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Miaooo & Mesh

I have a new-to-me store to share with you called [Chloe] , they have some pretties for you at very reasonable prices (60L upwards if my memory is correct) . Above I’m wearing a version of a summery mesh dress called Julia…super stripes in candy colours, always a winner ! I added a bag that I snapped up at Croire (shoulder strap versions and hand-held included) and pumps also from [Chloe] called Melissa. My necklace, earings (and ring) are a new release from MIAO..gawd I adore this set..big ole chunky stones that have a colour change system , plus you can change the metal surround yay!

Also wanted to share this dress, same style “Julia” but looks different with the bold bright flowers and butterflies ! I changed my necklace to gold around the gems and red stones…sooo versatile. Its called Angie and is available at the mainstore now.

Pop over to [Chloe] and join the group (its free join !) . There are two gifts for you to collect, I’m showing one of them above, its called “Sophie” and comprises of a natty stripe top, black skirt and a really lovely belt.

Clothing & shoes : [Chloe]

Jewelry: MIAO

Bag : Croire

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Check-ing out downtown

o.O a new release from Bubblez ! Drum roll pleeease…its got mesh…mmhmm..meshy pants that fit just right (well for me anyway!)..Great city style…with a matching shirt …

It also comes with a darling little sculpted hat BUT..I SO wanted to show this one I received from Couture Chapeau, part of the 2012 Spring Hat Collection…isnt it just gorgeous? Its pretty unusual, with an optional veil..and colour change brim,hat & band, love the little feather detail also. The jacket I’ve slung on over the shirt is from coldLogic called “cole”..part of the last release (comes with an optional tank, also mesh) I toldddd you I’d be wearing this jacket a lot ! One last little detail, is my necklace, such a sweety..”winters three wishes”, because Im a slowpoke..I missed the deadline for disco deals..but Im pretty sure you can still pick this necklace up at the mainstore..go mooch!

Checked capri outfit: Bubblez

Hat: Couture Chapeau

Cole jacket: coldLogic

Three wishes necklace: MIAO

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Love Gatcha !

Gawd I so love gatcha machines…so little surprise that when I heard there was a “Love gatcha” fair on at the Amira sim..I flewwwww over there to check it out…boy-oh-boy was I in for a surprise. MIAO has this to die for lingerie on offer..30L a go..and you get the whole shebang…bra, knickers,corset, stockings..and its transferable *squeeee*… come on downnnn boys…this was made for you to snap up for V day no? Heaps of colours for the corset..so flex those biceps and get pulling them gatcha machine handles .

 Lately, I’ve noticed that gatcha type events have got really pricey you know? Sometimes I stand and think “do I really really want this item” cause is like 150L or something..gatcha is random..so you can’t choose the colour etc..instead of a little frippery fun..it has (for me) become less fun when you have to consider the cost. Sooo I’m  rambling..but the Love gatcha fair is back to grass roots..its like the ones I used to love..where youd go round and take most everything cause it was inexpensive and SUCH a blast !

Sooo I got a little bit carried away on the Somnia gatcha…but but but I just fell in love with the yoga pants and and and it was only 20L a go!! Each pair has a cuter-than-cute slogan across the butt..super little tie at the waist…goes soooo well with the Tee’s from Snatch, also just 20L a pop ! (they have such sweeeet slogans too)

Last whirl I had was with Aura..a mesh dress…in a load of colours…ohmaii..for only..20L ??!! mmhmm thats right…comes in four sizes, with 4 different alpha masks to try…sooo if you’re canny…you can pass some around to your mates to try also…cause…all the items I bought..are transferable..hurrrah! Thanks to all in the Love Gatcha event..it was FUN !

The event: Love Gatcha

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All you need is Mimi

It’s a really really rare event when I get an urge to buy myself things..I love to buy for others..or to find items for the blog..but for me personally? I just don’t seem to have the time lately…howeverrr…I popped over to Mimi’s choice yesterday …and was lucky enough to find Mimi Juneau  there herself ! I wasnt sure what it was I was hankering after, but I had it in my mind I wanted to see MEB’s latest gear. Id seen MEB items in a fashion show last year and somehow hadn’t got around to checking it all out…fortunately for moi mimi’s choice holds a lot of MEB yay! What was even more awesome was mini very kindly wore the outfits I thought I might like..so I got to see them on her…which is just amazing and super kind-thank you Mimi! I selected a couple of items and a couple more that I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t have been shown..above Im wearing the Riveria outfit..classy chocolate tone cardigan slung casually over a perfect silk knee-length skirt..effortlessly chic and I loved it as soon as I saw it…the very striking skin is from Gaall called Anna…stunning isnt it? It comes with makeups ,eye lashes and a neutral tone..personally Id love that all the makeups came with no hairbase (pretty please?) so I had to adjust my hair to cover the dark base a little.

