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Fun in the sun.


A day of no bumps or lumps and not only did I manage to get some RL work done I managed to have fun taking some SL snaps, so much so that in the end I couldn’t decide which of the two I liked best so what the heck here is both of them.


This is the latest discounted hair from Mina and you can only get it from  The Dressing Room fusion, which of course means that it’s price is slashed to only 70Lds.  Comes with an easy to use colour hud and I got the essential pack which means a brown, blonde, red, dark brown etc a total of 7 colours.  You can also change the colour of the hair band which holds up this youthful, thick ponytail.

hair 4

A front shot so you can see the thickness of the fringe.  Although this to me is a youthful style I couldn’t help but notice the picture that Mina Nakamura  has used in her picture and that shows that teamed with a more formal outfit it basically is such a wearable lovely look.

The Dressing Room FUSION

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Flower Power

Lavender Turns out both Faith and I were looking forward to this Lavender Hill Hunt but since she had joined the group before me I graciously backed down…apart from this hair.  I do have a liking for coloured hair, I think that if you’re in a dressed down mode then slap on a coloured wig and you still look a bit different from the rest.  The hair comes from Mina and once I’ve put my clothes back on I’m off there for a good look.

Mina’s  has a bit of everything. Hair, mens hair, shoes, hats, skin, eyes and I have to say that even if your not interested in the Hunt item still pop over because I loved the colour/pattern changing Beanie so much so I bought it and at a 100Lds for a choice of 9 colours/texturing a good item to have. Don’t forget to snag the gift bag on the counter as well, I’ve not had a chance to unpack it but it says “Fatpack” so it’s going to have a few colours in it for sure.

Now check out the flowers!  When trying to think of how to show off this hair I popped onto the Marketplace and typed in Lavender and almost the first hit was “Free For All” a shop owned by Ima Flanagan and yup everything is free (apart from the rentals which I will be having a peek at soon just out of curiosity).  Although they’re seriously low in prims, 1-2 prims, they’re pretty dense which makes them perfect space fillers.  A great choice such as  Mulberry bush, Lavender Thicket, Grass Thicket, Black Eyed Susan thicket etc etc and even some buildings.  Sadly most aren’t copy so I’ve shamelessly logged into MP and I’ve snagged myself dozens of them because after all they’re “FREE FOR ALL”.  These items can only be found on the Marketplace but if your in the Marketplace for a home then check out her rentals.


Mina MarketPlace

Free For All (flowers only)