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Perfect Ten 2016

H & M Perfect ten

Into the new year with a fresh round of Perfect Ten. I don’t actually usually go to the event, but rummage through the blogger boxes and see what I find. This time I thought I would head over and check all the goodies out. Was really surprised by the discounts on offer, and fell in love with this little set by HJM Designs. The dome chair contains poses for females and males, and although I chose a super pretty turquoise one to show there are plenty of other more masculine versions on offer. The chair is just 4Li, the console table and decor comes in at 12.

Perfect Ten - 50 discount!

One of my favourite stores is also in this round, with yet another boatload of treats at 50% discount! Lunar seasonal designs is one of those places that you cant help but buy stuff at, seriously. This round of Perfect ten is a winner because OMG hedgehogs, ermine and bunnehs! These are so inexpensive if you buy at the event, go grab yourself a new years gift. So much to see, heaps of home & garden items to tempt you.


Perfect Ten Shopping Event

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Perfect Ten - Michigans Shack NEW!

Perfect Ten has swung open its doors for another round, if you haven’t been before – here’s the deal:

► Event runs every month from 1st right through until the 15th!

► Items will be 50% or more off their original price!

► Some stores will have gachas!

Above is the Victoriana Bath tub from Michigans Shack. As is usual with this designer, you get a whole load of options with this piece. Great looking tub plus a HUD that allows you to personalise the drapes, tub & metal-ware to within an inch of its life ! That’s not all though, you can choose from water or bubbles to splash about in, singles and couples poses plussss straight ,gay, lesbian adult animations – phew !

Perfect Ten - Michigans Shack - Victoriana Bath Tub HALF PRICE!

Three models, end shower curtain, side shower curtain and no curtain at all – you can see I had a whale of a time fooling about with the colour HUD, you can make up some totally eclectic looks – anything from girly to antique! Go along and try it all out. If you purchase at the event you get a whopping discount of 50% off – instead of $900L it will be $450L for the duration.

Perfect Ten





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Perfect Ten strikes again

Perfect ten_006!

A new round of Perfect Ten has opened its doors and I’ve got some fabulous items to share with you from it. Above is a wicker set from Mandalay Bay. The 70’s inspired peacock chair is stuffed with some lovely unisex poses, just right to lounge around in on a patio etc. The set comes with the little table, potted plant, rug and the stunning window/drapes and blind section.

Perfect Ten NEW

From HJM Designs there is a spring love seat on offer, heaps fo different colours available so youre bound to find one that fits in with your existing décor. You can change the texture of the wood and its got single pringle plus couple poses built right in.

Perfect Ten !!


Of course Michigan’s Shack has some naughtiness for us ! The Grenich daybed ooozes charm and comes in a multitude of differing wood and fabric tones. Low Li and material enabled so its looks absolutely delicious . Some amazing bargains to be had for the duration of the event – then everything is back up to full price – don’t miss out!

Perfect Ten

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Perfect 10 keeps on coming

Perfect ten Michigans Shack Daybed

A new round of Perfect 10 is upon us and I’ve got a few goodies to share with you today. Michigans shack has this daybed out, it’s so nicely textured and the choices of colour range from the subtle as above, or more eye-popping colours. As is usual with their items, the menu is extensive and covers straight,gay,lesbian,femdom etc. At 13Li it’s not primtastic either.

Perfect ten Finishing Touches

One of my most favourite designers Finishing Touches is also in this round and have this really unusual “trundle-bed” for grabs. Whats a trundle-bed? Well its pretty nifty , above it looks like a daybed or couch and has poses for that (lots of poses!) – there are also frames, birdcage, chest,rugs and lamps for this set…however, with one click….


Perfect ten Finishing Touches Trundle bed

…the trundle-bed smoothly opens up – et voilà ! How cute is that?! More poses utilise the lower portion of the bed – love it. Super low prims too so you could afford to place a lot of this set out.

Perfect ten Finishing Touches Rocking Chair

There is also a rocking chair – you all know how I love these right? Heaps of poses and ever so well made – a keeper for me.

Perfect 10 

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Let me kiss it.

When Faith and I log in the first thing we have to do is sit down and work our way through all the notes and notices we get sent in our search for goodies to show you so I was sat there on platform working my way through my junk mail and I realised how good this just all looked.  From the new Mina hair to my PumeC skin and how looking this good in SL now need not break the bank anymore. OK so this particular hair is full priced at the moment but Mina Nakamura has so many brilliant hairs out and often they’re at special events at special prices so if you can’t afford this one make sure to pop into her shop as in the entrance way are boards with all the Hairs which are available at events, and the LMs, and you can find them at sometimes a great discount.  Check out Mina’s Gacha because the hair in there, Selenia is one of my fav hairs and it only cost 75Lds for a try and although you can’t chose which colour you win you get a colour pack and not just the one single colour. me The jeans which I always wear are an old hunt prize and the top is an old freebie and the one in the next picture is a Mute 10Lds top and the shoes which again I always wear were 49Lds from Lindy’s. bins Just a fun shot at the Shiny Shabby sim of me trying to find any freebies but no luck so far.  What I did find was way too many new and fresh designs for your AV and home and since I’m on a limited budget till payday I had to TP out before I caved in and bought more Lindens. me2 Popping this picture in because I’m guilty of showing you the more natural colours such as blonde or browns but you can also chose much zingier colourful hairs that still look natural. I always wear PumeC skins and although I think the one in these pictures was Anastasia which is a full priced one I usually chose my skins at random because they’re ALL great even the ones given away as Group Gifts.

