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Miel is back !

I always loved miel and still own a lot of their stuff pre-mesh. Was dead stoked to see miel back and releasing ! This is the first piece of clothing released in an age and its a classic racer back style tee. It comes in various countries flags and yippeeee there was the U.K flag – standard and mesh body sizes in the pack.My hair is by Kokolores “Abby” and is available at this round of The Seasons Story – great range of colour packs and a really cute Spring style.



Sammie jeans by Stars Fashion

Beach hut prop by Fin


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On and off….On and off…

coldlogic burset strawberry NEW - SAX Shepherd Designs necklace FCG - Pink acid lip tattoo - nantra poses shes so sweet (comes with bags) Cosmopolitan sales room

coldLogic had a summer release before I went on holiday and I’ve been rummaging through it since I returned. My favourite look so farrrr is this outfit. Above is burset and I’m wearing the dress on its own. The sooper cool thing is, it’s actually a complete outfit ! You get the dress (available in various colours), you get the jacket, and you also get the whole thing all-in-one, brill huh?! As you can see it fits superbly over my Slink Physique body as well as with my usual SL body. My glossy lips avec toothypegs are courtesy of Pink Acid, love love LOVE their lip glosses ! The pose and bag are from a set by Nantra, bag is colour change and a fabulous price of just 70L for the whole set at This round of Cosmopolitan Sales room.

coldLogic rocha ivory - jacket & dress -

Heres the plainer version called rocha, same as the patterned one above but looks so very different somehow. I dress it up with a long scarf from miel and a hat hair combo from Clawtooth which I just adore and keep on wearing.

coldLogic rocha ivory - dress worn separately - clawtooth hair glamazon

Heres rocha without the jacket, its such a pretty little dress with its gauzy layers at the bottom. All materials and mesh, demos freely available on the market place or instore. I’m still wriggling in and out of the  rest of the new release, so more later ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

pssssst btw, check out my necklace its newwww and gorgeous and I will be blogging it soon.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

collabor88 (clawtooth hair)

Cosmopolitan Sale Room


Pink Acid

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Oh yummmi collabor88 has a new collection out…my head was spinning about there was just SO much goodness ! I was really taken with some of the mesh furniture…might go back for some ! In the crowds I spotted the ever lovely Callie Cline and noticed she had items out yay! Couldnt resist her happy little tanks, I chose “peace doll”, mostly cause its kinda PINK …also snapped up the jeans in dark wash. Very classic stylin on these, comes with a natty little prim button and soopercute flowers splashed about yay!

To be honest, I don’t generally buy hair from stores I don’t know (yes I’m boring that way) but I branched out and got this from vive nine, it’s called “tall tales”, pack of four tones of one colour (additional 4 with roots included) Hmm I’m not sure about it really…it has a resizer script..which in hair I just loathe..I prefer to hand edit so I can get it just right around the ears and such..which this really needed ~le sigh~, it’s not bad, but for 188L…I think I would have been happier paying a fraction more and getting something from one of my fav places. Live & learn ! Notice my funky necklace & earings? They are a gifty that came out today from miel ! Stunning and chunky with colour options for the beads & string…

You can still get this set by joining the subscribo and looking in the history, thanks miel!

All he goodies & more : COLLABOR88

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Some dollarbie action

what a busy day its been … Couldnt finish my day without showing you the deeelish new dollarbie from CandyMetal. I ❤  it verrrry much…for just one of your Linden dollars you will receive these fantabulous stripey two-tone jeans anddd the fawn tee…I helpfully left out the great cuff detail on the jeans, but they have buckles..sawry! (I got distracted by the chrismassssness going on in the background!) The tote bag is from Leri Miles Designs..absolutely grrreaaat item and free in the Dirty Turkey Hunt (two versions are given woot!)..every piece of it is colour change,with an animated hold also..just purrfect for shopping, hmm would also be big enough for my make up bag in real life-result!

Dollarbie: CandyMetal

Tote: Leri Miles Designs

Bracelet: Miel

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Howdy fellow sweater lovers

Darn-rootin-tootin good times fer sweater wearin ! I just got my paws on some lulliness from Graffitiwear..and its snugglybuggly…beautiful sweaters to keep you cozy in various shades…pluss some lush skinny jeans (they have cuffs but I wanted to show off my new boots!) You can snap the sweaters up for just 75L or a phat pack of all four only 290L. Gorjus cuffs…really soft chunky look to the knit and a classy cowl neckline..totally adorb ! The jeans also come in other tones..I really really REALLY loved the faded black aka grey…good texturing on these, stuff em in your boots and your good to go! Single colour is 65L, phat pack of four just 250L ! My boots were a birthday gift from Player (thank you baby xx) and they are from miel..called LIA and have squoooodles of colour change options..I love gadgety boots !

Sweaters & jeans: Graffitiwear

Boots: miel

Pose: hate me eat me (thanks riri xx)

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Dassshhhh to MIEL

oh-mai-gosh! MIEL is in Fifty Linden Friday today and that makes me a VERY happy camper indeed! This time they have these totally cute “puddle boots”, two choices…neutrals or brights,both just 50L. I love how they are so easy to play can change the sole, boot & straps..andddd you can alter the boot height,width etc..make them your own ! Above I choose cream for the boot colour,coco straps and army green for the sole..I also made them 20 less in height and fooled around with the other settings (just because I’m curious)…

anddd for my next trick..I reverted them back to full size all over and changed the boot colour to nero,straps to tan and sole to rust..totally different look ! Only for today at this price..hurrry! Anyone want to pin me down so I cant go back and buy the brights pack? (boy oh boy the store was packed..prepare for some lag!)

Puddle boots: MIEL

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Varsity Kicks (& I couldnt resist)

So ok..I couldnt resist…the temptation was tooo much ! Once Id been lured back to nyte n day..I really had to buy something…its only polite right? *laughs*…this natty denim set called “Malkin” caught my eye..lotsa choices of denim tones, sooper  useful for your SL wardrobe..Im thinking in the cooler days to toss on a shrug or cardigan…love it! At just 195L its a steal….and and and ohmaiii…check out my newww MIEL kicks ! *breathless*…arent they to-die-for???

Unbelievably these are on the fifty linden deal…there are two packs to choose from the naturals as above and the brights..uhmm…I got BOTH ! Ohhh cmonn…50L for these??!! Its gotta be done..nowww the technical stuff..the usual resizing on them etc..but but but..soooo many colours in each pack..and you can colour each part of the shoe…main,front,buckles etc..plussssss…see the “F” on my ones? and the wee heart? You can customise them also!!! Oh my lord..I adore these…oh btw..because they were a little late in being put out..they will be on offer at this lowwwww price till sometime Saturday..I wouldnt risk NOT getting them…haul butt now!

Go gettum: Nyte n Day       MIEL