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Wardrobe essential for $10L !

I found this cute little outfit on the market place from Fiorella and I wasn’t expecting much at just $10L. Wow I was in for a surprise ! Great fit on the shorts and the top plus a stonking big Hud with twenty colour/pattern options for the top and ten for the shorts! Fits included are:

✿ Included Sizes for:

✿ Maitreya

✿ Slink

✿ Belleza

Here is the Hud – nice selection for both items, from patterned to plain and in between.

Fiorella Clara outfit

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Friday Sunshine

Lots of lovelies for you this Friday. Off the blocks with some super-duper new shorts from ArisAris – these little babies are a snug fit for sure. Mesh body fits only and only for sale on the market place. Limited quantities @ only $99L! You get eight different patterns and colours plus the belt with its own choice of tones, brilliant deal. The booty shoes are also new from ArisAris and are currently for sale at the Shoetopia event – mahoosive Hud to personalise almost every mm of them. I found this nifty Neve top in my closet – its called Rope and is from the neutral pack.

If you want this hair that comes with a super sized colour pack for just $50L, you’re gonna have to get your skates on – its by Lock & tuft and is their offering for Fifty Linden Friday, this ones called “sailor” and is unisex, there is another style there too – so drift on by and check it out before midnight. Sweet Easter egg table and stool are by Lunar Seasonal Designs – a huge menu with colour options for both pieces, plus the table also has plenty of decor that it will rez upon command. You’ll find this at the Perfect ten event that’s running at the moment.


Back of the head shot for the hair and also a closer peek at the shoes & shorts Huds for you.


ArisAris shorts market place link

Lock & Tuft

Perfect Ten

neve main store

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12 out of 10 marks (Dollarbies).

Wow I would have been kicking myself if I had missed this Mini Hunt from Petite Mort because everything is AMAZING!  100% Texturing, fit and quality and each only costs a single Linden!

Even though every egg you’re hunting for only costs a single Ld there is a picture of the contents so if you just have a couple of Lindens to spare then you can pick and chose but  I think like me you will want to hunt down all 12+1  hidden eggs not just because they’re all such top quality but a damned good mix, shoes (SLink High), Wellies (Wellington boots), Shorts, Tops, Jumper, Skirt, Dress etc and ALL keepers.


Even the bloddy egg basket you grab at the start is a keeper because although you wear it and it has a nice holding pose, you don’t have to as it’s just a fun prop for the hunters, but you can even rezz it and at only 2 prims a lovely decor item as well as a wearable.


Gorgeous floral and flirty skirt and the top although it’s supposed to be white it has a lovely oatmealy texturing.


There is a couple of dresses and this is just one of them.


SLink High hooves needed for these shoes but the Wellies can be worn without mesh feet and they look just like the real thing.


Grungy top and I teamed the top with the shorts I can highly recommend the jeans as well.  Everything I’m showing you comes as separates but they all go together so well.  Nothing I’ve found is going to be trashed they’re all “keepers” even for a Invent Hoarder like me.


This is the +1 which is a Golden Egg win, for this dress you have to join the Petite Mort group to snag it but it’s free to join and I was so distracted by these goodies I forgot to check to see if there was any new GG’s out.

Petite Mort

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Camp out ! (Freebie)

Dench Designs FREE gift - FATE wear Free shorts & towel

I popped over to Dench Designs yesterday and spotted the new group gift – the group is free to join BTW. Above is the gift, a brilliant camp out set. It’s really low in prims and the animations are superb. Amanda Dench always adds in some unusual adorable poses that I don’t see anywhere else ! There are couples & singles poses that have that system of no balls to bother with and that ask for permission to rez props directly into your hands – gotta love that. My towel and shorts are a group gift from Damien Fate @ FATEwear – you get the USA version AND Canada ! Might be worth checking the subscribo to see if you can get this in retrospect. (YES – they are for guys but the medium size in the shorts and small towel fitted a treat on me)

Dench Designs FREE gift - SPOOKY !

The animations I got the giggles over  is the “spooky” one, you are shivering and hunched up inside the tent, while outside a terrifying ghost floats around groaningggg ! Theres also marshmallow roasting, eating a picnic, drinking and smewchy cuddles for couples.

Dench Designs Chickens !

While you’re in the store wander outside and take a look at the animal section. This chicken coop won a place on my home sim straight away ! The chickens wander about and cluck, its sooo sweet (and low prim yay) I also snapped up the guinea pigs in a cage – I love guinea pigs ! Ohhh almost forgot to say, there’s a whopping big sale on some of the adult items upstairs – 50% off !


