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Grey laced.

I’ve had this outfit from AtaMe for a while and I didn’t really “get it” I don’t know if that’s because I’m not into RP or the TV prog Game of Thrones and all of that sort of thing and then I watched the film “Guardians of the galaxy” and then the light went off over my head.


The baddie in that film has a Hammer very similar to the one that comes with this outfit, you can just about see it tucked behind me which is where it attached.  I decided to add my sword, a PumeC skin, A:S:S make up and my Mina hair to make a definitely Kick Ass RP outfit.


I don’t believe there is a demo with this so the top picture was taken in the sim setting I was at and then I’ve changed it to my normal Nams and I think in both pictures the texturing is excellent. Love the dirty linen and lace look but the name of this outfit is Ice and Water.  It comes from Atame and because if RL time restrictions again I’ve not had any real-time to have a meaner around but yet another place for me to pop into again when RL gives me a break.

UPDATE.  Check out her, Milu Lavals, Flickr page which certainly has new outfits I’ve not seen before and also her Marketplace shop as although there isn’t a demo for this outfit there are plenty others including a Latex Bride’s dress!


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