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So SL has decided to play up for me today but I shall persevere.  So here am I using a photo that I actually don’t like but it was the only one I took of the skirt and so I’ve decided to just go ahead and use it.  The reason I’m not that keen on it is that I don’t think it shows the fishtail, bow at the back and the pin stripe as well as I would have liked.  This is a pin striped skirt which is a little bit steam punky and a little bit cabaret.  Sorry everything else is stuff from my invent and not hunt prizes.

skirtagainFaith and I have split up the World Tour Grid Hunt because it’s MASSIVE and much more than a single person can do.  OK confession time I’ve not found much at all, my hunting skills even with some very good hints is appalling and I’ve found some stuff which is ok but maybe just a bit not what I expected (trying to be subtle here) and then I found this from Toxic High and was well impressed.

What I have found though is that most of the shops involved in this hunt are also running other hunts at the same time and also have others coming up in the near future.  I’ve also found some shops that  I didn’t even know existed so that was a pleasant surprise and I’ve got a lot more hunt items from this and other hunts.

I’ve given the LM for not only the store direct but also for the World Hunt Blog page as you will find it invaluable for LMs hints.  What you’re looking for is a World Globe and everything in this hunt is only a single Linden. Promises a lot of men/women and unisex items.

ToXic High

World Tour


Don’t Turn Around!

Urbaine FSorry I can’t turn around because on the front of this top is a very rude word (F*ck).  normal go for clothing in SL or RL that have slogans on them but since this comes from Vita’s Boudoir I of course TPed as soon as I got the notice of a Group Gift on offer.  Check out the skirt. A very wet leather look but it’s it’s wind lifted look that is the attention grabber. Fortunately comes with a pair of panties or if you dare to bare!

Both items are mesh and Group Gifts and that is still FREE to join.

A short post, for once, but RL is shouting at me I just wanted to get this lovely GG up.  So I will not wax lyrical about Vita’s Boudoir and her amazing dramatic clothes and costumes, over blown hair and statement pieces I will save all that for my next Vita’s Boudoir post.

Vita’s Boudoir

Vita’s Boudoir Marketplace

Vita’s Flickr

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Janine corneredJust before I was about to log off I finally found this skirt.  I knew I had it, I knew I only paid a single Linden for it and I knew it was brilliant I just didn’t know where I had filed it.  Turns out I grabbed it off Marketplace one day when I was bored and for a Linden I thought it was worth the risk and it sure was. A mesh skirt, creamy colour with black dots and you can even see the frills the last 2 seem to be slightly sheer.  It would be lovely at twice the price (2 Lds kidding) but unbelievably it’s a Dollarbie.


The skirt comes from AAA and as I was checking out the details I noticed that I’d already got the suitcase you can see behind me.  Another bargain because for 20Lds not only get a holdable one but a prop one and at 7 Prims you can rezz one in your home for decoration.

Special mention for the Dollarbie Wellies on the MP as well as the others so if this skirt doesn’t tempt you something sure will.

AAA (Marketplace)

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Its Summer…somewhere

even.flow NEW! For Acid Lily

It’s certainly not anything like Summer here in the UK…but I know some of you are in the sun ! I have some more goodies from the latest round at Acid Lily…boy-oh-boy its a great place to score a few bargains….even.flow have a couple treats out for you the first being this deeelicious little denim mini skirt…different tones available. It fits really really well..I cant stress that enough , I’ve bought SO many that just don’t. Sooper belt on it also, all that for just 69L *faint*…Im wearing it with another must-have from even.flow, the new mesh bikini , you can buy these mix n match…lotsa different tops and bottoms…just go mad ! The price tag wont scare you,  at 35L its a real steal , so grab a few while the going is gooooood. Thanks Yingy ❤

Acid Lily



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Little bit of this…

NiNight  Creations Group gift mesh sweater_006

and a little bit of that…Ive got a stunning group gift to share with you from NiNight Creations…this uber cuddly mesh sweater is out for all …deep plummy colour…with a hood that hangs over the back and that draped style of hem that goes longer over your derriere ! Great item to sling on and GO! Havent taken it off yet..always a sign that it’s a winner for moi…

ArisAris NEW

Also ArisAris have this darling set out called “Merino”…reminds me a lot of Kate Middleton’s current look…beautiful vintage feel fabric on the skirt, that flares out around your knees…teamed with a roll neck black sweater and co-originating scarf…the skirt has a belt attached that fits just purrrfectly…super classy ensemble !

NiNight Creations






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Sixty Linden Weekend

ohhhh I had to quickly fit this in so you don’t miss the deal! I’ve not followed the Sixty Linden weekend thinger much…but I spotted this wee darling…and wanted to share it…its by !Glitterati! by Sapphire (not to be confused with the sooperdooper pose store with a similar name)…called  “Nima” and comes in two choices of colour..the green/mint floral I’m wearing and also a truly lully purply tone. Especially love the waterfall shape of the skirt…great way to mix mesh & non-mesh…you could get extra mileage by using the mesh skirt with other summery tops, and vice versa…the price tag is just 60L…thanks Sapphire ❤

Glitterati by Sapphire

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Be Beautiful for less

I trotted over to Ribbon earlier and snapped up this dollarbie mesh skirt..flowing and long..perfect for the summer (if we ever get one in England!) I had a mooch around while I was there…and spotted this gorjus crochet blouse…the colour just worked so well with the dots on the skirt..and ohmaiii..just 30L …

I keep meaning to tell you about this new jewelry store I found called “Amorous” (one of the girls in the MOCK group told me about actually) and wow…its a spectacular store…and the gear is just awesomesauce…last week this set I’m showing was in the notices as a group gift – fingers crossed it’s still there for you (yesyesyes I know I’m slowww) Have a good look around..I picked up a few items on my trip…reasonably priced and great quality !