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The Challenge Goes kitsch !

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_008

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this round of The Challenge, as its Kitsch and gawd I lurve that. I even had to log in from work to see a package that had arrived from [Breno] ! (YES I get that excited) Was sooper chuffed to see that it was a Marilyn inspired item – retro! Imagine this in a room, focal point, glossy lips, ciggy hanging out – LOVE it. Uber low prim, coming in at 2Li, naturally I had to squeeze in shot…

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch_004

…as I wanted to show off a coupla things Id recently bought and had given for review. Lust after my boooots , mmhmm my first purchase since getting the Slink high feet at Shoetopia. These are the demi boots by Slink, come in a range of colours (the donation colour being OMG pink squeee) Superb styling and just what I was hoping to find for Winter. My skirt is an older release from coldLogic, such a classic little piece, tight fitting mesh skirt, perfect length, called “page” and available in a heap of other shades. The short sleeved sweater top is a new release from Somnia, there is a light and dark pack “swanky shell” is the name and this is the grey from the lighter pack. Somnia is always such brilliant value so go check it out.

MOCK Golden twilight Winterberry makeover

I also must do a big fat shout out to Mock Cosmetics. I such a rubbish blogger and rarely mention everyyyything I’m wearing. Mock has saved me an absolute fortune in skins to be honest. I buy her makeovers mostly : because I’m a) lazy b) they rock. A makeover usually changes lips,eyes and sometimes cheeks. You wear it as a tattoo layer, et voila – totally different look for the skin you’re wearing!

MOCK Iron & Fire Sahne Makeover

You can also get lips creams, glosses, eye liners, blush and more ! The changes to your face can be subtle or dramatic, depends what you fancy and SO affordable. I usually go for a very natural new skin these days, as I know I can vamp it up with my makeup layers. I treated myself to two new “makeovers” yesterday, 1st photo is Golden twilight Winterberry, I also added a very light slick of Smolder crema lip colour, 2nd photo is a makeover called  Iron & Fire Sahne – now both of these are fairly low-key, which is what I wanted, but there are heavier looks available also, most of which I do own !

[Breno] (The Challenge item not for sale until the 1st of December)

Slink @ Shoetopia



Mock Cosmetics

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Kawaii Fair !

Kawaii Fair - StrawberryJam purr tattoo FREE! LavandaChic Bikini Kawai FREE! Al Vulo Aisha skin 70L (worn with MOCK cool summer glace makeover)

So so so love going to the annual Kawaii Fir, it’s all playful and people are bubbly and fizzy with happiness…PLUS…there’s always heaps of fun & gifts! Everything I’m going to show you here was either free or 1L – 10L (mostly 1L or free though) My meshtastic pink bikini is just awesome…fits like a glove with no gapping…and well…its PINK…it was a gift from LavandaChic (10L) verrrry glad I picked it up. Fell in lurve with the tattoo by StrawberryJam, I’m not overly big on tatts tbh, but this is sooper cute, just 10L…my skin is by Al Vulo and is at The Dressing Room Fusion (round 10), just 70L bags you this beauty, I added a makeover layer by Mock Cosmetics (Cool Summer glace) and loved the effect.

Kawaii fair  Chibi Sekai store free outfit leeli - Modish 1L skin Lotus East

As I was power moochin (always in a rush) I grabbed a couple of free gifts from a store I hadn’t seen before, so wasnt sure what to is called  Chibi Sekai. The outfit is thee sweetest ever mesh romper suit in denim, comes complete with a tshirt and the darling little pair of sneakers, theres another outfit there also for free, equally as lovely. Always great if you can nab a gift to try out a designer you don’t know, with the quality of these, I’ll certainly be back for another look. My skin is a dollarbie from Modish at the Kawaii Fair, named “Lotus east”, totally fab and such a gorgy pale tone.

Kawaii fair Forvevr Young Kawaii gym outfit free - Modish Lotus East 1L skin

Last up for today is this little outfit from Forever Young, the Kawaii gym shorts and top, my necklace was also a free gift from MDL..more to come later I’m sure !

The Kawaii Fair

Dressing room Fusion event

Mock Cosmetics

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Quality Street

coldLogic Bradley in cocoa, tate in brown

I’m dancing along Quality Street…didnt the famous tin of chocs have an advert …like that? I’m sure it did…or colour me hallucinating pre-lunch gallon of coffee ! I headed over to Mayfair London to share the new range from coldLogic ! Here I am, mooching around the posh homes, trying to look like I live here …fitting in pretty well in my swish new togs…Im wearing the tate combo jacket & shirt along with bradley pencil skirt…plenty of colour choices in these two…Im the Miss average and seem to fit the medium size just perfectly with no shape tweaking…of course I slammed a pair of my essential Jane piggies tights on…gotta keep those legs snuggly !

coldLogic pratt in camel

Next is a closed jacket with a plain shirt underneath, called pratt and this is the glorious camel shade which I tailoring means this would really look effortlessly smart, especially with the self pinstriped new skirt called bradley that I teamed it up with…

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_004

Plaids figure in this new release hurrah! You really cant have winter without plaids can you? Its The Law ! This shirt and jacket combo is called meek, and theres lotsa scrummy shades for you to choose from…classic shape….and rather sleek…Id really love to own something like this in real life..I feel thats where coldLogic score so high…their making the items I want to own in both lives…(My bank balance salutes you coldLogic !)

