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You paid HOW MUCH! 685Lds to be exact.

AWW Damn, I’ve already broken my plan of action for this month.  I was only going to get 500Lds and thats it that was going to be my budget for the month and then I spotted this cube which comes with a price tag of 685Lds so I’ve bought 1000Lds and then I bought this.

I betcha thinking “whats in the box” well it’s THIS!!!


In RL I am a water baby, I love swimming, I swim like a fish sadly that fish is a Flounder…geddit?

I go to the pool all the time for “Deep Water Aquafit! which is amazingly good fun and pretty effective.  It’s very similar to aquafit but you do it in the deep end of the pool so you get a neck to toe work out with the water acting as a resistance to make your muscles work harder.  This is an excellent exercise for all ages and abilities and for those who have joint problems this is perfect for them. So if you’ve been trying to find an exercise for you then google it and find out if there is a local pool which offers it and you probably will as it very popular.

PS. Don’t worry about sinking as you wear a floatation belt which keeps you suspended in the water and you bob there like an otter lol.

Anyhow speech over.

I’ve had to downsize my house and pack away my gym, there is plenty of space on the edge of the pool if I want, to free up the prims so I can keep this rezzed permanently as it just feels like a second home to me.  I only wish there was a land version but it’s a skybox.

It’s not colour changeable but changing the windlight settings affects the ambiance which I love and you do get 2 versions, this with the mesh water for 84 prims and non mesh water version is 71 prims.

Milk Motion

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Lucky Black Cat

Karin FREE mesh jeans (inc.mesh body fits) Neve top NEW! Label Motion petals pose NEW!

KiyoMizu has one of its brilliant hunts happening right now, it closes on the 10th I think, so get your skates on. This shopping district is a firm favourite with Zan and I over the years – its quirky, has a ton of lucky boards and you always find something that “you just have to have” ! Karin has these fabbo mesh jeans as their gift, lots of mesh body sizes, plus all the standard ones too – great fit and dead handy. My top (not part of the hunt) is part of the new Spring collection from Neve, sweet lil thing with a deliciously shaped back, its called “daze” and I’m wearing the crochet option – don’t forget you get four colours per pack and most popular mesh bodies are catered for.

Milk Motion FREE dress (hunt prize)

Gotta love me some pink! This is the hunt gift from milk motion, standard sizes in the pack, the small fitted best over my Slink Physique mesh body – your mileage may vary. I snapped my new prop poses up at a brand new event called Dreams, gacha based and heaps of treats to spend your dosh on. These are by one of my all time favourite pose designers – Label Motion – $50L a pop.

KiyoMizu mall (just look for stores that display the black cat sign, you’re looking for a black cat)

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog (for all info & pics)

Dreams event


Sink or Swim

I dropped into Milk*Motion last night to see all the new goodies,and was lured by the bathing suits and bikinis that are just outside..Picked up this darling little suit for 2L..all ice cream tones and sweetness…

Then saw this  camouflage kini 0L..perfect for stashing away for the summer!

Go get in the swim: M*Motion


ooOO I second that Motion

M Motion C10-06 Cotton OP Group Gift

Sorry guys, this is JUST for the chicks ! Yesssss I have found goodies from an old haunt of mine…heapsss of dollarbies & gifts-not sure how long they will be around for so haul your butts and snuffle them up..take a look around the store also..soooo much gorjusness for soooo little Lindens ! I shall return when I have more time to buy buy buy ! First up is this freshhh little outfit..complete with choker & silver belt- click the pics for a closerrrr view!

M Motion C11-01 New Year Group Gift

The New Year groupgift is awesomesauce ! (group joiner in store) Check out the belt, niiiice huh? comes complete with arm warmers also

M Motion C10-04 Border OP-Set

I adore sherbet lemon & grey was prettty excitable about this outfit..perfect prim skirt & cuffs means its wearabubble straight outta the box yay! Outfit comes complete with bangles and choker !

M Motion C10-06 Cotton OP Group Gift

I ❤ frayed denim skirts ! This outfit is a group gifty..but youll notice in store there are a couple more colours of this (I think 30L but can’t recall for sure) outfit is completed with gloves and turtle neck collar…a real winner !

M Motion Border One-Piece-grey

stripey!!!! and snug…clings to your figure so yummily ! (necklace is an old dark mouse gifty-not sure if its available now )

M Motion G-Gift Xmas Clothes Set A

Last uppp…the xmas gifty…this is available in 2 colour sets..I chose set A,the other has a pretty dark red in it (get both if you’re REALLY greedy !) Another denim skirt to squeal over hurrah!

Head over and take a gander girlies…lucky boards there also…and some fabulous outfits that wont break the bank !

Go get gorjus: M*Motion