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Lucky me, Lucky you!(Freebie).

I am in quite a few paid to join groups but I’m lazy in checking them out for new gifts, and that reminds me I have to go to !gO for their latest gift.  So I ended up at Moda and although the Moda group isn’t free these most certainly are.

These FREE FOR ALL boots come in 3 mesh body fits and 6 colours/textures.

I’m not sure how much the group costs to join but it’s about 400Lds, I’ll do an update later when I get back inworld, but you might just find it’s a price tag worth paying as in the Group Gift room is a whole load of shoes, 3 lucky chairs and the icing on the cake is a massive 1000Ld gift card!  So I snagged that and because it’s trans instantly gifted it..because do I really need new shoes!

So update later as to the full group price but I now NEED FOOD!

UPDATE.  Oooo it turns out the Moda group is only 250Lds and I spotted that there is yet another Gift card on offer, this one is for 500Lds!  I must have grabbed this one when it was first put out as it’s limited to 1 gift card per person.  The wall of GG has a lot which are Christmas themed and some clothing but the ones in the 4 not 3 lucky chair are much more relevant and have an “edgy” look to them so if you have some Lindens to spare you will vertainly reap the rewards from this group.


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Moda is free for 24hours starting1.2.3 NOW!

A notice has just been sent out from Eonia who is the owner of Moda and it simply said that for the next 24 hours the Moda VIP group is FREE! Which means every Cheap B* and I went running and that of course meant that the shop was packed to the rafters and lag Hell.

But since I’m also a sneaky B* I stood outside, frozen, and cammed my way into the VIP room and the first thing I spotted was my initial on one of the Lucky Chairs and so I clicked and sat and these shoes are my prize.

Okay these super thick soles aren’t to everyone’s taste, mine inc, but these shoes come with a massive colour option hud which allows you to change everything and if these are an example of just a Lucky Chair win I can’t wait till it calms down to see what else is in the VIP room.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to get into the shop to join the group so join as soon as you can and then go check out the gifts when it’s much calmer.



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Purple! I picked purple?(Freebie).

Out of ALL of the colours in the Hud I picked PURPLE! my least fav colour lol.  Fortunately for me this is one heck of a good gift from Moda, it’s to celebrate their 3000 likes on Facebook.  They come with a massive colour packed hud which not only allows you to change the main body of the shoe but also the insole and heel.  Every shade from this purple to muted tones and bright bolds.


Only for Belleza and SLink feet.

These are FREE for ALL so you don’t even have to join the Moda Group to grab which is lucky because I checked and OHMAI it cost 1500Ld to join the group.  Not that I don’t think that joining fee is worth it but I’m a meanie lol.  These are on the wall with the paid for group gifts but when you click on these all you have to pay is 0Lds.  This is only for a limited time but since that runs out on the 9th I believe so that gives you plenty of time to book mark this for when you are next able to SL.