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Gather Your Mates & Get this Free

FREE Bikini

Oh I flippin love this bikini – its SO summery and jolly. Its by QE Designs and if you want it you’re going to have to round up a few friends and slap the Midnight Mania board! Its only 30 slaps required – already 7 on it – hope you’re lucky ❤ (group is not required for the lucky boards or Midnight mania)

QE Designs

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Woke Up To Free Treats

QE Design Free lucky board

I never think I’m going to win anything when I hit those midnight mania type boards but this morning Id won big time ! While I was at QE Designs yesterday buying an outfit I saw the boards and tapped them , no group to join to do so. Et voila ! This morning I received this cute top and flared jeans, they come with a Hud that give you eight options for each piece. Super cool that the jeans have foot height options also !

QE Designs Lucky board

I also received this rather fabulous fringed bikini ! It comes with a massive hud too with all sorts of pretty patterns and colours – so chuffed with this. It comes in an array of mesh body fits. Go tap those boards !

QE Designs

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Just a LBD. (Freebie & Bargains).

Who doesn’t need an LBD both in SL and RL?

This simple and stylish one is a freebie from Evale.  To get this you will see large Hexagons with the group inviter and another with an outline of a gift box.  Just join the free group and click on the gift.

Confession time as my photo editing has completely washed out the nice detailing on this dress but damnit I look too good not to use this picture.

As for the “Discount”, it’s the backdrop.  Anyone who likes to take photos will know of the “The Bearded Guy” range.  I own so many of his backdrops already but the chance to get this one for 50Ld and a very sexy “neon bathroom” for only 60Ld  was too good to miss.

UPDATE: When I was back at “The Bearded Guys” shop I spotted NEW Group Gifts and since I’m already in the group, 75Lds, I grabbed myself what looks like some amazing backdrops, one looks to be a WHOLE urban street.  I’ve had to log out now but can’t wait to log back in and unpack everything new.  So check out the Group Gifts old and new because for that initial joining fee you get an awful lot. OH and slap the MM boards and you maybe lucky on the lucky chair.


The Bearded Guy

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A lousy fit! (Freebie & Mention of Freebies).

I knew as soon as I put the first Group Gift on that for me personally none of these was going to be a “keeper” and regular readers will be able to work it out from the picture.

Yup, all the Group Gifts are Maitreya only.

This bikini is I think the newest gift from Aleutia.  All of the gifts seem to come with a pretty generous colour hud which allows you to change different parts.  For this picture, I picked some of the bolder shades but you have more muted tones as well.

There is more than what I’m showing you so again, if you don’t like this then still check the rest and while you’re there do me a favour and slap the Midnight Mania board esp the one with the Winter Coat as the gift.  I bet once you see it then you will know why I want it.

Aletutia (PS, this is FREE to join but I don’t know when it will revert to a paid-for group).

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Open with me (freebie).

Can I have a WOO HOO cos in RL it’s fricken freezing, the rain is “stottin” down and the wind is howling but I’ve just found out I don’t have to go out today so I’ve cranked up the central heating and snuggled back in.


A lot of the items we find is from mooching around and this is exactly how I found this lot they all come from a shop called Flozz Creations.  As soon as I walked in I noticed a pressie just inside the front door which has turned out to be this shelf full of pressies.  I’ve not actually opened them yet as I’m lazy but since this is a furniture shop I’m going to assume they are full of housy stuff.  So all of this is going to be as much as a surprise to me as it is going to be to you.

At the back of the shop is some Lucky Chairs and I won a beach chair and parasol set, there is also a row of MM’s and I’ve slapped them all.  You don’t even need to be in the group to grab.

So Pop into Flozz Creations grab the gift and have a nice time checking whats in those pressies.

Flozz Creations

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Confuddling (Freebies)

RL time is so short and yet I have so much to show so I’m going to blab less and get this posted before I have to return to RL.


Fun vanity shot.


Cute close up.


Shiny dress.

Join the Genesis Creations Free group and grab the gift bag then join the SL&Free Group and grab that gift bag and then pop outside and slap the MM boards and make sure your initial isn’t on the Lucky Chair.  Then TP over to LeLutka hair and again join the free group and check out the gifts in the middle of the shop.

Not only do you get a free skin you get the skin in so many shade packs and then each shade pack comes with so many choices of make up, freckles, cleavage, eyebrows and on and on and the not only all of that but you get ALL the Appliers that most people need ie SLink hands, feet, Lola Boobies, Phat Azz etc  When I was trying out the skins the MM boards ended and I scored not only more skins but also this dress which I think you can see is such quality texturing you would never think it was a freebie it’s so shop quality.  However since popping back to grab the LMs I can see that the choices in the MM boards changes somewhat but the skins are still there and so is an item of clothing.

The hair in the last picture is also a Freebie from LeLutka Absolutely kicking myself because not only do you get a range of colours but it comes with a little feathered hat which would have looked so good but I forgot to put it on.  There is another Free hair from here as well which comes with a hat and ooodles more colour choices but because the hat is more of a beret style and you can’t wear the hair without this will be a brilliant hair to tuck away in you’re invent till the Autumn.

PS oops looks like I forgot to remove my smile in the middle picture the lip colour is the one that came with the skin but my teeth come from Piddle not free but worth every Linden I think.

OK rushing back to RL see ya’s all tomorrow and I think I will have  a lovely time unpacking and trying on all of my new skins when I have more time

Genesis Creations

Genesis Creations Marketplace

LeLutka (hair)

LeLutka Marketplace

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Smashing Pumpkins (Freebies,Gachas and Spooks).

HangStart at the bottom of this sim and work your way up.  Loads of great spooky places to hang around in (boom boom) lots of props and poses and great settings and Pumpkins. When you see a pumpkin, and there are many of them dotted all around the sim, sit on it (best turn off your AO for this) and you get to punch it’s lights out and you will either get a pressie, a LM to a pressie or strike out and get nothing but a puff of green smoke.  Then half way up you come to the Redrum and Death Row Design Halloween Gacha event.  Lots of in theme gacha items from some great SL shops but more than that again some more great posing potential, stalls and freak shows to simply enjoy.

Next to this prop is a cage with freeness which inc this skeleton (there was also a couple of outfits but if I remember correctly they were women s so I didn’t open them).  I didn’t grab all the freebies but got this and the Redrum stuff which inc bullet wounds and an autopsy set up.

Snapshot_075This is half way up but if you walk all the way to the top of the hill you will find a sign post one way is Redrum and even further down what looks like a small village made up of small shops, and the other way is DRD (Death Row Design).  I did notice that Redrum has a whole row of LCs and MM boards so when I log in to get LMs and other things I will be plonking myself in front of them to see what I can get although most items do seem to for women there is a couple of male items.


Redrum and Death Row Design (DRD) Gacha