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Shade it

I had a notecard from Zinnias subscribo about a new item  “Verano” Draped Ceiling Decor  – popped right over and snapped it up! I’ve long been faffing about with my patio area at the back of our house – for uhm – two years? It’s never looked “lived in”, or complete but I thought this might work – et voila! Instantly transformed – homely shaded and inviting, all for $169, they are mod & copy so you can fit them perfectly and scatter them about freely. Various colours available and just 6Li.

You can see that I used three to shade the whole length of my patio and went with the red tone, it gives off a really nice comforting vibe and my patio is officially my fav place to hangout! Decided to get out my “La Chinesca” red lacquer table set to enhance the whole feel – had this for a little while and adore it. Loads of sweet animations, some come with props that are added to your hands and on the table – my cactus plants (in a gacha) ohhh and the chickens are also to be found in store!

Zinnias store

Zinnias la Chinesca table set

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Caught me washing His smalls !


First off big squidgy thanks to a fav blog of mine “virtual vagabond“, tsk tsk tsk you made me spend my pennies !! I always take a peek at V.V and see what goodies she’s found…and today there was this sooper cute gift from The Spring Festival Hunt, which runs from March 3rd -31st, 2012. Each item costs 1L. Fahhbulous gifty…of a laundry table, wash liquid bottle and animated washing tub..all from Zinnia’s ! When you sit at the wash tub it hands you the laundry to wear also. (For the curious, Players boxers are sized medium waist, bigboy front!) The little pot of flowers is also a freebie you’ll find in store.

Had a wander around while I was there and just fell in love with some of the new items, I HAD to buy this set for home, it’s called the “Mexican chiminea courtyard. The warm sunny colours made me smile, it’s also pretty low prim always a bonus! The coat rack with sombrero and cloth is also a free gift at the moment ! Its made a really pretty spot on our patio. The items are not transferable but its not linked, Ive dotted a few of the chiminea’s around our home…lovely fire effect.

Also snapped up the “La Mexican bench”, wellll I had too ! Such gorgeous textures ,it has couples & singles poses..even gives you a sombrero to wear for the “siesta” pose … Purrrfect. Courtyard set is only 199L and the bench just 125L steal!