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Lush. (Freebies).


This Traditional dress is, unbelievably a FREEBIE!


OK I’m not going to show my complete ignorance over what to call this style of dress but the one thing I do know is that Kimono and other traditional style clothing in SL is usually cr*p and then you find this and you can only wonder at how far clothing has come in SL.  It’s simply stunning and you don’t just get the pink dress but also a red one and the matching head-dress.  Sorry shoes were already mine.

film vela

I confess I have had fun with photo editing which I allow myself to do especially with Free items but trust me the texturing is excellent and the matching head-dress is just the icing on the cake.

I grabbed this freebie so quickly although I spotted other Group Gifts I can’t remember what they were so I will leave that surprise for you.


Zenith Marketplace

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Welcome back old friend.

Shhh don’t tell Miffyhoi Rosca but I haven’t been to Zenith in years and years but the reward is when you visit somewhere after such a long time away you can often get a great surprise which I did.

OK Freebies first, there is this


and this….


2 very simple and well textured oversized jumpers.  There are more goodies to grab including a really pretty necklace etc and the Group if FREE to join.

I had to take 2 simple shots of these outfits and miss the rest of the Group Gifts because I spent so much time trying on all the Demos I grabbed from Zenith.  Some really fresh and new designs, top class texturing are so tempting.  The 2 items that grabbed me most was the Red Queen outfit which is a creamy white dress over the top of this is a blood-red coat with a high collar, very dramatic and eye-catching.  The other item was almost a standard in people’s invents, a long tiered summer dress but this is different because the dress is so long it drapes at your feet.  The other thing that makes these 2 items stand out is the “nip slip”, both have such low scooped necklines that you’re flashing.  Since these aren’t classically “tarty” outfits when you notice that your showing so much it will make people look twice at you.  If however you don’t like them showing then they come with an easy to follow instruction notice on how to cover them up.

I’ve only mentioned these 2 but there are some lovely prim and proper dresses, knit wear a stunning ballet dress, hats, bags, shoes and on and on and OMG I even won a Rare from one of the Gachas so I had a really nice morning today.

PS and Oopsie.  I was so determined to wear my New Mina hair which is this brilliant and an updated version of a knitted cap that I already have.  Alex comes with a male and female version and again the usual Hud which comes with not only a variety of hair colours but also a generous amount of texture choices for the knitted hat.  What makes this “updated” to the one I have is the hair.  You have 4 choices 1 with no hair showing, 2 with a fringe or as you Americans say “bangs”, 3 hair at the nape of the neck only and the 4th is fringe and hair at nape of neck.  I’ve also noticed that even on the non hair one this Beanie fits so snugly around your head that you don’t see any baldy patches at all.  So I was so busy thinking about the Mina Beanie I forgot to put on the cute star hairband that comes with the grey jumper.

PS the Mina Beanie can only be found@The Winter Trend event but don’t panic because when you land Mina’s is just in front of you to the left one of the easiest shops to find and now that the rush is over this place is a delight to wander around and maybe treat yourself.


Mina Hair Mainstore

Mina Hair@Winter Trend

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Borking Hell part 2 (freebies).

CoatuysStill borked but fortunately I’d grabbed the goodies before I borked.  For some reason I decided to pop over to Zenith Fashions and they have NEW Group Gifts out (free to join).

And that s all I have to say lol, actually because I know Zenith quite well from previous visits and I own or have owned a number of Miffyhoi Rosca designs I know it reasonably well.  A good mix of mesh and non mesh, mens clothes as well and in fact if you’re a couple who like to dress alike they do have his n her outfits.  Don’t really want to say much more as I don’t like doing a post when I can’t actually be in the shop in world to double check and as I’m still “borked” then I’m just going by memory.  So pop in and grab the goodies and there is also a LB and a row of Gachas as well.

DOH forgot to mention that there are more group gifts than just this coat but I just haven’t been able to unpack and try then out.

Zenith Fashions