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Mix it up with a New Mina Bargain and a Great Freebie.

Indulge me, I rezzed one of my fav houses but sadly for me the prims are so high I only use it for a backdrop and as soon as I get my snaps I have to pack it back up again! OH for unlimited prims!


The shorts I’m wearing are the ones from my previous post and as it happens they are perfect with my Free Hippy Chick Top I snagged from the B!asta shop@The Boho Culture Fair.  It  comes in all the Mesh sizes, Fitmesh and Mesh body sizes so basically a fit for everyone.  Actually now I’ve been over to the B!asta shop@The Boho Culture Fair to LM grab I will be heading back there as soon as I click post because there are oodles of Free and Dollarbies in the shops so I’m going to click and grab for all I’m worth and I’ll show you what I scored in my next post.  If the LM doesn’t take you direct to the B!asta shop then it’s not far from the Landing spot and I’m sure you too will have fun grabbing the goodies.

I also have to say though I did check out the full priced items and argh just like I wish I had unlimited prims I wish I had unlimited Lindens because there is a lot of temptation there.XXXHippy2

This is a Mina hair I’ve shown you before called Anais but now it’s her offering for the Mix, which is a mix of new, unique and some discounts and this is at a really good 50% discount.  So a hair colour pack cost only 124Lds or for a little bit more money you can buy the essentials pack or go the whole hog and buy the Fat Pack which again is at half price.


If you’ve not checked the Mix out yet then zoom in on the stand the items are on because there is a panel for you to click and grab the Hud and this makes it so easy to see where and who is in the “Mix” the TPs and I’m pretty sure it also has colour coding to it to show you which shops are offering a discount and which there is something unique to the mix etc.  It’s yet one more thing for me to check out when I get back inworld.

PS the Mix is more than just hair, it’s poses, clothes, furniture etc I’ve seen everything this round from a pair of moon boots to a castle.

PS Down but not out, I tried to get back to the Boho event but the sim is down…so give it a little while and hopefully it will be back online soon.

B!asta@The Boho Culture Fair


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I’m all Mixed up

Neve NEW ! - boots $87L! Elua hair DISCOUNTED!

A new round of The Mix is underway yippee! I love this event and what makes it even more speshul is Neve @ coldLogic are participating. For this round Neve has some fabulous fat packs of skirts & sweaters. Seriously, there is a whole HEAP of various designs, fabric, wools to check out. You can rifle through and snap up a few packs while the event is on for a discounted price. Above I’m wearing the “Espirit dye” sweater that comes in four different tones, and the denim skirt which is in, of course, delicious denim tones from back to light blue. The sooper dooper HUD for the top allows you to take the scarf on and off – brill ! Go take a peek, there’s suede, nobblybobbly wools and floral etc to take a gander at. The Mix is run by a HUD, which you can get your paws on from the market place , linked below.

The Mix

I’m also wearing Elua’s offering “iola2” all colour packs for just  $125L per pack and from the boots “Rosie” in coal, different colours on offer for the low price of $87L a pop. My watch was a birthday gift from Player – I loved it SO much I bought another in a different colour – yes I really did ! It’s by a new-to-me store Muschi, not exactly a cheap trinket but so lush , definitely worth a look.

Our Halloween

If you were wondering what Player and I were up too last night – we hopped around the Grid looking for some spoooooky FUN! We ended up at a very atmospheric Freak show and found this guy to pose with ! Its not all about shopping is it ❤


Neve @ coldLogic


MUSCHI watch

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Sale, New & Exclusive.

I’ve been doing a little bit of “The Mix” now that you have a much handier and so easy to use Hud it’s a lovely way to kill some time and find yourself a “sale, new or exclusive” treat.  Simply wear or add the hud and you can see all of the great shops involved in The Mix and you can also see by the colour coding if the item on offer is a sale, new, exclusive item and one click takes you right to the shop you want to visit which brings me to the  Mina’s “sale” item.


I’ve shown you Laila before, if I remember correctly I was dressed as a Mermaid, you’ve got to Love SL LOL.  Laila is a BIG hair which makes you feel super glammed.  Now that it’s at half price it also means it’s a super bargain.  You can still choose from the colour range and the specials which inc the Ombre’s and pastels are only 125 for 5 shades but if you want to keep to the more normal shades then a big pack of 9 “essential” colours so everything from the blondest of blondes to the blackest of black and in between is ONLY 150Lds! but if you want to be greedy and get them all then the really BIG Fatpack of 29 shades is only 375Lds and that’s only 125Lds more than a standard priced hair pack anywhere else for so many amazing shades.  This is really the time to snag a bargain and don’t worry as always a Demo is there for you to try.


The dress is also new and as soon as I put it on I put aside the hunt I was planning on doing because I LOVE it!   Comes from Ever Wonders shop More Than Ever and you get a Hud with the 3 colour choices, the top one which is a reddy red, this one is a brownie red and the bottom one is a pinky peach LOL.  I’m sure Ever Wonder has proper names for these shades but I think I’ve got the colours right.

So for only 99Lds you get a simple sweet, excellent textured dress with colour changing and great fitting dress and just to make sure that this will fit you actually 5 standard mesh sizes, 5 fitmesh sizes and 3 mesh body sizes so basically a fit for any shape.  You will have to go to the Designer Showcase to pick up this lovely offering but I’m pretty sure that the LM will take you right to Ever Wonders stand.  I’ve got to have more of a wander around to see what else is there myself.


