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No Sweat Sweater

This is a basic cut off oversized sweater so what makes it different? it’s the folds at the back.  Folds and curves are what make a bit of mesh clothing look more realistic and this one has great folds.  Wasn’t sure what the number 18 on the front stood for and it has Cutie on the back untill I saw all the choices.  A choice of 6 colours with different slogans ranging from Flirt to Lust and at 75 lds a bargain.  Didn’t notice a demo but the M fit was perfect and I could even have squeezed into a smaller size if I had wanted. “Night After Tee” is this items name.

So being impressed with the item sent to me I decided to chanel my Hippy Chick look (sadly the pout is more Posh Becks) and again they have taken a routine shape and yet made it their own with this chunky knit texture.  Now thats a texture that people can see without having to zoom in close. Well worth the 99lds it cost me. 4 Colours to chose from and it’s name is “Boho Dress”. OH and check out the 3 LCs just inside the entrance.

I wish I didn’t return to the shop as I turned around and yet another outfit, Mesh schoolgirl outfit, and I have to walk away nursing my remaining Lindens, well I haven’t been to the hair fair yet.

Special mention to the hat sadly not much info at the moment but I was so impressed with it as soon as I can locate where it came from and how much you will be the first to know.