I snapped up this free gift the Rive Droit jacket  from MEB while I was there…beautiful crisp blue & white summer shortie jacket,with roll back cuffs…would look sooper with jeans or over a shift dress…I teamed mine with a Jane layering t-shirt and some highwaist pants from r.icelli

This outfit caught my eye…the jacket is very versatile and the skirt just fitted like a glove with no prim fiddling required..its called “Deneuve ” and I had to have it ! I know I will wear and wear and wear the jacket…such a perfect addition to my SL wardrobe. The skin is again from Gaall,the Anna  with another makeup…dramatic eyes are so in vogue.

Before I got into my shopping frenzy with Mimi, I spied this sweet summer dress from GizzA ” Lolita Cherry ” its a free gift and I found the gift hair with the wide brimmed hat from OC went rather well with it. Absolutely adored the fat cream twisted belt with this dress…and again the Anna skin from Gaall with a different makeup…If you havent been to Mimi’s choice before you’re in for a treat, pop over and take a look around, big show rooms with the best in designer goodies..MEB,SF Design,GizzA and more ! There is also a free hair gift from Mimi’s choice called “Lollipop” which I totally forgot to show you !

Go get shopping: mimi’s choice       For the Gaall skins: Gaall (make sure you look around theres an enormous amount of gifts for you to try in the corner plus a great free skin!) Necklace in first photo by MIAO totally divine jewelery!



Gawd…everytime its Disco deals..I get that song in my head, you knowww the one…”D  I  S  C  Ooooooo” and on and on ! Anywayyy it isss disco deals Friday yipeee..and MIAO have this jolly tangerine top for you at just 50L – its called “orange robin empire blouse”. Perfect capped sleeves that required not one jot of primfiddling from moi and a sweet fluted body & hem…plunging neckline is just perfect for a longgg necklace…so I tossed on one of my favs also from MIAO called “Karen”….purrrfect. Head over to the riot room to catch all the goodies on offer at very special prices , there’s always heapssss to see, from clothing,homewares,poses,jewelry and more..(boys youre catered for also)

Go get in on the deal: Disco Deals                          Miao store (for necklace and more lulliness



Itsssssssss time tooooo go DISCO !!! yus yus yus its Disco deals-gawd I get pretty over excited about this (can you tell?) If you’re into owls it’s a real treat for you from MIAO..The isle Hooty Hoo necklace is fahhhbulous…rich in details..and as usual you can change this sweet little fellow all over..gem colour, the rose on his chest..the metal of the chain,even his eyes ! I chose the copper tone chain..just adore that colour and its so summery…just click on the owl and the menu for altering it comes up..perfect! For the disco deals day this is only 50L *faintsdies*, after it goes to the main store it will be priced at 200L…so grab it while you can…Go to the riot room and check out the pretties…everything is under 99L…poses,clothes,furniture..and more..(I bought heapssss) Click the pic for a close up of his cuteness..

Go disco: Disco Deals

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Cat & Mouse

Ahh one last blog before I jump on that plane and head to sunnier days..and what a perfect outfit to show you for a pre holiday morning . MIAO has this offering for The Moody Monday gig…its called “Summer Lovin” and comprises of a fahhhbulous pair of shorts and a halter top…teeeny tiny daisies dotted over the sash belt & tied halter…complimented by the scrummy tobacco brown shade of the fabric ,fitted me right-outta-the-box, but is mod for you to fiddle with to your heart’s content. The whole set is yours for just 55L  for Monday only. Dashhhhhhhhhhh and get it ! (Thankyou Kesseret xx)

While I was at MIAO, I noticed the skirt Id been coveting for a while was now just 25L *faints*, of course I snapped it up in a colour to go with my new summer loving halter..yummmi ! The skirt is called “Rosie” and is available in heapssss of tones! Notice my super sweet daisy necklace?… It’s from Dark Mouse and is the Moody Monday item for this week…just 55L…

Ohhh and umm…well this t-shirt just kinda popped into my hand as well…I just can’t resist them browwwwwns ! So shoot me but cmon..its gorgeous and only 75L (jacket and Shirt layers included) its kinda sparkly also…and has those beautifully well done creases that make it so strokabubble …lotsa other colours available too . ooOOoo don’t forget when you buy from MIAO look out for your scratch & win card, wear it while you’re in the store and see if you’re lucky today !

Go get summery: MIAO       Dark Mouse