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Sci-Fi or Kawaii? (10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift & Mention of Freebies(?)).

This dress is made of a texture that looks like the finest satin or some sort of metallic cloth.

Not sure how I’d class this dress, maybe it’s a bit more Kawaii than Sci-Fi as it does have a lovely bow at the back and Sci-Fi isn’t known for its love of bows and frills.

This is a TeleportHub gift from a shop called Pink Mango.  There are other gifts but I couldn’t seem to get them as either the Group invites weren’t working or my computer had decided to be stroppy.

PS.  When I was LM grabbing the group invites for the other gifts do seem to be working and so I know the Pink Mango Group costs 15Ld and if I’d had time I’d liked to have shown you that dress as well.  I’m guessing some of the groups on the wall are Free to join.

Pink Mango

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(In)Justice.(Freebie ‘n’ Bargains ‘n’ one for Moz).

I popped into a shop called “justice” and found some very nice Group Gifts and a Freebie.  The Justice group only cost 10Lds so a piddling amount and for that, you get these goodies.

I really like this dress, apart from the fact it gives me nice little boobies and not the gazunga’s I hate but also because the fit/texturing exc are so good.

The group gifts also inc this halter neck top but the skirt for me is the keeper.  The colour shown in the picture has been changed because of my editing so it’s more browny(sic)than the purply(sic) it looks and of course brown is this seasons colour.  A really nice skirt which can be teamed up to go with so many other items.

So those 3 items are the GG’s and there is also one for the boys but this next one is a Free one and I’m sorry I can’t remember which of the free groups it is but it’s one of the big ones so you’re probably already in it.

You get 3 metal colours to chose from.  You can’t see it but the back of this dress is has a strappy detailing.

Lots and Lots and Lots of fits so no worries there.


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Getting Hangry.(Dollarbie).

ARGH, I’ve been wandering around and around and around the Prism shop trying to find the Group gifts esp since I’ve seen a picture of their November gift but for the life of me I couldn’t find hide nor hair of anything, except a lowly little pumpkin.

So I bought it for a single Linden, not really expecting much but Woah! SCORE!  A zinger of a metallic dress in all standard mesh fits.

WTF! There will be an update later because Woo Hoo I’ve found it.  I always log back inworld to LM grab and this always makes less chance of an error but I can only assume that on my previous visit, not everything had rezzed because right there over the reception desk on the wall is the GG!  I quickly snagged it and put it on but it deserves a post all of its own so that will be coming up soon but of course, nothing to stop you from grabbing this and it.

OK, so when you TP over you land outside of the Prism shop and you need to go into the door on your left not the one ahead of you.   Again the GG’s is on the wall above the reception desk but on the far wall behind the reception desk on the floor is the pumpkin.

PS. The pumpkin is a Phycho Pumpkin Hunt Gift prize.