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That’s interesting.(Freebie & Freebie, maybe).

Faith tore down our welcome area and built a whole new one and although I thought the old one was really lovely she’s chosen the highest position on our sim and I have to say that view is pretty stunning.

I’m wearing one freebie but I can only tell you about the other.  This dress/coat combo is a gift from Sevyn you do get a small 4 colour hud with it and I do believe lots of fits.  It’s interesting but it’s not half as interesting as the link one of our readers, Sia, sent me.

If you go to the “Lucyshoes/Lucysbody shop and slap the MM Board there is a FULL mesh AV up for free.  This is not a range I’ve even heard of so I grabbed the demo for one of the full priced sets and had fun with it.  I have to say that if the freebie comes with everything the paid for ones do than anyone who SL’s on a budget will love it and I know Sia said that it was easy to use so if you want to get your unmeshed mitts on a mesh body go for it.

So go slap the MM board because I can’t wait to see what we get.



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2 & More Kisses (freebies).

Sometimes when I grab freebies I don’t grab them all so what I show you may just be an example of what is on offer and in this case I’m just showing you 2 of the freebies but there is much more inc SLink Shoes.


Gorgeous colours and I’ll be double checking but I’m sure that I spotted the same design but with other textures at slashed down prices but this is gorgeous.


I know that this is a standard designed outfit but check out the texturing and quality!

Now I’m at Blackrose LM grabbing I can see that where you land the mens shop is right in front of you and the ladies to the right.  This isn’t a big shopping area so when you TP in you will see exactly what I mean.  Before you go to the ladies check out the big board behind you as there is a MM and I do believe I’ve actually been sent that this morning.  Now I’ve rechecked the Freebies I can assure you that even if you don’t like what I’m showing you there are some really good quality Freebies here and if it wasn’t for my heaving invent I’d snag the lot.

I have to also suggest that once you’ve grabbed the GG’s don’t rush off to try them on, Backrose is full of some really lovely stuff and some clothes are actually discounted.  Bold bright summer outfit and I even saw a more Autumnal one that I was tempted to buy but out of the whole shop this was the only one without a demo!

PS The mens dept has some good-looking Freebies as well so I have a feeling Baylen will be sent in to try them out so if they’re as good as the ladies you will see them in the next post.

PPS Weather update, it’s finally stopped raining!


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Brat (freebie).


I had a bit of better luck with the MM and LBs at Sakide and when I logged in this morning I was sent the 2 items which are on offer on the MM board.   I won this army mesh suspender dress and a pair of shorts but  I also won a few items from the LBs as well but since I had just found this great combat  sim I decided to arm myself to the teeth and show you the army suspender dress from the MM board.


A better shot of the dress without all the junk I added.  A simple mesh dress with a nice touch of colour changeable suspenders.  Just as nice is that it also comes with a Lola Tango Applier so I dusted off my boobies and had fun. Again this is a MM board win but there is a high turnover of people here because of all the LBs so I should imagine that the MM boards are filled every night.  The TP should take you direct to the wall with the LBs but if it doesn’t then simply walk forward from the landing place.

Special mention to the sim I took this picture in because I had litereally just stumbled upon it just before I won this army dress and realised it was a perfect place to take a picture.  This is a combat RP sim and the free to join group info is this: This is group is for updates on Soulless Productions new releases and any upcoming feature film projects. Our sim features our latest releases, the Bates Motel & Psycho house. Welcome to Bates Motel Apocalypse,grab your free GCS Combat HUD and prepare for the fight of your life. The dead have risen, the world has gone to shit and out here in the desert no one is safe… or are they? Perhaps that old motel might be..

I’ve not found Bates Hotel yet or even shot a Psycho yet but I’m looking forward to having a wander around here so check it out for yourself.


Bates Motel Apocalypse Sim



Butterfly Effectz

OOooOO Saturday mornin quicky…Butterfly Effectz has  little wee hunt going on..its very simple thank goodness , or I certainly wouldn’t have found the complete outfit! You need to find seven eggs, each one contains a piece of the outfit the wedge shoes…and the dress is super floaty yay! Peek upstairs and you’ll find a lucky chair and a MM board..slap those bad boys on your way around..also noticed some cuter-than-cute tee’s stashed around the store..check it all out …

Go get huntin: butterfly effectz