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…than we shall begin…I dipped into the MHOH Hunt today for a few moments..I saw Spargel & Shine are participating…I love their gear..so had to go see if I could find their gift! It wasnt so so hard to spot – thank goodness …you all know how truly abysmal I am at hunts…anywayyy…it was this stunning  couch/seat/chaise affair…literally stufffed with poses for males & females…it dispenses wearables for certain animations..classy and high quality…and I absolutely MUST find a place for it in my home !

Spargel & Shine

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Its a Gypsy Life for me…

There are soooo many great hunts on at the moment..one that hadn’t hit my radar was  ” dar2bare”, luckily my friend Talena Carissa of Pink Label got me up to speed, and showed me her gift for it hurrah! I couldn’t find a hunt end date..so hurry along and grab up the goodies…Pink Labels hunt prize is the lushhhh Gypsy Rose Red , it’s a huuuuuge array of components in a really delish rosey red colour…above im wearing the thong & bra top & stockings..

Next add the tapestry style fabric leggings and long sleeved bare shoulder sweater…

…can you belieeeeve that these vampish & classy ankle boots are in the box also? A real different direction for Pink Label..ans I love love LOVE them, they make my heart go pitttty pattttter…elegant red stitching on high gloss patent leather…yummmmi…

add a corset top over the leggings and voila…gawd..will you look at those boots *dribbles*…they are such a scene stealer for moi..

Last but soooo not least…there is a cropped top and gypsy skirt…not only can you mix & match to your hearts content..but each item can be mingled in with your existing SL wardrobe…so easy to wear and absolutely NO prim fiddling required…DONT miss this !

ohhh btw…an added bonus…as previously mentioned..Pink Label has a store wide SALE on at the moment, everything cept fat packs is just 25L *gasp*…above Im wearing the MHOH gift, so if you failed to find it you can scoop it up ! Boyfriend sweater and flared rust skirt…adorabubble…plusss a pair of the Sheena boots to match ! (also in ankle length for wearing with pants)…

I tossed on a pair of my ever-present Jane fuzzy piggy tights in gold with the sweater..and a belt from Poison…tres chic! Thanks Talena xxx

Gypsy Rose Red outfit: dare 2 bare hunt Pink Label

MHOH outfit: Pink Label

fuzzy piggy tights: Jane

belt: Poison

glamourous photo booth: Behaviour Body Animations  (free group gift)

dare2bare web site: http://dare2baresl.blogspot.com/

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Getting in the Pink with MHOH

Ok..so theres a couple of things you all prolly know about me..1) I love PINK 2) I’m really into shabby chic,vintage …soooo…how did I come across both of my favourite things for free? Simple dimple..I trotted over to Pink Label and grabbed myself the MHOH prize hooray! Seriously pretty outfit in scrummy faded pinks, dainty floral vintage look fabric *happy sigh*. The shirt has two options to wear it, like I have above, cropped tight with a side tie( that I helpfully managed to hide with my arm sawry!) and also a fine lacey hem that flutters across your midriff…the skirt has just the right amount of “flounce” and is sooper feminine…my necklace is from Dark Mouse, called “spring fling” and is one of my treasured items from the store..matching bracelets also…such a beautiful collection of flowers & leaves and beads…

There is also a new pair of shooooz in the box to complement the outfit…sweeter than butterscotch candies…same delicate floral print…with a little knotted tie at the heel..that great easy peasy HUD with them to make fitting and skin matching a breeze ! Thank you Talena xx

MHOH gift: Pink Label (you need to join the MHOH group to collect this prize- joining board is in store)

Spring Fling jewelry: Dark Mouse

All poses: Magnifique Poses (thank you Scarlet xx)