I Just recently I bought a Gacha skin from a shop and it was really nice and came with some Appliers but in the end I thought I can’t blog this because for the same amount of money, 100Lds, you can join PumeC and get 4 brilliant shop quality skins with ALL Appliers.  So I gave that skin away.  I also went and joined a VIP Group for another skin shop and to my shock when I went to the “VIP Room” to grab all the lovely goodies it turns out that all you get is a skin, a single skin, just ONE skin and nothing else not even a cleavage layer or brow option, no appliers not even a phat azz. (I know gifts are lovely and I don’t expect them, but when you’ve paid a reasonable amount of Lindens to join the group I do tend to expect appliers so the gift is usable – ok I’m whining a little I know I know !)  So I binned it and un-joined.

bed However a shop where I have been a very happy Platimum Group Member of for many many years) is Michigans Shack.  It cost 500Lds to join and each month a Group Gift is placed out and also various itmes with various discounts as well for us.  I have a folder stuffed with items from Michigans Shack (it’s typed as MiChIGaN’s ShAck).  You do not have to be a Group memeber to enjoy this shop, just join the normal group to be kept upto date with all of the hunts that are regularly held here and you will still end up with lots of goodies and they’re all top quality. bed2 Each week there are special 60Ld items out and rarely a week goes by that I don’t end up buying the special offer and this week there is a whole load of very 50 Shades of fun items (BDSM) and this bed.  This bed which seems to be standard with most MS items comes with not just single and cuddle poses but with the hardcore ones so if you’re into threesomes, gay, lesbion, toys etc then there is a menu for you but please if you’re not do NOT let that put you off as these aren’t just sex driven items of furniture. Last mention apart from the one on the Shiny Shabby sim ALL of these pictures were taken in my Nams setting with no photo editing to show you how clean and clear the skin, hair and clothes look.

Mina@Shiny Shabby

Mina Mainshop

PumeC Mainshop

MiChIGaN’s ShAck

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Happy Berfday The Designer Warehouse !

Cleo designs gift for The Designer Warehouse Anniversary

Yes indeed, The Designer Warehouse is one year old, lets give them some cake and plenty of bumps !!! Not only are there some really great deals out for you but…also each designer is giving away a special free gift to celebrate the Birthday. Cleo Design has a huge box crammed full of goodies…and too my great surprise it includes some wearables yippeee! You get some delicious decor items to pimp up your space…the cases etc above…a gorjus little pair of pumps to wear…

Cleo designs gift part one - The Designer Warehouse Anniversary

plusss there are two wearable trolley bag’s and a wearable travel case, sweet ! I so love the old battered leather flight bag and Im desperately trying to find a place for it in my home, and yes, you do also get the beautiful chair in the photo…fantastic gift, thank you Cleom ❤

Michigans Shack Spring Bed Adult & PG poses FREE 1

I couldnt quite believe my tired eyes when I opened the gift box from Michigans shack…wowser, its the “Around to spring” bed with both Adult & PG poses…such a curly wurly shape and all woody & warm…I adore the shabby chic stitched comforter on the bed…make sure you take a peek at the photo in the box, it tells you where to click to get the menus !

SHF Heart & flowers [CIRCA] Falling into you cushion FREE

Last gift I collected was from [CIRCA] and SFH…[CIRCA] have two gifts out, both sweet little pillows to sit on the floor with…and SFH have this darling little heart shaped hanging vase of flowers…both perfect if youre into low prim …Theres a few more gifts (such as the skyhome Zan showed earlier) so zoom over and take a gander, you do need to be in the Cookie Jar group to collect your pressies…its free join.

The Designer Warehouse

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More Traditional Christmas Hunting


Following on with more Traditional Christmas Hunt items…I have to say the gift from new-to-me store Zinnias caught my eye..its a snowglobe sky box..


inside is a sweet little deer, trees, an animated bench with couply poses and single pringle poses, also a star that’s loaded with a sooper huggly anim.

and allll around you…is now…snow…snow..snow..Its totally stunning…and can you belieeeeve its just  22prims? Thats soooper amazing !!!!..Im going to use mine for hiding the xmas gifts ..

Oh and I almost like totally forgot…you also get a mini version of the globe to sit on your mantel piece..its musical too *happy sighhhh*

Designer Kidz also has a gift out for this hunt…lully table & cloth with a santa hat lamp plus thee most adorbs rug..

of course Michigans Shack has a gift out for you to find..and as always its VERY generous…a gorjuss winter chill drinks stall (it also has PG poses built right in) The lights flicker and change colour, and it will give you a choice of hot warming drinks when you touch it..

The Strawberry Box has this huge set of couch, hall table, lamp and coffee table out..ohhhh and a rug! On the table there are cookies & milk for santa and a pretty vase with candle..lovely poses in the couch and sooper warming colour tones make this a real gem for your  home..

I was soooooo tired after hunting these gifts down..I had to stop for a quick kittynap..luckily the Strawberry Box had this delish instore gifty of table & chairs for me to slumpppp on…waffle table & chair plus a cuter than cute smarties chair..perfect! (this isn’t part of the hunt it’s just a gift for you yay!)

For all info, including start point and preview pics of the gifts: The Traditional Christmas Hunt

Outfit worn: CandyMetal dollarbie

Mittens & scarf: Argyle Anonymous