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Two in the bag

Popped into Milky Way as I was passing and BOOM – my letter came up on the lucky boards! I won this little outfit which is rather spot on for the time of year.

And also this darling pink two piece top and skirt. Very sweet and I was chuffed. Milky way has a free to join group – which you do need to be in to claim from the boards – a few further group gifts to the left of the boards too. Now not kicking a gift horse in the mouth, but the sizing of the clothes is a bit hit and miss ! I won a few other items but cant show them because of the fit. So if you’re thinking of buying anything – and there are some VERY nice things to tempt you – try a demo first ❤ (Most items are for Maitreya & SLink and a few standard mesh bits n bobs)

Milky Way

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FREE Head.

Now get your minds out of the gutter because the “free head” is exactly that but first the simple free dress.


Just a simple cotton mesh dress I won off a Lucky Board, I found a few of them at the Milky Way shop and I plonked myself in front of them and as I worked my way through all my notices and groups I managed to snag this simple dress and a cute little girl/womans football outfit.  Actually I didn’t want this dress but another one of them and at least 1 of the shoes there, sadly my luck wasn’t in this time but when I get back inworld I might just go back there and work through todays notes and notices and I might strike lucky.

This is the head and it’s definitely a unique look.


Taken in my Nams setting.  You actually get the whole package, shape, skin, appliers, eyes, ears, teeth and a small Hud to give you 3 mouth shapes.  It’s not what I had thought it would be as this is more Doll than natural.

Faith and I chose not to use mesh heads because unlike SLink, Boobs & Bums, Maitreya etc and all those other Appliers that people love to use mesh heads are still rare rather than common.  Not that we don’t like them but if the people who follow our blog or check out our Flickr accounts don’t use em neither do we.


And then I stripped off all the stuff and had just the skin on and I thought it’s actually pretty nice and different and although it may not be my cup of tea this little sad/sulky faced young girl might just be what someone else loves.  This Free Mesh Head Package is actually is called Penny but next to her is a Group Gift which costs 200Lds to join.  There is no demo for this mesh head but I’m going to assume you get the whole package just like Penny.   This is of a classic SL womans face and is lovely and for the joining fee a very reasonable price if you want to own a mesh head.  Since there isn’t a demo available but you want to make sure it’s as good as the picture looks then pick up a few of the demos for the paid for items and try them on and if you can work with them then the Group Gift one should be of the same standard as the full priced ones.

Milky Way

Genesis Lab

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Catch some happiness today

Happy Mood - happiness catcher milky way denim mesh outfit with shirt and socks slow kitchen hat hair

While I was out exploring Happy Mood the other day, I came across this natty little gadget. Its called a “happiness catcher”…I admit as there was no demo I was not entirely sure what I was buying . I’m so very glad I went out on a limb though, it’s just wonderful and amazing and makes me smile BIG. Basically, you wear the catcher (or fishing net) and then twirlllllll around to the left or right…and you capture things in your net. I caught all sorts of items, such as cake, leaves, love letters, hearts, bones and also the  special stars. If you catch stars you get the chance to make a wish ! Once you’ve made your wish…its spelt out in the sky above you in bigggg twinkly letters, isn’t that precious? (You have to be in a sim that you can rez in for this option)

Happy Mood - Happiness catcher

Also included in the box are two hats (I’m not wearing them in these photos, I’m wearing my hat/hair from slow kitchen), which are sooper sweet, the catcher also has a built-in AO, and its über cute….plus the option to use single poses one at a time…oh look! I caught a big fat slice of cake *grins*…If youre liking my outfit, it was such a steal. It’s from “milky way” and cost only 100L, the set comes complete with striped t-shirt socks and the romper suit itself. Definitely worth taking a look at this store, heaps of deliciousness, lucky boards also.

Happy Mood


Slow Kitchen