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I’m sorry.(Freebie and NEW Mina).

Blimey I’ve been so busy and I still have so much to do it doesn’t how many “to do” lists I make it doesn’t make the “to doing” any bloddy easier or quicker but I just needed a break from RL and I have not just a great new Mina hair and a new freebie from a shop new to me to show you.

First the Mina, this hair is called Therese and it’s a Gacha win which means that you can get the exact same quality hair pack  but instead of full price it’s only 100Lds a try but of course you have to take pot luck on the hair colour.  However, since each colour pack comes with 5 shades as standard plus this hair comes with a 6 colour Hud for the hair band plus I’ve never found a Mina hair colour I didn’t like.  The bit I was trying to show you a close up of is how the hair drapes around your ear in such a natural and cute way and I’ve failed but when or if you try the demo out make sure to zoom in on that cuteness.

For the moment this hair is only at the Whimsical Gacha event but although I’ve not checked yet I know that Mina tries to get the Demos out in her main shop for you to try them on because some of these events are packed for ages and so I will put the LM down for her shop so you can try it out in lag free heaven and even use the TP from her shop to the event if you want.


The skirt/top is a single item which is a shame for me because as separates I can see them working with so many other items in my invent.  Check out the skirt, all those folds and pleats give it a great look and I’ve taken the picture in my Nams, original prim n skin setting.  This is a free to join group gift from a shop called Yeliz and even though a lot of the stock is standard mesh designs there is more than enough new ones and the use of texturing made me check out the whole shop and if it wasn’t for the fact that at the time I grabbed this I was still having SL problems I would have actually picked up a couple of items as a lot of things aren’t just at bargain prices of 99Lds a lot come with MASSIVE Huds! I’m dreading going back into LM grab as SL is FIXED and I can now spend Lindens!  What I might do is TP in LM grab and then TP straight to my platform and unpack all of the demos I grabbed on my first visit.

Hopefully, I will have my Mojo back tomorrow and I will keep my Mina hair on and be able to not only show you anther great freebie but a close up of the hair.


Mina Mainshop(yes the Demo is out)