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_007

If you’re into stripes, like Iam…youre in for a treat with the next combo… abdo is a jacket over a stripey shirt…theres some really juicy colours in this range,prepare your eyeballs ! The turquoise and orange are especially mouthwatering…however, I plumped for the traditional Winter red…super glossy and fun ! This release has some buys you really must grab…the two skirts are sooooo handy…one plain one pinstriped…easy to wear and great looking pieces.

coldLogic page in charcoal taylor in champagne_001

Ohhhh, it’s the 1st of December…which officially means I can begin to show reindeer’s & snow yay! Here I am snuggling up to Rudolph and wearing my favourite item from this coldLogic release, the taylor sweater in the divine champagne shade…so glam…tied belt  and a cowl neck , slipped over the new page skirt in charcoal…work or play this outfit is terrific ! I havent tried the top with pants yet, but I know its gonna look brilliant !

coldLogic soto in blush, page in cranberry

If you prefer your sweaters a little more chunky looking…try soto…its striped fabric looks slightly more snuggly….this is the blush colour over the cranberry toned page skirt…come on Rudolph, chow down!  Plenty more to dribble over at the main store, plus free demos and the full colour ranges … Thank you coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog

Jane (for those addictive piggies wooly tights!)

Gos (boots worn throughout)

Argrace (hat/hair)

Skin: Curio (please come back soon Gala)

Makeup by MOCK (rumour makeover)

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I couldnt resist ! Ive blown my October Budget already and its only the 8th …hubbidy hubba whats a girl to do..I SO rarely buy skin…and as my favourite skin maker Gala Phoenix is sadly not able to be in Second Life and create currently..I had an itch that needed scratching..soooo there I was at Collabor88 and saw this skin by Glam Affair “Ginny”…such a lovely tone..beautiful face…I pontificated for about 20 minutes…and then WHAM, it was in the bag and I was poorer. BUT ! Only 188L poorer…such a great price, how can you not buy it? Decided after braving the crowds at collabor88 I needed a rest on my new “fly to the sky” bench from Cheeky Pea..what a  steal, Fifty Linden Friday *squeee*, couples,  singles and friends poses galore…slid into something a lot more comfy from coldLogic…the “nevin” top in lush copper…and the kime pants in cocoa…snugggly and sleek !

Ohhhh did you manage to go grab the clawtooth pack of hair for 50L? Well here it is…sooooo glam ! Called “Glamazon”, this is the wheat shade, but you get two others also…keep an eye on clawtooth..they always have great offers and stunning new hair…this offer may have ended by now…but go take a peek, bet you don’t come away empty handed ! Musnt forget to tell you about the new crema lipcolours from MOCK…gawd…sooper delishhhh and so wearabubble…Im wearing the one called smolder…not heavy or clownish…but a delicate slick of colour to transform your lips…love it.



MOCK Cosmetics

Cheeky Pea



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Unexpected gift & gatcha!

ooohlala I logged inworld this evening to find  a gifty from MOCK this isn’t a rare thing to be honest…cause if you’re a member of this group, you’ll know we are VERY spoilt with pressies ! Anyyyway….this one was a makeover and ohmaiii its gorjus! “Rumour Has it”, is the name ,soft lush lips and dramatic eyes makes it über sultry, yum. If you’re not familiar with makeovers such as this…its really simple…a makeover in Mock terms is just that..a tattoo layer..that changes your makeup – usually eyes & lips. It can totally alter your skin ! Onto the mesh sweater.. Chantkare launched a gatcha last night…only 20L per play oot oot! Of course I had to check it out..and bagged two of these darling woolies…powder blue and also a red…I won two more , but passed those to Zan as they are also transferable yippeee! The gatcha holds all sorts of stuff…when I was there it was handing out these sweaters..but apparently there are other items..whats not to love? !

Mock Cosmetics (join fee applies, SO worth it)


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Sunday Free For All

Ohh haiii! I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning and share a few things I found yesterday….I found thissss simple and pretty mesh top by songhwa on the market place for just 1L…such a pretty shade of blue…five sizes in the box..perfect for me was medium…tank over a shirt look…love it …my skin was a group gift from MOCK cosmetics…its called Amanda…very nice tan shade (it actually came in a box of a few other gift skins woot!) Im wearing it with a MOCK makeover tattoo called “basically silver and Chelsea” which I bought from The Black Market event..only 40L bargain!

I went over to see the inworld store for songhwa.(lots of reasonably priced pretties)..and right next door was another store called fenfen…it looked a bit empty but I popped in and found a couple of items out, they were gifts! Adored this woofwoof mesh teeshirt…the rubber watches (set of five) were also a gift !

Ohhh before I forget…if you do head over to the Black Market event (and you really really should – because its chocka block with goodies from heaps of designers priced at 40L-100L !) Dont forget to join their group, its free to hook up..and you can then pick up the gorjusss “nuance” pack of two mesh maxi skirts from SAKIDE …I’m showing the grey tones version but it also comes in PINK ! Ravishing …I wore it with one of my “early” mesh tops from voila !

The Black Market


songhwa on the market place (for top)


MOCK Cosmetics


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Its a meshy free for all

I am so enjoying the mesh around hunt at the moment…some fantastic finds and new stores to mooch around ! Above I’m showing the “I love dots” mesh top , (along with my fav mesh pants by coldLogic “mazza”)…the totally cool thing is ni night creations have 2 colours of this pretty blouse as their mesh around hunt prize , plussss another two colours out as a group gift ! (The group is free join, double yay!) They are so so sweet, each one has a little motif on the back…I’ll leave them as a surprise for you..they made me say “awwww”…also wearing the mesh around gift from a new-to-me store Leverocci, fahhhbulous leopard boots…totally gorgeous. If you’re liking my skin..well hubbidy hubba..this is a steal from the best darn makeup store in the world “MOCK cosmetics”, a bargain at 59L for a two colour pack *gasp* YES really ! I’m wearing it along with a MOCK eyeliner and a blush…the skin is called “Moira” and I used the skin tone 2 version (paler one in the pack also). Three others are at this price..go check it out!

ni night creations


MOCK Cosmetics