice little wander around this event.  Not much for me but then again my invent is stuffed but I did see lots of exc basics and so many things come with the extra bonuses(?) of colour Huds.  I had to quickly TP out because the stall next to More Than Ever has a shoe and boot offering with what looked like a really big colour Hud option and Damnit I don’t need more shoes.


The outfit is called Layercake and there are 3 colour pack options, I’m showing you  only 1 of the 3 colours in the “Hot Earth” pack but there is also a mint or pastel pack option.  Each pack contains a small hud of 3 different shades in each pack. The top comes in 5 standard mesh fits and the shorts come with 2 versions one with a cut out on the hip, I’m wearing the shorts from the mint pack so you can see it clearly.  Have to say I would have a problem choosing which colour pack to go for as the mint pack is so lovely and fresh, the pastels aren’t childish and brown is my fav colour.

I must mention that the shorts only come in Maitreya and Omega Appliers and not a system later so if you don’t use a Mesh Bod or haven’t invested in the Omega Applier then it maybe something you need to think about BUT in all honesty since I don’t use my mesh body that much, I’m too lazy, for most of us it will be very easy to find a really nice pair of mesh or system layer shorts, leggings, jeans in anycase.

If you’ve put off purchasing the Omega Applier because you think it’s going to be complicated let me tell you it isn’t.  You wear it like any other Applier, click it and it’s now loaded into your mesh bod and you don’t have to use that one again and just use the Omega Appliers that come in the clothing packs just like any other one.  I think most Mesh body suppliers in SL now have their bods adapted to use the Omega Appliers, I know my SLink Mesh Physique body does.  If I remember correctly it cost me 100Lds off the Marketplace.

Now for more randomness.


I went over to the andika pose shop which is a lovely pose and prop shop but that’s not what you’re seeing in this picture as I had spotted inside the andika shop a TP to a demo area and all of these cuties are D-Lab fun stuff.


Since all of the free pose delivery parcels are wearables  I decided to unpack it all here and to linger in this lovely place.  This book isn’t actually one of the poses but one of the delivery props, if I remember correctly you get wearable books, heart and a watering can and when you click them you get the gifts sent to you.


This is one of the simpler poses and as someone who has more poses than even a supermodel could ever pull even I found them to be keepers, some of the poses come with props and some are just cute wearables.

DOH as I was LM grabbing I spotted a rather handy prop/pose as a Welcome Gift that I missed on my first visit.  The delivery system is a wearable umbrella but click on that and you get sent a nice little set of poses, umbrella and I do believe a wearable pose Hud.  Will be trying to get a picture of me using this lovely umbrella as soon as poss.

Thats enough rambling off me.  Time to get my RL and SL socks pulled up and get my posts back up and running.

More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

More Than Ever Mainshop

Andika Poses

D-Lab Demo Area

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My other pet shop & Event.

Woo Hoo my Boo has been off work today so we have a simply fabulous day of eating Smoothie bowls sprinkled with chia seeds and washed down with kale and wheat germ detox water then a day of fun and excitement with so many selfies of our fun time to be posted on to FB….yeah I lie, a long lie in till the howling of hungry cats dragged us (ME)out of bed then a squabble over who makes the toast and swilled down with a big mug of instant coffee then after we muttered over things we should be doing we spent it lazing and Gogglebox watching.  I hope that however you have spent your Good Friday with it was good for you.

OH and he didn’t get me an Easter Egg because I’m “on a diet” so I’ve eaten all of his peanut butter, serves him right.

OK so a bit of a lazy post because I’ve actually got quiet a few things from Ever Wonders shop “More than Ever”inc a NEW Freebie but you’re going to have to wait for that and tbh all I’m going to show you is a single pair of shoes…..lazy or what?  The thing is these shoes and 2 of the dresses I scored come from The Cart Sale and DOH there is only 5 more days left and I simply don’t know if I can do these items justice in time.  So I thought I would show you the shoes and tell you about the dresses.


These are in a way a reblog because I may not have shown you this shade before but I know I have shown you these “Daisy” shoes as I still have them in my invent and I remember them well but this time you get a special offer of 3 shades for only 50Ld and I love these shoes. The yellow stands out so well, the white is very Spring/Summer/Beachy and the black pair go with everything but you will need SLink High Feet needed.

The dresses on the More than Ever stand are only 10Lds each and the yellow one with its puffed 70ties style sleeves went perfectly with these shoes but I took a seriously naff picture and then ran out of time I also ran out of time to show you the daft strawberry dress which honestly I loved it for its daftness.  It has the texture and colouring of a freshly washed strawberry but it’s a dress.  You really have to see it to understand what I’m blabbing on about.  So I will give you the link to the More than Ever stall@The Cart Sale but I will also give you the LM to her mainshop where you might want to check out these shoes but in other shades or even pick up the New GG/Sub gift that has been set out for us.

Word of caution because not everything is priced at 1Lds at The Cart Sale but most things are and if they’re more than 10Lds then they’re seriously discounted.  I was/am so limited on time I literally ran my way around this event and grabbed a whole selection of shoes and household decor items and I’ve not had time to unpack.

More Than Ever@The Cart Sale

More Than Ever Mainshop