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Free for drifting around in

Love when I find a nifty little item that I know I will wear and wear. This super beach dress / coverup is from M&M, you pay $1L and it gets paid right back to you – no group to join. Sizes include Maitreya,TMP,Slink & Slink Hourglass. Fantastic fit and super easy to wear.


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Tugging along (free)

FREE Tug boat (colour change)

I found a little something to make your weekend smiley. This is the mm mini tug boat – isnt it FABULOUS?! Its mesh and you can sail it around. Don’t be fooled by its pinkness, its also colour change, I just happen to adore pink , as you prolly know.

FREE Bikini (with appliers for Slink & Maitreya inc) FREE tug boat (driveable & colour change)

I popped into my new bikini by B!asta, its their gift (cost $1L) in the “Doll up hunt”, easy to find and lovely to wear, two colours included in the pack. You get the traditional layers as well as appliers for Slink Physique (which I’m wearing) and the Maitreya Lara body too – sweet.

Doll up Hunt blog (url’s and stores list)

mm mini tug boat

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Sorry, I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t do at least 1 post a day but I have guests over for the weekend so I’m a bit limited on my SLing time, as you can see by the fact that I’m still wearing everything from my last post bar the outfit. I found that on the Marketplace.


This is M&M’s January Giftie to us.  Since I’m buying it off the Marketplace and not inworld I wouldn’t be surprised if this Dollarbie isn’t in fact an inworld Freebie.  Since the M&M is a massive shop and there is usually a lot of Group Gifts out it certainly is worth an inworld visit.

OK that’s it for now LOL.  I am hoping not only to get some more SL time later today I’m hoping the hunt I have ear marked to do will turn up some real lovelys.  Until then I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday and remember if you’re on your one make sure to treat yourself.

M&M Marketplace

M&M Inworld

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Upping it’s game(Freebies).

Popped over to M&M (M&M Female clothes & Hair girl) to sort through ALL of my notes because I remembered M&M used to have a massive wall of Lucky Boards which luckily for me is still there.  Actually when I TPed in I thought I was in the wrong shop as it’s had a whole new quality upgrade in the building since I was last here.

This is one big shop and it took me a bit of searching to find the Lucky Boards, they’re on the 2nd floor, but before I went to find them I checked out the Freebies which if the LM doesn’t take you right to them just turn to your left as you rezz and they’re right there easy to find.


The group is free to join and I’m pretty sure both of the dresses I’m going to show you are 2 of the Group Gifts but there are more than these 2 Group Gifts there are also Dollarbies and a couple of 10Lds items.  I also won a mesh dress from the Lucky Board which suggests that although most of it is non mesh there are some mesh items in there, because there are so many LBs just standing there going through my notes I picked up a lot of stuff which I’ve not really looked too closely at because I know they’re non mesh.


Lovely texturing and excellent fit.  Most impressed with all the freebies I grabbed from M&M’s and once I’ve got a bit more time because it’s such a big shop I’m going to pop back and have a real good look around.

UPDATE.  So I’m stood in M&M’s now and I’ve had a much better look at not only the shop but the Lucky boards.  There are more mesh outfits in the LBs than I had originally thought and I would be very happy to win them and even some of the non mesh, I do believe that I’ve won a bikini set which looks as though it’s the same texturing as the first dress in this post.  I’ve also had a chance to cam around the shop and to a hardened SL shopper like me a lot of very recognisable designs here but also some real nice hidden treasures.  This place is definitely worth spending some time to have a good wander around.  I’m off home now to unpack and check out my LB wins.



Cookies for all (Freebies)

Freebies - catch of the day Lunar Seasonal Designs

I happened across a notecard today that told me allll about the end of summer sale going on at The Cookie Jar – I sped over as its one of my fav places to shop. So glad I did, because not only where there heaps of bargains – some of the designers had placed out free Cookie Jar group gifts! (group is free to join) Above is from Lunar Seasonal Designs, you get this low prim picnic table which has an unbelievable amount of texture options for the wood and cloth (seriously!), plus you can click it and set out food for up to four people. If you touch the cutlery or the can you get a wearable animated prop to wear.

