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I’m on the Grain Train

The MENstuff hunt continues to impress me with its superb lineup of stores and high quality gifts to be found. Gifts such as this Grain Train sweater from Aitui. Great colours and creasing on it and with a super easy to fit sculpted body, this is easy to wear and looks great in the bargain. It also comes on multiple layers so it can be worn in all sorts of ways.

Also in the Aitui gift you get this funky little tattoo called Inhale (for obvious reasons). I’m wearing it here with one of Alphamale’s hunt gifts. There are six pairs of these gorgeous cotton boxers included, I love the texture on all of these but for colour, I had to go with dark purple. There are also two pairs of swim trunks in their gift as well so you are well sorted for underwear and the beach when you find the Alphamale prize.

I was surprised and very excited to see that Redgrave were in the MENstuff hunt as they have some very cool clothes to go along with their line of skins. This shirt and vest combo is absolutely gorgeous, I even like the look of the drawn-on collar which is unusual for me. The vest is my favourite part though, it just looks awesomely real, so good.

I had to do a quick change of skins here so you could get the full effect of these too-cute tattoo layer freckles that you can score from Adjunct as part of their gift. There are three different types: a light spray on the nose or more severe freckles on the nose and cheeks.

Adjunct have also thrown in these wicked camo fatigue pants that come with the leather belt, rolled up cuffs and pockets for the sides and back. The green camo pattern looks sweet and they are just a great pair of casual shorts all over. That’s not all Adjunct are giving away though as you also get a set of two shapes: Brandon and Josh so you can see this is definitely a well-packed bag of goodies.

So there you have a few more bits and pieces from this tremendous hunt. Get on out there and track ’em down.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Aitui
Picture #2: Alphamale
Picture #3: Redgrave
Pictures #4 & #5: Adjunct

You can also view the hints and SLurls to all the stores here: http://stuff-sl.com/menstuff/hunt/hints/

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mimi has it all ! Prism gets gifty

Prism have this to-die-for outfit placed as a gift at mimi’s choice ! Its called “Keira”…you get the grooovy zebra striped dress in a heavy winter knit fabric, arm warmers…thick matching wooly tights or socks with thee cutest knitted sock tops…and a turtle neck collar…top quality item and well worth giving wardrobe space too. Check out the new range just in while you’re there…sooper sweet sweater dresses, tops etc..and if you’re in the mood to shop…mimi’s is a fantabulous place to wander about…theres a whole heap of designer goodness to gawp at and a few other gifties to snaffle up. The really nice thing is..you always get a warm welcome as you arrive, and if you’re lost (like I often am) or can’t find something, the sweet staff will help you !

Prism gift: mimi’s choice

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The Choice is Gizza

Happy Wednesday! To celebrate the mid-point of the week, I just found out about a brilliant Mimi’s Choice group gift from Gizza which is this fabulous green and blue Argyle sweater.

I adore the colours on this, the green and blue look so bright and fresh and the texture is so lovely and warm looking. It also comes with the white dress shirt worn underneath the sweater. The rolled up sleeve cuffs are script resizeable but they fit so well I barely had to adjust them at all, same with the white collar.

This is definitely a gift worth getting and all you have to is run on down to Mimi’s Choice and wear her group tag to pick this up. Have a wander around while you’re there and you’ll see so much goodness from wonderful designers.

Get the gear here: Mimi’s Choice

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Walker: Sartoria Outfit

Hopefully Chuck Norris won’t mind that I kinda-sorta borrowed from him for the title of this post. Anyway, back to the point. I got a notice the other day about there being a new free outfit called ‘Walker’ by Sartoria to grab down at Mimi’s Choice and so I had to get it.

It is a brilliant, complete casual outfit that features all that you see above. Black jeans, blue vest and white half-opened dress shirt, you get it all and it all looks great (there’s also a wickedly cool black fedora in there too guys). There are many different layers that you can choose to wear for this outfit and the shirt and vest can be worn by themselves as well. The details on every item is superb as you’d expect from Sartoria and what made it even better was that I did not have to touch one attachment to get them fitted, the cuffs and collar for the shirt and the cuffs for the jeans I just slapped on and I was off, got to love that.

This is an outfit you don’t want to miss out so head on down to Mimi’s Choice and join the group and grab this gift. While you’re there you should take a stroll around because there are just so many goodies to see.

Get the gear here: Mimi’s Choice

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Keep you hanging on the telephone

I am permanently attached to my iPhone..always…my hand is perfectly formed to justttt the right shape to cradle it..its my bebe..and its PINK..so…when I saw this iPhone AO, complete with a wearable phone..I HAD to have it ! I saw it on mimi juneau’s flickr this morning…and couldnt wait to dashhhh over to mimi’s choice to buy it…650L will bag you the AO & wearable phone made by GA. It has five stands, one type, one walk,one sit and one ground sit. Also one hover, one prejump and one land ! The phone is just sooper detailed…and the motion of the ao is fluid.

While I was there I thought Id better mooch around a bit….noticed GizzA have this awesomesauce free bikers jacket out, scrummy textures and fantabulous detailing as always…go get yours !

iphone ao : Gaeline Creations  at mimi’s choice

Leather jacket: GizzA at mimi’s choice

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Let’s Play Polo

Faith passed me a note last night mentioning Kal Rau gifts I could pick up at Mimi’s Choice and so naturally I had to check it out. While I was there I bumped into Mimi herself who very kindly showed me to the Kal Rau gear and pointed out these new polo shirts. They looked fabulous and had to get my hands on them.

They come in a delicious range of colours and the texture on them is lovely. Included with these polos is the sculpted collar and bottom of the shirt. There are four different versions of the bottoms: three with a cool-looking belt attached (each in a different colour) and one without the belt. All the attachments are super simple to fit with their resizer script. Not only do these polos look amazing but they are also a great buy at L$290 each.

Once I finished drooling over the polo tops I was able to turn my concentration back to the free gifts which I promptly snatched up. There are two of them and they are the brown leather jacket and dog tags that you can see above. The jacket is simple but brilliant, the leather texture is so lifelike and features only the one attachment which is the resizeable collar. The dog tags make a cool little accessory and are very well made, also resizeable via script.

Mimi’s Choice is a great place to go and shop, plenty of gems to be found such as the Kal Rau stuff I’ve shown here. It is most definitely hazardous to your wallet though because of the sheer amount of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: Mimi’s Choice
You should also take a look at the Kal Rau store here: Kal Rau


Military babe

It’s a sand storm ! I picked this Military dress up at Mimi’s choice yesterday and I havent taken it off yet..its from Gabriels. I’ve often bought Player items from here but hadn’t looked at the girls section “doh”!! How did I miss that ? ! Its packed with details, the belt is to-die-for…as are the pockets front and on your derriere…such a treat to wear , youre instantly stylish…I also nabbed the deelicious boots whilst I was at Mimi’s , these are from MEB and oh-mai..I love them..so simple to wear & fit…no demo means I usually wont buy but mimi showed me them on herself and I was sold! Can you believe these were just 290L?? (other colours available)

This colour of the dress is called stone pink, subtle and summery…there are other tones to choose from, almost got swayed by the olive green..dont forget there is a fat pack which is a real steal deal. The skin Im wearing is the previously shown new release from Gaall called Anna, Im showing the natural look with no make up…peachy huh?

Go get stylish: Mimi’s choice   Skin: Gaall