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Monday Mania at SF Design is back for 2012 yay! Today they have this super pack of t-shirts for guys and girls.

They are called ‘plain’ but don’t let that throw you, these are some really good shirts. Personally I think a good t-shirt is worth its weight in gold as you can do so much with them.

These shirts come in five different colours: black, brown, red, purple and blue. They come on all layers so you can play around with them in whatever style you choose and like I said, they look really good, with nice creases and shading. I like the way the hem on the jacket layer is slightly uneven, giving it a cool look.

The female version of these shirts is a little different to the guys with a lovely scooped neck and a hint of cleavage (always good!).

As always, these shirts will only cost you L$25 for today only and you can pick them up at this price from the Monday Mania boards inside the men and women’s casual sections of SF Design.

Haiii its Faithless here ! I just had to mention the Moody Monday item from Addiction that I’m wearing in the pics..its the “wise owl” necklace…owls are SO in at the moment and this little fella is adorbs…for today at only 55L ! I personally love a long chain…its very flattering, especially if you’re a big boobie girly like moi! Also must mention the gorgeous new group gift from Karma…its two items really..a pretty wishing well that would grace any type of garden…plus a rug that you can use with it or elsewhere…the rug has some sweet poses for couples aww…

Get the gear here: SF Design

Wise owl necklace: Addiction Jewelry

Wishing well & rug : Karma

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Are you a honey badger or an owl?

Luckily for Moody Monday at Argyle Anonymous you don’t neeeed to choose ! For just 55L today only…you will get yer paws on both sets of mittens, scarf & earmuffs hurrah! Totally adorbs for male or female’s…the owl design is hot potatoes currently and the honey badger is catchin up…dont know what a honey badger is huh? (cause I didn’t either and had to ask swan ling last week) here’s a link to find out…WARNING it’s not suitable for viewing at work or with kiddies !!

 The Honey Badger : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg

Iam definately a Honey Badger TODAY !! Thanks swanners xx

mittens,scarfs & muffs : Argyle Anonymous


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Moody Owl

Ok cause I FAIL at reading notecards in a rather EPIC fashion..this is a mishmash..yay! I’ve got a bit of Super bargain Saturday anddd a sneaky preview of Mooody Mondays…Argyle Anonymous have a set of nine colours of the newww scrumptious lace leggings out for SBS …all colours for just 60L *faints* ….I’m wearing the olive shade above…plusss try to remember that for Moody Monday..you can snap up the olive leggings,leg warmers,slip on shoes AND the owl trick -or-treat bucket for only 55 L !

Its owl mania lately…I have NO idea why..but if you’re into owls…youll love this new sweater release from SNG…four colours to choose from, I’m wearing the brown…pretty motif, no prims to fiddle with..grab it up for 150L..

warmers,shoes & leggings: Argyle Anonymous

Sweater: SNG

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Its Moody Monday! Argyle Anon have some newness this week specially for it…*squee* adorb sport jeggings  plump pack of NINE colours for 55L..naturally I sifted through the ginormous selection of colours and dragged out the grey & pink version…slipped into my Eskimo boots and of COURSE the new group gifty sweatshirt ! Popped on a scarf for extra flounciness…the sweat shirt is ever-so-cute..baby pink with  a piggy motif on the back aww…free for the group hooray! thanks swanners xx

The new sweater comes in various other tones..I slipped the slinky velour looking grey one on over another pair of the sport leggings…snuggggggly. single shirts 69L, phat pack of five shades just 269L. Bargain! Oh and it doesn’t stop there…look out for the lace leggings also…gorg colours…a must have for the winter chills to ahead.

Leggings & sweaters: Argyle Anonymous


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Moody Monday

Happy Monday everyone ! I’ve got a real treat for you, just the thing to brighten any Monday…Cleo Design has out this summer lounger for Moody Monday and at 55L (justtt for today though!) it’s a steal…you get all thats in this photo…the lounger, table, items on the table and the firefly catcher ! As is usual with Cleo Design…its stuffed with poses and wearables ! You need to touch the brown cushion to get the book,fan & lotion (they all have their own poses to wear them with-isnt that cooool!) Each cushion also has its own set of animations…

Even the pinwheel has a choice of speeds to rotate at…and each item is not linked.so you can choose how many prims you use up. It made me feel heaps cooler just lounging under the crisp white drapes….perfect!  Head over today and snap it up…tomorrow this will be full price again…Thanks Cleom xx

Go get cooler: Cleo Design

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Cat & Mouse

Ahh one last blog before I jump on that plane and head to sunnier days..and what a perfect outfit to show you for a pre holiday morning . MIAO has this offering for The Moody Monday gig…its called “Summer Lovin” and comprises of a fahhhbulous pair of shorts and a halter top…teeeny tiny daisies dotted over the sash belt & tied halter…complimented by the scrummy tobacco brown shade of the fabric ,fitted me right-outta-the-box, but is mod for you to fiddle with to your heart’s content. The whole set is yours for just 55L  for Monday only. Dashhhhhhhhhhh and get it ! (Thankyou Kesseret xx)

While I was at MIAO, I noticed the skirt Id been coveting for a while was now just 25L *faints*, of course I snapped it up in a colour to go with my new summer loving halter..yummmi ! The skirt is called “Rosie” and is available in heapssss of tones! Notice my super sweet daisy necklace?… It’s from Dark Mouse and is the Moody Monday item for this week…just 55L…

Ohhh and umm…well this t-shirt just kinda popped into my hand as well…I just can’t resist them browwwwwns ! So shoot me but cmon..its gorgeous and only 75L (jacket and Shirt layers included) its kinda sparkly also…and has those beautifully well done creases that make it so strokabubble …lotsa other colours available too . ooOOoo don’t forget when you buy from MIAO look out for your scratch & win card, wear it while you’re in the store and see if you’re lucky today !

Go get summery: MIAO       Dark Mouse