Monroe’s gone camo

Monroe's camo dress in mint 0L Limited time

Haiii ! oot oot yus I’m finally back ! Andddd Ive got stacksss & heapsssss of things to show you over the next few days yay! What caught my attention this morning was this NOT xmasssy dress…Im not a huge xmasssy dresser, it’s a bit like halloween, by the time it’s here Iam soooo tired of all things orangey ! I ❤ camo…and shortness….soooooo this fits my mood purrrfectly today. Until around the 16th Dec it’s on a promotion for OL…big squidges for  Kittee Skytower the owner & designer of Monroe’s Boutique for letting me show it to you..pop along to her main store to browse other goodness…and psssssst. In February she has a GRAND OPENING of her newwwww main store (Ill remind you nearer to the date don’t worry petals !) Click the pic for a closer view..

go get the hawtness: Monroe’s Boutique

also on xstreet : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Monroes-Camo-Mini-in-Mint-FREE-FOR-A-LIMITED-TIME/1685372