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50% discount & a gift !

The Halloween Shop & Hop event is open ! So many sims of goodies to shop for PLUS quite a few gifts. Zinnias has 50% discount on everything at her stand, and this set above is on sale.

This is the Dia de Los Muertos set. The chairs have some brilliant animations for males and females. The fire bowl crackles away and is in easy reach to toast your marshmallows ! There are even banners (and poles to set up easier) If you’re not sure what ” Dia de Los Muertos” is Zinnia explains it as this:

My designs are based on the Mexican Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a special day when the dead may return to visit their loved ones. It’s a cause for celebration! And a wonderful way to honour the memories of the departed.
Family members prepare their favourite foods so that they may enjoy the aromas, and decorate their homes to welcome the spirits of their loved ones.

Zinnia also has a little gift for you at the front of her stand – and I just adore it ! This darling armadillo and only 1Li so spread them around like crazy! My little fellow is by my pool ❤

Top tip: If your graphics card allows, its a lot easier at this event to stand in one sim and cam shop to the other sims. I did three sims from one place, then moved on and did others.

Zinnias at the Shop & Hop event

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Caught me washing His smalls !


First off big squidgy thanks to a fav blog of mine “virtual vagabond“, tsk tsk tsk you made me spend my pennies !! I always take a peek at V.V and see what goodies she’s found…and today there was this sooper cute gift from The Spring Festival Hunt, which runs from March 3rd -31st, 2012. Each item costs 1L. Fahhbulous gifty…of a laundry table, wash liquid bottle and animated washing tub..all from Zinnia’s ! When you sit at the wash tub it hands you the laundry to wear also. (For the curious, Players boxers are sized medium waist, bigboy front!) The little pot of flowers is also a freebie you’ll find in store.

Had a wander around while I was there and just fell in love with some of the new items, I HAD to buy this set for home, it’s called the “Mexican chiminea courtyard. The warm sunny colours made me smile, it’s also pretty low prim always a bonus! The coat rack with sombrero and cloth is also a free gift at the moment ! Its made a really pretty spot on our patio. The items are not transferable but its not linked, Ive dotted a few of the chiminea’s around our home…lovely fire effect.

Also snapped up the “La Mexican bench”, wellll I had too ! Such gorgeous textures ,it has couples & singles poses..even gives you a sombrero to wear for the “siesta” pose … Purrrfect. Courtyard set is only 199L and the bench just 125L steal!