News to me (Man & Womans Freebie).

I a notice through from “Fameshed” and I actually read it for a change, I never realised that a Free Group Gift is set out for visitors  There is a womans and mens gift if I remember the womans is a rather nice blouse but of course it was the male one I was interested in.  You will find the Group inviter and the Gifts just inside the gate just where you rezz so even if the place is packed you should be able to find it.


A complete and utter nerd look.  This includes the plaid trousers, shirt and jumper and damn sorry I should have paid more attention before I logged out but I’m pretty sure you have a choice of long and short pants and the shirt can be worn on its own or with the jumper or the jumper on its own so a hell of a lot for the cost of nothing.


Close up of the table because Zan’s had this for ages but has been so lazy as she’s never got around to posting about it so I thought I’d use it as a prop.


This is it in situ in one of her many sheds, sorry the lighting is a bit dark but the texturing is excellent.  The whole thing is one piece so no fiddling with bits, the flame on the burners actually flickers, all those papers, vials, powers etc all come to a MASSIVE……………..2prims.   Pretty unbelievable but yes just 2 measly prims for all of that.

I have to say that although I like these pictures I’ve managed to make everything look pretty dark, the trousers for example you can’t see the pattern at all…..My Bad:-)

I’ve put the link for Pucca’s Marketplace shop but you really have to see his stuff inworld to be able to appreciate the amazing quality of the texturing.  Very RPing with cages, weapons and outfit but a whole mix of time periods so a pair of futuristic glasses are next to a Warriors cod piece.


Pucca Firecaster Creations

Pucca Firecaster Creations Marketplace

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Simple (Free).



A basic and simple mesh collarless shirt.  A great fit, texturing and free what more needs to be said.

Just remembered more there is also a womans free mesh dress as well as a selection of unusual items.  So if you’ve ever wanted to own your own Pirates boat or a robotic Ferret then this is the place to pick them up.

Status inc (Teleport Hud)

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Jumping into Spring !

Somnia Champagen dress NEW! Kusshon mesh pile of books animated poses with wearable props 1L  Field of flowers 1 prim FREE!

A new season, a new look ! Spring is upon us and its bright and sunny here in England. Kusshon has a perfect little pile of mesh books for you to sit upon and drink a cup of tea, or read a book etc. It looks perfect inside or out. Head over and snap it up for just 1L  Its got unisex poses, so guys one for you yay!

Kusshon dollarbie books with poses and wearable props - Somnia Champagne dress NEW!

My fahhhbulous new dress is from Somnia, newly released and instore right now. Its called Champagne, great pack of colour tones for just 200L. I adore the teeny bow that sits just under the bust area, sweet! The field of flowers I’m sat in, is by moi. If you join Pure Eggs & Spam group, it’s sitting in the notices for you to grab. I’m making group members a “spring garden”, keeping it as low prim as possible. More to come over the next few weeks, so join up and don’t miss out. (group is free join obviously)

BubbleFish Steampunk leggings gacha-RARE colour

Next up are these deeeelicious leggings from BubbleFish. They are a gacha item at 50L a pop a great addition to your wardrobe. I’m showing a rare colour but I have to say, ALL the colours are really lovely. (They come with a phat azz applier also) You can find this item at the MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair that opened March 15th.

Indie Rose tank & floral skirt (flexi skirt)

Indie Rose has a new release that’s totally adorable, a mesh tank top that sits so prettily over a flexified thigh length skirt. It made me want to twirllllllll around ! Heaps of colours to choose from, go take a peek.

Luck of the Irish gacha event - mesh charm chain 10L !

Last up for today is this darling mesh mouth charm, just 10L ! It’s in the Luck of the Irish gacha fair by Phoebe ~Piercings & more – My first try nabbed me the pink so I was dead happy.


The Luck of the Irish gacha fair


Pure Eggs & Spam cafe

Indie Rose

MadPea Steampunk gacha fair


Don’t Turn Around!

