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Juicy. (15Ld Hunt Prizes, Group Gifts).

La Perla has a mini hunt going on, fortunately, someones posted the “Key” on Flickr as I couldn’t see one in the shop so check out the link at the end.  Only 4 items in this mini hunt and each is just 15Lds and I liked the look of all of them but I plumped for this simple and sweet melon bikini.  Comes as separates and in plenty of the main fits.

The La Perla group only costs 20Lds to join and you will find a room upstairs with La Perla gifts, join and pay 1Ld I think for each item, I only picked these shoes up.,

They’re NOT gold as my editing has cast a golden glow on them, they are in fact very metallic silver and excellent.

Now for a tease because for this hunt it’s melon chunks your looking for but you will spot on the floor in the main entrance is all the items from previous hunts still in their delivery system but NO KEY! So you can’t see what it is you will be buying, you can of course click on them and go into Edit and check the contents but as to how the item looks is going to be a surprise.  They’re so cheap, 10Ld etc and if you look at the quality of the La Perla shop I think you can guarantee they’re going to be decent little gifts.

PS,  While LM I did pick up a freebie from this shop and I’ve got my fingers crossed this little outfit/item turns out to be a goodie.

La Perla

Hunt key (Pictures & Numbers)

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You’re getting sleeeeepy.(10Ld Mini hunt & Mention of Freebies).

First port of call when I logged back inworld was the D’Lory shop as there is a Mini hunt going on and I had spotted this sleep mask, I wonder if I stuck a sleep mask on my cat it would help him sleep through the night? It does come with a resizer menu.

Most of the 10 items are little Kawaii items like this, a cute pair of headphones, knitted hat etc and as usual with paid for hunts there is a big picture in the shop to show you what is on offer.  Also what you’re looking for is a pretty pink chocolate box which also works as a decor item.  So pretty and only 1 prim so that was a nice little extra.

Although the D’Lory group costs 50Lds there are group gifts and if you check behind the reception desk there are a whole load more gifts for various groups and I recognise a really decent Freebie which I have blogged not too long ago.

As I was wandering around I spotted a few “Oooo that’s interesting” outfits and I grabbed a couple of demos to try out.

PS.  You can’t see it but the sleep mask has a lovely fat bow behind it.


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Counting my blessings (Freebie).

I get so many notices and notes from groups and sometimes people, that occasionally some goodie will slip by me and the latest Hunt at Nouveaux is one of them that I almost missed.  Again because of RL I only had a limited amount of SL time so  I actually only went and grabbed this 1 item.  My invent is so stuffed until I clear more stuff out I have to be careful and as much as I loved the cute shoulder pet, dresses and even I can always use extra poses I could instantly see that this top would be very useful for me.


I went and grabbed this mesh top simply because it’s simple which to me means easy to wear and looks great but that added natural runched up hem gives is a very realistic look.  Perfect texturing this is a free but not cheap gift perfect for everyone.

Nouveaux is a lovely well decored small shopping sim, cute and individual shops from small stalls to a few larger shops and everything from clothes to decor items.  Such an easy to wander around sim and with the clues given to you for the hunt item (a musical note) it’s a lovely relaxing way to spend some time in SL.  The prices of the items in the shop range from just a few Lindens to a few more if you want to indulge yoursef.  I had to leave SL before I could purchase some of the excellent lippies in one of the shops which I don’t know the name of yet but I will do when I get the opportunity to get back inworld.  I’ve put the link to the Nouveaux Creative Blog site because this has a sample of things which are available.  Scroll down and check out the oh so pretty dresses from Cosette and at the bottom is pictures of all the hunt items. OH and make sure you check out all the shops as some do have dollarbies out and I did notice and old hunt item was still available in one of the shops I managed to check out, its a small pastel paper flower.

If you’re a regular visitor to Nouveaux as I am still pop over because there are some new shops and a pretty darn scary skull that’s the entrance to a new shop to me.

I must mention the Boom Estate shorts I teamed the top with,  I have to confess I have so many pairs of these shorts and yet I’m not sure if I’ve ever blogged them but I could be wrong.  They’re just shorts but yet again the quality shines through sadly so does the price which I won’t mention but it’s a case of save on the top splash out on the bottoms and you can create a great look for a bargain price.  There is also a vast range of colours to chose from which is why I have so many of them because it’s just too hard to chose which colour you like best.

Nouveaux Creative Collective Blog

Taxi to Nouveaux