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Merry Christmas? Bah HumBug

Hunt stuff

Ok so I did my first Crimbo hunt of 2013 yesterday – I was dead grouchy about it all to be honest – BUT…there was almost FREE shoes – so I cheered up a fraction. Ok NOT totally free but gosh – just 5L per prize is a real gem not to be missed. Each store has clear graphic panels showing their prizes and each has a number, so you wont get a load of stuff you don’t really want yay! You can pick and choose – love that. I made up an outfit with the new capris from FLG (they have a phatazz applier apparently – not my cuppa tea sorry) I’m also wearing the off the shoulder mesh tee prize from Pure Perfection and the sooper jolly red boots from JK Style.

Free shoes with socks !

This is a sim wide hunt, and you’re looking for little Santa hats, its simple dimple to find them all and you’ve got until the 31st December to track everything down. These shooz are from Pure Perfection and I love love LOVE them lots. Spotty and socks, great combo. Part of the hunt so just 5L again. Oooodles of stuff to find, go take a gander.

Merry Christmas Sim Hunt starting point

FLG Store


Cart Sale & added freeness

la petite morte. iris shape - la petite morte mesh jeans & top for The Wash cart sale -  BananaN room dividers 1 prim FREE!

Oh yeah, it’s that time again, the cart sale at The Wash is almost upon us! Just to make sure you note it in your diaries, here’s a little teaser from la petite morte.  I’m wearing the iris shape, mesh jeans anddddd striped orange tee and clarity yellow eyes, all from la petite morte. (HA! I just noticed I’ve got wonky-mad eyes in the photo – oh well !) Nothing is over 10L at the sale…so these are incredible savings ! The room dividers behind me are actually a market place freebie – set of four colours and pretty unbeatable at just 1 prim per screen huh?! By BananaN, more about the inworld store later !

la petite morte. clarity eyes-yellow - la petite morte. iris shape & iris t2 skin - The Wash cart sale

This is the skin by  la petite morte, iris t2, it’s a peachy skin tone and sooper sweet.Very pouty kissable lips. Amazingly this is also out for the cart sale *faint*….Cart Sale starts on the 4th September and runs until the 25th, don’t forget !

The Wash Cart Sale (not until the 4th!)

BananaN room dividers

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In – Somnia

Somnia NEW!

All this hot weather, we English folk are So not used too it. I can’t sleep and keep getting up late each morning gah! Annywayyy enough about my sleeping habits and on to the good stuff right? Squillions of new pretties from Somnia (see the tentative link?) Above I’m wearing the newwww fantabulous thick cord  effect “Floozy bandit” shorts, gawd I lurve these. They also come with an optional big chunky ole belt in black or brown. I teamed the shorts up with another new release the Fizzy Curves t-shirt, so wearabubble and cute and heaps of colour options! The t-shirt is at the main store, the shorts are at The Thrift Shop event and a brilliantly low price of 95L ! For that paltry 95 bucks you get TEN colours ! (back to full price afterwards)

Somnia - NEW!!

I soooo adore this new dress “Tied up Tigs”, its casual and adorable, can be worn as a dress, or over pants / leggings, so versatile! Nine colours in the pack for an incredible 95 L *faint*, ohhhh while you’re there try your luck on the gatcha mahine, sooper sweet tanks with cartoon motif’s on for only 20L !! The Thrift Shop is pretty huge, pro-tip for finding Somnia, stand at the front and look approx four rows over from right to left.

Somnia main store

Somnia @ The Thrift Shop

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Group gift & new releases – purrrrrrr

Hurrah! B&T Mesh Studio has some newness to share….First up is these scrummy mesh Military olive green shorts…superb fit and nice detailing …teamed up with another bundle of newness the Golden Dragon mesh tee…really lovely dragon motif on the front of this….would also look fantabulous with jeans…uhm…I have to admit I clung onto Steves bootstraps and copied him….I just HAD to go get those Muism boots that are currently in the Make Him over 2 hunt…I had a sneaky suspiscion that they would fit chicks also..and I was right ..yippeee! *squirm* also….one more admission..I actually couldnt find the hunt gift…sooooo my darling friend Talena Carissa rode in to help me…goddammm she found them in under 2 minutes! Well worth the hassle factor though…they look awesome huh?

Next we have some pretttttty floral mesh jeans from B&T..dark background with various hues of red & pink roses allllllllll over….I think theyd look cracking with a fresh pure white shirt no?

Kept you waiting for the gift … It really couldnt be anymore perfect if it tried….its mesh-score 1….its got a kittycat on the front score 2 yay! Lotsa sizes for you…even on the back the kittycat motif appears…I adore it …head over to claim your pussycat tee and check out the new goodies…grab demos that are freely available..<3 Thankyou BabyLee & Tommi xx

B&T Mesh Studio


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Love my lips

Always right on the mark for Arisaris…this set is just out, called “I love my lips”…self striped leggings/Capri pants..a big ole belt..and a really cute mesh tank. The tank has an open pink lipped mouth split open across your torso…smexeh ! Easy little set to slip into..go check it out.. join the group while you’re there and help yourself to a few group gifties…


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Smeshy shorts

CandyMetal have some gorjussss warm weather gear coming out at the moment..these scrummy worn knee-length shorts for example (mesh) and the newww uber cool Rock Princess mesh tee’s…heaps of designs in these…naturally I veeeeered over to the Pink ! Dont forget to take a look around while you’re there..brilliant group gifts are given out quite often so join up – and grab up the last couple of group gifts before you leave..complete outfits avec shoooz ! Thanks Emy ❤


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Dottie … jewels…and sleepless over boots…

Polka dots hooohah! They always make me smile…so jolly ..coldLogic have this darrrrling little camisole out as their spring also receive it in black dots too…love love LOVE the way it wrinkles over the tummy…gorgeous sweetheart neckline..I teamed mine up with a mesh skirt from Jane…”prissy”..useful little thing that it is…also I still have my newwww HOC “chinese take out” box bag superglued to my hand *grins*…5 colours and only 50L..o.O its spotty dotty too ! To get your spring gift, head over to coldLogic and touch the subscribo…simpledimple.

Incase you spotted my divine necklace & earings…and wanted a closerrrrrr peek..its by Addiction Jewelry…”antique blossom”, Im a great fan of this designers work , attention to detail…and incredible promotions mean you can look a million bucks for not-a-lotta pennies ! This particular set was on offer for just 49L for a weds deal..but I popped over to check it out and the offer is still on – not sure for how much longer (and theres another set with lavender stones – same price) Dashhhhh and grab it up ! Thanks Atiya ❤


ohmaiiigod…Swaffette Firefly of SF Design is the reason I’m not in my bed..*shakes fist*… at approx 1.00am GMT time …she verrrrry casually mentioned that she had made some…MESH BOOTS…yes indeedy…and who could go to sleep without trying them on?!!  These are my first ever pair of high heeled meshy type boots *squeee*…they are a pair of  “take you anywhere”  boots..classy…sleek..high slim heels…and FIFTEEN preset colours to choose from, plussss tintable…the HUD is sooper easy to use…I used the medium size and they fitted perfectly, also included is large & small…can you believe they are just 300L? (When you land at SF Design, use the teleporter board to go to the shoe & boot department – or as Swaffette just told me, theres a board righttt by the Monday Mania bit- DOH!) Demo available…thanks Swaffette ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic on the market place

SF Design

Addiction Jewlery