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Red Hot Ice Cold. (Freebies and NEW Mina Hair).

Sometimes I keep an item in my invent that I may never wear again but it acts as a reminder of a good shop in SL to keep on popping back to check out for new stuff and of course in my case new free stuff and Blackrose is one of them and check out what I found.


Yes I had editing fun BITE ME! but it wasn’t because this dress needed it.  Although not as blood-red as the picture it’s a stunning colour, stunning fit and stunning texturing.


The reason I’ve taken a shot of the back is not just to show you the zipper detail but the low nape bun.  The hair is the New Mina hair called Chantal and it comes from the Gacha Garden which basically means it’s going to be at a slashed down bargain price because we all know Gacha=Great prices BUT the Gacha Garden doesn’t officially open till tomorrow and TBH this is such a good event you may have to wait a few days before you can squeeze in..  But if you can’t wait till then did you know that Mina’s also have Gacha’s in her main shop???? I do because 2 of my all time fav and goto hairs were actual Gacha wins.  And you don’t just get 1 hair 1 colour you get a BB or NO (big boobs or no boob) version if thats applicable and a colour pack all you take a chance on it’s the actual colour pack you win and I’ve never been disappointed in any of the Mina hair shades.

Now for the cold.


It’s just the jumper, but the jeans and shoes are both very old hunt gifts which shows how with a little time and patience and of course with a bit of fun you can win some really good stuff…but these are oldies and still goodies.  In any case this lovely jumper actually comes in not just all the Mesh sizes in XXS&XXL but also a shirt/jumper combo or the jumper on its own and I’m wearing the shirt/jumper one.

XXXRedgreenFaith will confirm this but we will cringe at the memory of old sculpted or primmed puffer jackets and coats which came with so many bits and they looked like straight jackets and then we have the brilliant mesh versions! No comparison at all.  So as you can see a forest green padded puffer with the black shirt underneath.

For once I didn’t just grab and run and had a nice leisurely wander around the shop.  A Brilliant selection of everything, some very brightly coloured and textured summer clothing, check out the retro swim suits upstairs, and some excellent winter clothing.  I snagged a whole load of Demos and spent a lovely time just trying them on.

Ladies when you land you goto the shop on the right but for the boys turn left to the Costarlos shop and I spotted not only some great freebies for men but also if you have some Lindens to spend some exc menswear.


Mina’s Mainshop

Mina@The Gacha Garden (not open till tomorrow).