Freebies - catch of the day grill

You also get the firepit, low prims, oooodles of colour options for the stones, the wood etc, plus you can choose from fish, corn or both to cook – LOVE it ! Lunar has also thoughtfully included two cooler boxes, one lower prim than the other – they both dispense a drink.

Freebies - cookie jar - potted plant not free (but cheap!)

I also nabbed this darling lawn chair from Finishing Touches – only 2 prims and treated myself to the mesh potted plant from M&M. You can choose the pots patterns and colour, plus the earth etc. only 19L – a great and useful purchase.

Freebies for group - The cookie jar

Then I found a little stash of deco items, the shelving is a gift from Loks, again two versions included and also a planter from Bumbershoot and a sweet gnome eating cookies. The vase & flower is from Zoe’s Garden. I did buy a few *cough* well ok a LOT of items while I was there, totally worth going too !

The Cookie Jar

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Smashing Pumpkins (Freebies,Gachas and Spooks).

HangStart at the bottom of this sim and work your way up.  Loads of great spooky places to hang around in (boom boom) lots of props and poses and great settings and Pumpkins. When you see a pumpkin, and there are many of them dotted all around the sim, sit on it (best turn off your AO for this) and you get to punch it’s lights out and you will either get a pressie, a LM to a pressie or strike out and get nothing but a puff of green smoke.  Then half way up you come to the Redrum and Death Row Design Halloween Gacha event.  Lots of in theme gacha items from some great SL shops but more than that again some more great posing potential, stalls and freak shows to simply enjoy.

Next to this prop is a cage with freeness which inc this skeleton (there was also a couple of outfits but if I remember correctly they were women s so I didn’t open them).  I didn’t grab all the freebies but got this and the Redrum stuff which inc bullet wounds and an autopsy set up.

Snapshot_075This is half way up but if you walk all the way to the top of the hill you will find a sign post one way is Redrum and even further down what looks like a small village made up of small shops, and the other way is DRD (Death Row Design).  I did notice that Redrum has a whole row of LCs and MM boards so when I log in to get LMs and other things I will be plonking myself in front of them to see what I can get although most items do seem to for women there is a couple of male items.


Redrum and Death Row Design (DRD) Gacha

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The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt

I heard about The swimming Pool Blues Hunt a couple of days ago…SO glad I did because the gifts are just terrific ! Each gift is only 5L…some are easier than others to find…but…I did find them (as you know I’m appallingly bad at hunting) A couple of the designers very kindly forwarded a review copy for me…that probably saved me about ten hours of searching , so thank you! The chair Im lounging in is from Prism Furniture…such a unique style shape on this item and lots of poses…my skinny fit leather pants are from Casual Couture…great fit and love love LOVE the slit at ankle height..really makes these POP…

Next up is this stunning chair from Kusshon, only 2 prims and stuffed with poses for both male & females, Kusshon always always alwaysss make fantabulous fun pieces and this is no exception…alongside me is the hunt prize from SFW Industries ,  featuring the beautiful underwater photography of  Elena Kalis. This grouping of pictures will only take up one of your precious prims yay! (Btw…something I see asked a lot in the forums, is where you can find classic business wear…take a peek at SFW’s small but good range in their loft. You can get there by using the tp instore)

Plenty of items to practice lounging about on…like this sofa from MM(Home)..bright jewel tone blues give it a cool fresh appeal, with its pristine white seat – ..go visit the store and look at their prefabs…great prices and lovely!

The Boathouse and Leri Miles Designs are both in this hunt too…that made me extra smiley cause I do love both of these stores ! Leri Miles has this sooper sweet mesh dress out, adore its layers of ruffles around the front – very Bo-peep! The BoatHouse, always so generous has set out this whole set of rag rug,sideboard and framed print…

New-to-me store YoPulga are giving this adorable mesh sweater as their prize one shoulder covered the other not, tres chic …

Bet you’ve been wondering where the sweet blue home was from that I’ve taken most of the photos in and around hmm? Well yes, it’s also up for grabs. L&K Prefabs have it hidden as their prize ! Cool blues for the washed out wood…little boxes of plants on the walls…and a split level interior…so summery.

Heres all the info:

The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt blog



SFW Industries


Casual Couture

Leri Miles Design

L&K Prefabs

Prism Furniture