Dench Designs


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Short & Sweet

coldLogic kemp top kloss shorts NEW!

ohmai lawd, coldLogic has gone NUTS! They have just had thee most enormous release for summer. Seriously, set aside a bit of time to take a gander and try demo’s, theres It’s primarily shorts and shorts and more shorts, all sorts of shorts (o.O that rhymes) Plus tops, shirts, tanks. blouses to go with them. I’m a bit addicted to the kloss shorts I’m wearing above, different tones of denim from black to washed out, so soft looking. I’m wearing them with the kemp shirt, super pretty and at the back…

coldLogic new!

…is a little design secret, the shirt criss-crosses over and exposes your lower back awww ! You’ve got plenty of ways to mingle this delicious little piece in with casual or dressy skirts and pants, it’s really a brilliant “worker bee” for your closet.

coldLogic lannister top-Lancaster shorts2

You knowww how I feel about stripes ! What a winner for moi. These jaunty shorts are pretty nautical and cute with some delish colours to choose from, or snap up a great value quantum pack . Now Id usually sling on a tee with these but I tried this jacket and shirt combo and LOVED it . Yes, you wont be dragging these from my cold dead mitts for some time. Shorts are called lancaster and the jacket blouse combo is lannister. If you wanted a more casual feel try the saunders striped tied up tee.

coldLogic bowen & bliss

Last up for today are the bowen shorts and bliss halter neck top. Such a beautiful array of colours in both of these. A really retro vintage feel in the design ! Love love love the row of buttons at the hips, and the fit over your derrière is divine. The bliss top is a saucy little thing, perfectly sitting around your neck and stylishly cut around your arms. Demo’s freely available in store or on the market place, I’ll be back (as some guy once said!) over the next few days with squillions more to show you from the coldLogic team – thanks Janie, Damien & Zyrra ❤

coldLogic store 

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store

All hair from Argrace

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Awash with colour

coldLogic skirty petty candy - top layne candy NEW!

I’m sat here in my real life office, listening to rain storm thundering down on the roof, wishing with all my heart I had the sort of weather that would allow me to be wearing the latest releases from coldLogic. Blah ! I expect too much for an English gal right?! Thank goodness for Second Life’s sun, I can mooch about wearing whatever I desire at any time of day. Here I am wandering a great expanse of beach in one of the new skirts and shirts, the skirt is “petty” and the top is called “layne”. I choose to wear the “candy” colour in the shirt, it’s a really sweet delicate tone. I don’t know if you can notice but I’ve been using the settings that enable materials to be visible in my last few posts, it’s a subtle difference but it does allow the fabric of each piece to shine through. I automatically got all grabby hands when I saw these two pieces – they seem to be timeless and classic, gentle and feminine. Both items will be so very easy to work in with your existing wardrobe.

coldLogic shirt vayne - shorts davar NEW!

On to the new “davar” shorts, you’re in for a treat when you take a peek at the colour range for these babies ! Two tone and pretty juicy. As I helpfully have not shown here (durrr) Essentially one colour at the front, another at the back. Brill fit and sweet turn ups on the cuff. I teamed it up with one of the “vayne” tops. These little shirts are dead easy to wear with almost anyyyything.

coldLogic dell shirt buff - petty skirt nude NEW!

Last up for today is the halter neck charms of “dell” in a gorgeous buff tone, worn with the “petty” skirt in the nude colour. I simply adore the dell top, close-fitting, with stitched in panels at the side. Theres something for everyone in this release, juicy colours right down the line to soft neutrals if you’re a bright colour scardey cat like moi.  Btw my hair in this photo is by tram, its available right now at the Collabor88 event – haven’t bought anything from tram for a while but this stopped me in my tracks and KERCHING! Thanks Janie, Damien & Zyrra ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog


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Cheap and Lazy.

Cheap an

I’m being both cheap and lazy here, the cheapness are these shorts which  are only 2LDS and they’re a perfect  fit and great texturing. So good that when I pop back for the LM I’m grabbing any other shades of these shorts that she may have out.

The lazy is the fact I grabbed a whole load of goodies from Renata Dragova’s shop RD Style from new and old  hunt items, dollarbies, Group Gifts (50Lds to join) etc and all I can be bothered with it these shorts.  Thats not to say that there wasn’t some other lovelies and in fact I grabbed a total of 20 items some of which are tops, skits and shoes but as always time is pressing so I’ve quickly snapped this piccie.  Hopefully the LM will take you to the room with the discount and group gifts in but check out the entrance as you can see all the hunts that are taking place and if I could find them you can.  There may also be the St Patrick’s Days gifts set out as well, Baylen has just blogged the mens jacket but there is also a dress and shoes on offer as well.

Sorry the top isn’t a cheapie but since I’m wearing it and I love it I’ll let you know that it comes from Ronsem and if I put the link at the end of the post then you will know it’s still in the shop.

RD Style

Ronsem (it’s there and more than 1 colour)