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Hardcore Freebie.

Just a quickie for a super busy day but this fell into my lap and since it’s from 2 exc shops I couldn’t resist.

TBH I TPed over to the Kitja & Spirit shops, snagged, stripped, dressed, TPed, posed and clicked in about 5 mins so I can’t remember which is which but I do believe the top is the Kitja gift and the skirt is the Spirit gift BUT what I do know is that you won’t find these inside the shops you will find them at the LM where there is a little Halloween set up and there are 2 little pressies waiting for you which is the skirt and the jacket.

PS The hair is, of course, a Mina’s and this one is “Sid” and as you can tell Sid is a punk lol and even though this is one of the mens hair I think I rock it.  I have chosen one of the special colours but of course, you can get the usual colour palettes I just thought this picture needed a splash of colour to it.

Kitja & Spirit 

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Sweet Thing.(Freebie).

I can’t sleep, not sure if it’s because of the super warm and lazy snoozy day I’ve had or the fact both of my cats seem to be going BAT SH*T CRAZY!  I have a feeling it’s a full moon tonight as well which is why they’re acting up.

Just a simple post for a simple skirt with a simple 11 colour hud and although it only comes in some of the mesh bod fits and doesn’t inc the SLink one I use I still found a fit I was happy with.

I took this picture first and then thought I’d take another one in another colour because pink it’s not everyone’s fave and you do get everything from white to pink to red to black etc and it does have a light texture to it as well.

Although this is yet again another “SL Classic” it is new and that extra big colour hud means it will work well for Summer and dare I mention Autumn or is that too early LOL.

A Free to join Group Gift from “Sweet Things” you do have to pay a Linden to buy it but the linden is returned to you.

Sweet Things


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12 out of 10 marks (Dollarbies).

Wow I would have been kicking myself if I had missed this Mini Hunt from Petite Mort because everything is AMAZING!  100% Texturing, fit and quality and each only costs a single Linden!

Even though every egg you’re hunting for only costs a single Ld there is a picture of the contents so if you just have a couple of Lindens to spare then you can pick and chose but  I think like me you will want to hunt down all 12+1  hidden eggs not just because they’re all such top quality but a damned good mix, shoes (SLink High), Wellies (Wellington boots), Shorts, Tops, Jumper, Skirt, Dress etc and ALL keepers.


Even the bloddy egg basket you grab at the start is a keeper because although you wear it and it has a nice holding pose, you don’t have to as it’s just a fun prop for the hunters, but you can even rezz it and at only 2 prims a lovely decor item as well as a wearable.


Gorgeous floral and flirty skirt and the top although it’s supposed to be white it has a lovely oatmealy texturing.


There is a couple of dresses and this is just one of them.


SLink High hooves needed for these shoes but the Wellies can be worn without mesh feet and they look just like the real thing.


Grungy top and I teamed the top with the shorts I can highly recommend the jeans as well.  Everything I’m showing you comes as separates but they all go together so well.  Nothing I’ve found is going to be trashed they’re all “keepers” even for a Invent Hoarder like me.


This is the +1 which is a Golden Egg win, for this dress you have to join the Petite Mort group to snag it but it’s free to join and I was so distracted by these goodies I forgot to check to see if there was any new GG’s out.

Petite Mort

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Back to School

Jane NEW!!! Sydni top, scholar skirt - mesh pug - satchel FREE! - Shoes by Karin 50L with HUD

The shops here are full to busting with last-minute uniform shoppers, people going off to Uni, back to school etc, its crazzzzzzylegs out there! When I saw the new sydni sweater & scholar skirt from Jane, I immediately thought of “comfy” wear, something cute and practical with an added dash of whimsy. The skirt comes in various colours and pattern, all have the fat happy bow at the waist. The sydni sweater is actually rather stylish and could be worn with some natty pants or an Autumnal length skirt – other colours in store. Like my pug dog? Gawd I want one soooo bad I almost choke thinking about it (seriously!), for now I’m making do with this free mesh one I found on the market place – info below. The satchel is adorable, just $1L on the market place. I’ve used it as décor but it does come with an inbuilt pose to hold.

HUD for Karin shoes

This is the HUD for the sweet pumps I’m wearing, only 50L and you get ALL the colours. Strangely they are not for Slink feet, just ordinary avatar feet, but I didn’t get the bulky ankle thing happening yay! Tried them with my slink flat feet, yes it would work, no I couldn’t be bothered to fiddle. The shoes are at a tiny little store called Karin, seems to be a sale on as most everything was 50L, also lucky boards!

Jane store

Free pug

Dollarbie satchel

Karin shoes


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Stars in your eyes

Stars Fashion, complete outfit with shoes for SLink High feet $125L

Stars Fashion has released another handful of outfits, all for just $125L for a short time. Above is “Gina”, very sweet outfit comprising skirt and top, plus a pair of shoes for Slink high feet. In the box was also a gift of summer shirts (I haven’t opened that yet). I noticed there were some new info photos included and thoughtfully Stars have taken pics to help those of us with mesh bodies. They show which portions you need to alpha out to get the best fit of the outfit – thank you! Three other looks to grab at the promotional price, market place or instore.

Stars Fashion Store

Stars Fashion market place

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Beach time


Boy-oh- boy it’s SO hot here today, I wish I was on a beach with nothing to do but read and soak up the rays. I’m making do with a SL type of sun break though and what better way than to slip into something cool and fresh from Egoxentrikax. A new store for me so I popped over and took a gander. Moderately priced, nice variety and this version of the Bohemi Outfit above is just 50L at the moment – I don’t know if that’s a limited time offer so dash before it ends. You get a lovely long mesh skirt, sweet tank and sunnies included. Other colours available at the full price (the aqua green is to-die-for – just thought Id let you know!)


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Indulge me (freebie).


Quickest grab and post every, about 30mins in total.

Just as I was about to log off Poised sent out a notice about its new June Group Gift (free to join) and the model was wearing the skirt in a similar manner as I am IE with a simple bikini top and it made me want to HOWL!  It is supposed to be Summer in the UK and yet again I’m sat here in RL in a jumper trying to resist the temptation to put the fire on and wonder why I ever bother to defuzz myself because the chances of wearing anything as Summery as this at this moment is ZERO.

Rant over, so yes the group gift is the skirt only but it does comes with a 6 colour changing hud so extra handy,  lacing on the side and a great fit.  As it happens there is another group gift on the desk next to this one and you have to join the “SL Free’s and Offers” group to grab that one but this one contains a non mesh dress and not only shoes for SLink feet but also system feet, that is a very nice touch because yet again not everyone can or wants to wear mesh and of course SLink aren’t free.