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I’m homeless.(25Ld Tue).

UPDATE: I for the life of me couldn’t find the descriptive word for this dress and it’s “Playsuit” ! Phew I feel better now as it was just nagging the heck out of me lol.

Just as I was about to pull a pose in my new dress when the “CLANG OF DOOM” rang warning me to TP out before the sim restart starts.

Natually I went to my second home which is of course the house on the hill outside of Mina’s. One day she will spot me and charge me rent lol.

This week the 25Ld list is pretty long and as I scrolled through it this dress is the thing that stood out for me and once I’d tried the demo on and found it was a really nice fit for me AND that skirt is actually very loose shorts I treated myself to it.

You might find it hard to find but when you go into the Mistique shop, veer to the left and it’s just on the normal stand and it’s only this colour which is the 25Ld offer.

I will also put the link to the 25Ld Tue Blog as you can see whats on offer and also on the right hand side is the LM’s.

The only thing is I can see a couple of shops are on that list but I can’t see any picture showing whats for sale so for example Belle Epoque is on the list but there isn’t a picture. Sometimes a picture is too late to be put up in the post so make sure to check out any shop which is in the list even if there isn’t a picture shown.

25Ld Tue Blog. Pictures and LM’s.


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I made a mistake.(35Ld Sunday Offer).

The only mistake I made was thinking this was a top and not the playsuit it turned out to be, no demo which is why I missed that but I’m not sad as it was not just such a bargain but so damned nice.

There is a whole wall at the back of the shop with discounts for weekly things ie 25Ld Tue and in this case, this playsuit is the 35Ld Sunday offer.  Check out the 70Ld Weekend sale which is a cute dress called “Lilee” it has the same sort of puffiness and folds as this top.  I didn’t buy it but it was tempting.

To get to Mystique you just walk from the LM to the shop BUT check out the TP there for the Bloom shop which only has a small selection of furniture as yet but from small things big things grow and there was a couple of pieces I was so tempted but by now you will guess I get tempted a lot but I’m learning to be hard and not actually buying esp when I know I have plenty of similar items.

Mistique & Bloom

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Its Perfect (Ten)


A new round of Perfect Ten has started and it would really be a shame to miss out on some bargains! This round runs until the 15th November, so get your skates on. Above are the items from HJM Designs, the “Trendy” couch and chair, both have colour change on the main body and cushions and a heap of lovely poses built right in. You can get each piece individually, my top pick is the fantastic wall print – totally fabbo and has lots of designs to choose from the menu!


Mistique has gone all Goth – wonderful array of gothiness, bench bed, room divider etc. The bed is just so romantic with its draped curtains – cuddles and naughty poses included. Dont forget, discounts only apply for the duration of the event!

Perfect Ten

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25Ld Tuesdays.

I’ve mentioned this weekly discount day before and fortunately for me a lot of the shops that put an item out at a slashed down price of only 25Lds leave them out all week because I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get the chance to do it but as soon as I got inworld and was checking my notes/notices I spotted this little beauty and I was off to grab it.


Long ago when I used to spend my Lindens as though they were confetti I bought almost the same identical thing but I sure as HECK didn’t just pay only 25Lds for it!   Although I’m always looking for the next cheapo I also look at all the new and fresh designs in SL because gradually those designs work their way down and become much more affordable for those who don’t mind the wait.


The shops on the 25Ld Tuesday list are aimed more towards the RP,Gor,medieval, rustic market but as I always say if you let those labels put you off checking then look at the sort of thing you could be missing!

This comes from the Mystique shop and I’ve gotten many of their 25Ld bargains in the past and I’ve shown you a few of them as well and I do know that they do stay up until next Tuesday.  BTW if you’re not keen on this shade then there are 2 other options in the Hippo board for you to choose from and make sure you buy only from the clearly market 25Ld Tuesday hippo board.  Right next to the 25Ld Tue board is the 30Ld Saturday board and that’s a most unusual rug with a chair back, you will see for yourself if you go but that too might just be mine when I go back to LM grab.

This is a really good shop to slap the sub board or even join the group as Mahi Dreamscape (mahilwen.mistwalker) has weekly discounts on shop quality items of clothing and decor and it’s a shop I never miss out checking out.

PS If you already have Mistiques LM in your invent, scrap it and this is a new LM.

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Rush Jobbie! (Super bargain).

As you can see I’m using everything from my last post because I’m off or as posh people say in the UK “Orf”.  I’m treating myself to a RL day of splurging.  I’m going to get myself some new nail varnish, socks a trip to a health food shop and finally a last call into Poundland one of my fav shops LOL but since my friend is her usual lazy assed self I’m still sat here waiting so I decided to do a quickie.


As you can see it’s a simple free standing “egg” chair.


Really good details and at only 11 prims pretty darn good.  A reasonable amount of poses but I’d say more male/unisexed ones than female.


Check out the crunchiness!  I chose the blue colour but if you want it in a different colour make sure the colour you do want is in the middle of the board.  Since there isn’t a demo version out for you to check for yourself so I’ve taken these in my Nams setting. The other thing is that my AV is slightly settled too low into the cushion and the menu doesn’t inc a adjust option.  Seriously this isn’t a big issue for me but again since there isn’t a demo I thought I’d just mention it.

This costs only 25Ld’s because it’s one of  the weekly offers that you will find in the sales area, ie 30Ld Saturdays, 25Ld Tuesdays etc

The LM takes you to the landing spot and you can either walk up the slope, it’s not in the little stalls/shops in front of you, or use the TP in the floor.

UPDATE: I’m LM grabbing and I can see that all the vendors are down but I can imagine they will be back up and running soon so if by any chance they’re still down don’t panic I’m sure someone will be along soon to kick them.


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Thrifty Girl

Hanging Chair - mesh - $30L

Just a real quickie to brighten your day – I just got the list through for 30L Saturday, and headed over to check out this chair above. It’s by Mistique and is 10Li all mesh. You get eight poses, four for the girls, four for the chaps. I love it to pieces ! The fabric on the cushion is a rich lush satin, so gives a feel of the exotic in your back yard – or in my case on my concrete boat. All yours for only $30L .

DUH! Two Tickets mirrored sunnies -   Silver & Gold versions included

Also I had to share these brilliant sunglasses from DUH, super-duper handy and sexily mirrored with a tropical scene reflected on the glass. You get two versions in the pack – gold & silver for only £30L – steal! (Yes yes, I know I have a strand of hair going through the glass, but I was rushinggggggg to show you lol)