Urbaine FSorry I can’t turn around because on the front of this top is a very rude word (F*ck).  normal go for clothing in SL or RL that have slogans on them but since this comes from Vita’s Boudoir I of course TPed as soon as I got the notice of a Group Gift on offer.  Check out the skirt. A very wet leather look but it’s it’s wind lifted look that is the attention grabber. Fortunately comes with a pair of panties or if you dare to bare!

Both items are mesh and Group Gifts and that is still FREE to join.

A short post, for once, but RL is shouting at me I just wanted to get this lovely GG up.  So I will not wax lyrical about Vita’s Boudoir and her amazing dramatic clothes and costumes, over blown hair and statement pieces I will save all that for my next Vita’s Boudoir post.

Vita’s Boudoir

Vita’s Boudoir Marketplace

Vita’s Flickr

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E-Clipse Drift Neon Green for Limited Bazaar

While I was at Limited Bazaar this morning I snapped up this juicy neon green top by E-Clipse . I just fell in love with the zesty colour and the gorgeous swirly pattern across the front. Great fit with no shape editing required at all. Notice the lining? Super touch, that you just see a tiny flash off as you move around…Love it ! It’s also available in neon pink, can’t believe I chose green ! Had a quick mooch around the main store and was impressed with the range of items, nice spacious store too.

E-Clipse at Limited Bazaar

E-Clipse main store

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Bright & Smiley !

Somnia -  Kawaii Comfort NEW!

When I saw these Kawaii comfort tops…I wanted to smile and wrigggle ! Ohmaiiiii days…have you ever seen anything SO cute?! Seriously…go grab yourself a pack..yes a PACK…200L for eight different colours *faint*…Brilliant shape, the board says top but hey…Im wearing mine as dresses, they aren’t too short and they do work just as well as tops with jeans or leggings etc…I love love LOVE this yellow & pink one…thanks Sanura ❤ , you made my whole day !

Ohhhhh don’t forget there is a bigass sale on upstairs…yupyupyup SALE TIME ! Most items seem to be just 10L…theres also gatcha…and in my Kawaii box I found a scratch and win card..just attatch it inside the store…rub off the spots, et voila..see if you win a prize. (I did yippeeee!)


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Scrambled Eggs

Citrus NEW! Rip & cuff mesh jeans - dots mesh top - group gift chucks - [CIRCA] Egg Hunt wearable basket & antlers - doorstep bargains plant shelf & tool supply box 55L

I’m rapidly running out of time to share all the Easter goodies on offer before I go on vacation, so bear with me as I try to cram it all in ! I’ve got fabbalicious newness from Citrus…oh yes…I do…juicy colours and with those handy-dandy HUD’s that mean you have options for colours yay! Above I’m wearing the new rip & cuff mesh jeans…super fit and very summery…great thing is, each pair comes with a hud, which meansssssss you actually get THREE pairs in one …good huh?! Naturally as I’m in such a zesty mood…I choose to show them in a mouthwateringly lovely citrus green tone…and of courrrrrse…the new mesh dots top in a matching shade. The dots top comes in a zillion different colours (well ok, not exactly a zillion but a LOT) , such a handy little thing and definitely a wardrobe essential. I nabbed these chucks in the mainstore, group gift, group is free to join…result ! The absolutely MAD Eastery antlers are from [CIRCA}…love them to death …my wearable basket is also from [CIRCA] both are gifts in the Nest Egg hunt…so dash over and grab them up ASAP. The easel style shelf unit is a real peach…lovely wood tone, very organic, there’s also a matching Gardeners tool tray which is sooper cute. Both of these items are part of the Doorstep Bargain and can be found at the [CIRCA] mainstore (until the 28th so hurry) …both items for the princely sum of only 55L.

Citrus rip & cuff emsh jeans - Dots mesh top - group gift chucks

Incase you’re not a juicy colour kinda gal…I just wanted to show you the new Citrus jeans in a more trad colour…this pair is from the dark pack, so you get three shades of jeans, this,a classic blue and washed out…pretty nifty. Thanks Sejher & Cherelle ❤


The Nest Egg Hunt