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Damned Right!(Freebie).

The freebie is the top only but it’s not just an “only” because it’s a real quality gift.

All the sized, great texturing and a KEEPER so a great start to a super lazy Good Fri.

If you don’t like this, what is wrong with you!, still go over to the Egoxentrikax shop because there is an old GG out which I do remember blogging and I may even still have it in my invent but dayumn my laptop battery is as flat as my singing voice so I have to shut up and plug it in so I will see ya all later.


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Sack me! (Freebie).

Just as I had binned my last “nope” freebie and I was about to start some serious SL home decorating I spotted a bright light but unfortunately I must have binned my Mojo with all the other stuff and I just took some really bad piccies so in the end my trusty pose cube came in handy.


Let me just say it’s the top only! but these great pants and shoes are old gifts which are now long gone but it just goes to show that you can find some absolutely great stuff to wear even if you don’t have the Lindens to spare however if I did have Lindens to spare Blueberry is one of the shops I would just go APESH*TE and buy buy buy. Just really good stuff with such attention to fit and details and not even unreasonably priced I’m just poor even in SL I’m a pauper LOL.

So here is a close-up of the top.


I’m pulling these odd poses because I’m trying to show off the lacing which is on the sides.  As usual even with the Freebie you get a great colour Hud choice for both the top and laces 13 colour options.


The only wrinkles I like are the ones which make your clothes look so real.  You can’t really see it in any of my pictures but you can even see fine seams which again add to the realism of this outfit.  The only downside, sorta, is that it’s mesh body only BUT still try it even if you don’t have a mesh bod because you might just have the Alpha you need to be able to wear this.

I don’t think the LM takes you direct to the Group Gift so when you land walk forward a little bit and this gift is in the shop to your left.  I’m not sure if the other older GG’s are still out if they are then they’re probably going to be in the main shop straight ahead of you and if you haven’t gotten them yet make sure you do.  This top for me is a “keeper” which basically means that no matter how bloated my invent is I’m not trashing this.

PS and yes yet again PumeC, sorry I don’t mean to be a pain in an AV’s ass about it but thanks to Faith spotting it on the floor next to the reception desk is a small pile of gift boxes and in them is a small selection of old PumeC Group Gifts, if she hadn’t spotted them I wouldn’t have even seen them.  The reason PumeC is so busy is that on either side of the New Group Gift, which is I believe an Albino skin so most unique, is 2 Lucky Boards.  Sadly though it means that a lot of people are loitering and it’s creating a bit of lag but then again next time I’m sorting out my notes you might just find me stood there waiting for my initial to pop up.


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Take a trip to London. (Freebies).

I put this top on and then just shoved it back into my invent thinking that I’d go hunting for something to wear it with then I realised that those oh so handy big girl knickers I’ve blogged previously would be perfect and they are. The next time I put the top on I realised that there was more to it than just great colours/tex.


The bottom half is actually a corset style which is much more obvious from the back.


I deliberately use my pose cube when I want to get a unfussy close up and I just wanted you to see the great texturing and details for yourself.

Another great touch is the slight flare at the bottom which means this is almost guaranteed to fit over even mesh jeans, but I haven’t tried that but they do fit over my mesh knickers/shorts.  An added bonus is that these shoes are also included in the box.


I had gone to Loordes of London to see if there was a hunt on and I spotted on the wall of special weekly offers the Around The Grid In 80 Days balloon which only cost 1Ld and you get the top and shoes.  The tops come with all standard mesh sizes and some mesh bod but the shoes are SLink flatties I believe.

PS as always if you see something in a post that isn’t mentioned ie skin, shape, hair don’t hesitate to drop me an inworld note.

Loordes of London

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My poor sorry A** (Freebie).

OH Lord I survived Spin Cycling, but only just.  I’ve spent the last 48 hours walking like a cowboy and with each painful step making moaning noises like a Zombie out of the Walking Dead.

So I gave SL a miss yesterday…OK I spent the best part of the day prone on my bed moaning to everyone who came close to me lol.

So this morning I logged in and sorted out my notes/notices and spotted this simple goodie.  Just the top this time.  You get 5 standard mesh sizes and 5 mesh body sizes so a fit for all shapes and sizes.


Eyelure isn’t a big shop so I decided to have a little wander around and what did I find? some excellent sports/gym clothes.  Suitable for those who play sports in SL or just want to pose like a Gym Bunny. I did grab some demos and then binned them without even trying them on as I just know I would be tempted.


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A post in 2 halves. (Bargains & Free).

A mixed Monday post because it contains a bit of new a bit of old a bit of free and a bit of bargains so it’s full of “bits” but because there is too much to show you I’m splitting this post into 2.


OK first off for just a token 10Lds to join the H@S group you can snag 5 pairs of SLink/Maitreya shoes! I’m only showing you the pink and the beige pair but I ended up with loads of new shoes because not only is there 5 pairs of Group Gifts waiting to be snagged but outside is a row of Lucky Chairs and just standing there going though my notes I ended up with quite a few wins.  I haven’t had time to unpack but I can see from the pictures on the Lucky Chairs that these shoes, not the Group Gifts ones, actually come with Mesh Feet so for those of you who don’t have mesh feet then a great way of  getting yourself some.  You will have to be in the H@S group to be able to use these Lucky Chairs but again at 10Lds thats just a token price.


This lacy top is a Freebie from Easterling.  I had to pop a pair of my own panties on because as you can see it leaves nothing to the imagination.  You get all of the mesh body fits etc.


As I was double checking my goodies I spotted that I had missed the fact that this top comes with a colour packed Hud, so I TPed my skinny AV ass back home threw on the Petite Mort jeans I had mentioned in my last post (only 1Ld so check that post out) and clicked my way through the Hud.


A pretty generous selection of colours and textures for the main body of this top plus the addition of being able to change the colour of the lace at the bottom and the underboob lace.  Very nice indeed!

There is a lot of Hunts lined up for Easterling but most haven’t started yet.  There is also a couple of Gifts in the main entrance but I’m unsure which group you need to grab those but it wasn’t the Easterling one thats for sure, you may want to have a try yourself however this gift is definitely for the Easterling group and you can find it in the room behind the reception desk, standard shop layout which you will recognise straight away.

H@S Heels by Saki


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New Shop New Gift (Freebie).

I had such a lovely time wandering around an absolutely gorgeous rental sim.  Someone has spent an amazing amount of time, money and imagination in making this rental sim so much so I should imagine that it’s rare a vacancy comes up.


And then I got my act together and snapped off a few shots of this simple cropped top.  A slightly metalic Suede texturing with cute inbuilt perky boobs which makes a nice change from Gazungas.


It also comes with a colour changing Hud and you get 4 options all in the same natural tones.

This is a new shop and this is their opening giftie for us.

Third Eye

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Through the keyhole

coldLogic tyree top kost pants NEW

Another new bundle of gorgeousness from coldLogic today, this is the “tyree” top and the “kost” pants. I hadn’t noticed when I first tried the pants on that they actually have a really subtle pattern over them, ever so sweet and just makes them that little bit more interesting. Also loving the knitted waistband which gives a more casual style to lounge about in. This is the sepia shade , I thought it looked almost pink’ish , prolly why I pounced on them !

coldLogic NEW

The tyree top is heavenly, here’s a closer look for your peepers, its softly draped and has a wonderful little pocket at the front and a rib effect at the bustline and chest – so on trend. Beautiful range of colours in both and free demos on the market place and in store. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

coldLogic store

Sky Shoes

Hair by Truth