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Newness from Poison..and you guys can also get your mucky paws on its been released in male & female form hoooorayyy! I’m talkin about the fab vest I’m wearing of course…its got Poison’s hallmarks all over it…great fit..and soooo easy to mingle in with your other gear – thanks Corocota <3…200L….the mesh shorts which I have fallen in lurrrve with are from the Christie set released this week by CandyMetal…gawd..someone peeeeel them offa me ! My shooz are another bit of hot-off-the-press gear…from ArisAris and wow these are some killer heels…

There is a HUGE range of these pumps..peep toe…or  plain…dotty & classic black, brown etc…you can also buy a big stonking fat pack of them ALL ! While you’re there don’t forget to join the group…some great gifts get sent out and you’ll be able to keep up with the new releases….which are plentiful! Thanks Ariadna ❤




Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Hell…I was wondering where one of my fav stores Poison had got too…and yesterday I received this bundle of gorgeousness…well worth the wait…cause this is like my all time fav thing to be wearing right now…freakin stunning mesh vest…sooo much detail its hard to know where to look first..

Sliddde it on over a skirt…shrug it over some leather jeans….it just goes with everything…and the colour range is just brilliant…

I can’t choose a fav colour…but the bronze is right up there..ohhh btw..theres two versions in the box (along with the collection of sizes) one with a shirt underneath and one without…go feast your eyes on the pretties ! Thanks Coro ❤


[echo] Leather mesh skirt

SF Design – mesh leather boots


Perfect Geometry

Okkk time for just one more piece of pretty before I hit the hay…this time it’s from Geometry and is their gift in the mesh around hunt…a new store for me…and one I will be returning too, just love this dress ! To be precise it’s actually a skirt and blouse combo…even better , as you can then split and make them more versatile hurrah! Beautiful blue & green tones…and a really sweet ruffle hem skirt…I actually got lucky on the Dark Mouse luckyboards and won the bracelet *squeee*…”midsummer amusements bracelet”, there’s two colours in the box…seriously cute…six lucky boards inside the store..peek outside and you’ll find the sale room


Dark Mouse