Back to more Mina hair, because I wanted to show you more of the dress I swapped my big hair for this lovely light wind-blown Mina hair called Elvira.  Even a hardened RL Brunette like me cannot help but think this whole look is so subtly summery and sexy.


Elvira isn’t on offer at the moment but at 250Lds for a 5 shade pack the pricing is pretty standard,unlike the hair.

PS I’ve forgotten to add the LM for the More Than Ever mainshop which is worth while to pop into as there is still Group Gifts set out so when I get a chance to get back inworld I’ll try to pop it onto this post.


More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

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Free gifts & group benefits

Hunt & Group gifts NEW! Ice cream gift - dress group gift - shoes hunt gift (slink high)

I rarely join groups these days, I don’t have room or they cost too much. However I was doing the Summertime Hunt and found myself at Shoenique and as I was hunting for the gift, I noticed the group board. Ohmaiii its stuffed with goodies – it does cost $50L to join but well worth the outlay as there’s shoes, dresses up for grabs by members. I’m wearing the gorgeous hunt prize shoes above, they are for Slink high feet and sooper summery ! The dress is a group gift from the wall, this is what cracked my miserly ways actually – dead cute. Even my ice cream is a group gift from Label Motion – you get a pack of different flavours, for left & right hand holding.

Group gifts - shoes group gift (slink high) Dress group gift

Another group gift dress from Shoenique, this time an all over floral print with sweet capped sleeves. Btw I am wearing both dresses over my Slink Physique mesh body – not all the gifts worked with it but I was pleased with these two. The bright yellowlicious shoes are another group gift from Shoenique too! As you can see I am still loving my Secret Store hat & hair combo, its out for sale at the mainstore as part of the Mix event.

Secret Store


Summertime Hunt landmarks and prize previews

Label Motion

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Only 2 piccies but a lot of info.

I popped over to Mina’s to find out a bit more about a new event to me called MIX, but more about that at the end.  As I was there I noticed that she had changed her sim and there is a lovely misty tree-lined avenue so I had a pleasant time pulling poses and taking pictures only to find out this morning that my computer has filed them away somewhere I can’t find them! So I did a quick couple of poses and the reason for the quickness is not the Mina hair, that will be on special offer all month,but the top I’m wearing.


I picked this top up from JLZ Fashion and it’s their Thursdays 55Ld offer.  Be careful not to buy the one from the full display as you will pay the full price, to get this one when you enter the shop go towards the right and on the wall at the bottom of the stairs is this discounted top.

Because we’re “dolls” when we show you a hair or a piece of clothing we chose everything else to fit to create a whole look and as you can see because of the Mina hair with that broad hair band and the top with its pastel flowers and string tie they all lend themselves to a Hippy style and so I chose this colour palette for my hair and make up.   So basically if you don’t like the colours I’ve chosen for this look this particular hair “Jacky” is not only on special offer of half price, 125ld, but you can choose from the whole colour range.  So you can choose blonde, brunette, reds, pastels and on and on and EVEN the extra specials such as the black.grey/whites and of course each pack comes with a selection of shades in that pack.  Mina often has special offers out but to have one where you can choose which ever colour you want is a bonus.  Also remember that although it’s not important in this style a LOT of Mina’s hairs come with the Bust sizing options which even if you’re not a big boobed girl still comes in very handy or making sure your hair lies on top of your clothing.


Just a close up  to show you the hair, skin, top etc and the jewelry.  As it happens I had managed to get over to the Flawless Sim and ran around the stalls grabbing the Lolly pops and I’d just unpacked these green gems so if you have some time to kill then I’d recommend you pop over and check out that sim for the Hot Summer Hunt & Cart Sale.

As for the MIX looks like some of the BIGGEST names in SL are in this and each shop is offering you a discounted items and to make it super easy you can either join the Mix group to get the Hud or grab the Hud off the Marketplace and I’m going to guess you wear the Hud and then TP to all of the shops taking place in this event and that’s exactly what I’m going to do once I get back inworld.


The Mix Web site for Link to groups and MP

JLZ Fashion (55ld top)

Flawless (Hot Summer Hunt&Cart Sale)

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Its Perfectly Secret & Logical

coldLogic - beam skirt & shirt  -  Perfect Ten garden decor - The Secret Store hat & hair NEW Just when you thought the titles of my blog posts couldn’t get any MORE convoluted – here’s a doozy. Featuring coldLogic, The Secret store and an item from Perfect Ten just for you on a Friday. Above is “Beam” a gorgeous little skirt & shirt affair from coldLogic, various colours available, I’m wearing “snow”. The physique option in coldLogic’s packs is really helping to keep my inventory under control, I’m wearing it here with no alphas required – phew! Apparently it also works for the Maitreya Lara mesh body too. My new hat hair combo is in the new event Mix, its by the Secret Store, you get a HUD with it so you can wear or remove the hat (and alter the ribbon colour) – it’s really just perfect for summer! Perfect Ten An Lema - Statue A new round of Perfect Ten is in full swing, I havent had a lot of time to show items due to rushing about after my parents the last coupla weeks – but these items from An Lema really hit the spot for me. “Among the ruins – beauty” is the name of the statue above, although I’ve got it positioned to show just the round pedestal base, it actually comes on a rectangle with some sweet foliage – I just buried it to fit the plot I wanted it in. Nice touch with the two large butterflies drifting around the body. Perfect Ten An Lema potted plants & statue Also from An Lema are these potted shrubs & trees, a row of three will set you back just 2 prims ! Ideal for marking a pathway or edging a patio perhaps. coldLogic store coldLogic market place Perfect Ten The Secret Store