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More CHIC² and Thigh High’s plus skin !

I’ve got a few pretties to share with you from the CHIC²  event that’s currently on…plussss some mesh goodness from SF Design. The dress I’m wearing is from MiaMai and is called “Nene”..its  sweet little thing…ruffled bottom…corset top…made me feel party’ish! It comes in a myriad of colours…the rose pink is especially lovely…My skin is one of three that YS&YS has out for the CHIC²  event…the one I particularly liked was this called “Rachel”…and ohmaii…Im even wearing the shape that came with it ! That doesn’t happen very often..but its such a cute face I couldn’t resist…love love LOVE the teeth layer (its optional) Sooo many extras with this set its amazing…go grab a demo and take a peek. Nowww the boots huh? Hubbidy Hubba…these are from SF Design…and gawd I love em..thigh highs  don’t figure regularly in my wardrobe BUT…these are just ooooozing smexness I had to wear them ! They do have size options..and they come with a colour HUD, with…wait for it…FIFTEEN preset colours *faints* but that’s not all…ohnoes…you can also tint them to your own special shades ! Demo available…grab em girls! Thanks Swaffette ❤


SF Design

Wardrobe poser – free group gift from Glitterati

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She’s the Devil on my shoulder !

You may recall me mentioning Ms Carmella Ruby before…mmhmm….well Im gonna tell you…yes Iam…shes that naughty voice in your head…you know, the one that whispers “go onnn…do it do it do it “…hmm? I had a note from her today- which is alwayssss a lovely thing, BUT..this one was showing me STUFF…adorabubble STUFF…stuff that I wanted…neeeeded…HAD to have…tsk..soooo off I went all meek and mild , thinking to myself..”I will just look…I dont need anything…yes indeedy…just LOOK”…pah! Look my ass…*laughs*…

Carmella had found Miamai, a place I havent been to for eons..and whatsmore..shed snapped up this gorg outfit called “Feeling”, fabbo denim pants and a camisole/ bustier style top…really really lovely texturing for a lived in appeal to the fabric…and at just 90L the set…steal! I love love loved it so couldn’t resist buying it in PINK…great faded pink…carmella preferred the *goldfish* version, which I have to say totally rocks on her ..both these items can be found in the “Discount” section….(photo above is the one she lurrrred me to go shopping with-thanks xxx)

I tossed on a sweet little jacket from RibboN over mine..only 25L and available in 3 colours…thought the light grey would compliment my newwww outfit purfectly…Im also showing a new necklace from Dark Mouse, the dainty bow is colour change, so lotsa flexibility for ooodles of is usual with DM items, you get a choice of spine or chest attachment which is sooper handydandy! Its called “Happy Bow” and is out for  Project Themeory priced at only 75L…yay! Thanks Carmella for the tip  xx

Feeling outfit: Miamai

knitted jacket: RibboN

Happy bow necklace: Dark Mouse

Carmellas necklace: Spangle

Carmellas pea coat: SF Design

Carmellas hair: Sale at Analog dog

Carmellas booootz: Ruby Skin


Say no & wear purrrrrple

Miamai purple shirts

Say no to bullying !!

Oct 20th has been declared “Wear Purple” day to raise awareness for this all too painful problem currently being ignored worldwide.

miamai guys *wear purple* shirt
miamai girls *wear purple* shirt

Miamai has still got two shirts out for the wear purple day. No need to beg Steve to wear it..he LOVES purrrple ! Both are very well made, the girly one is kinda sparrrrrrkly yay! Gogettum and show some support to stop bullying now !

Get purrrple : miamai