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LM ME (outlet shop&Freebie).

One of the main reasons I always log into SL to grab the LM is that there is less chance of ending up with a “broken link” which sadly is why I’m not showing you the lovely Freebie I wanted but if you have some Lindens to spare then I really recommend you pop over to Asteria Creations.

There are some classic SL styles her and some new fresh designs and everything is top notch texturing. A mix of elegant evening wear and cool casuals. There are Free to join Group Gifts of some jewelry, hair, hat etc but tbh none to my taste but that means nothing, you may of course may think differently so still worth a check.  All of this is to be found in the Mainshop but just across the way is the outlet shop.

OOOO I’ve just noticed that one of the outfits I’m drooling over in the main shop has the little WOMANstuff Hunt shirt just above it. I’ve literally just spotted it and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s going to be  a keeper when I get around to unpacking it.


In the Outlet section is a whole mix of stuff, mesh, non mesh, maybe mesh, definitely not mesh LOL.  Some really lovely items here and since everything seems to be priced at just 55Lds mark very reasonable.

I bought this simple mesh dress because when I spend Lindens I need to know I will wear this item more than once in SL and I will for sure with this.  It’s top quality texturing and attention to details with all those folds and lace.  Easy to wear on its own or with jeans.  I have fiddled with the picture because this outfit come with a demo so you can try it and the other colours before you buy.  Looks like this is the only item in the whole outlet section that actually comes with a demo even the other items which are marked clearly as being mesh don’t come with demos but you can see even this stuff is quality and worth the money.


I had to snag these boots as well.  They aren’t scripted or Mod so one size has to fit all but they fitted me pretty nicely.  There is a slight breakthrough but nothing bad enough that I felt I would need to thin my AV shape down for.  If someone want to zoom that closely on your legs they’re just saddos. 55Lds for these and there are other colour options as well.

NEED I REMIND YOU! (probably not) it’s Friday and that means it’s FLF, Fifty Linden Friday.  I’ve not started it yet as I so wanted to show this dress off I’ve delayed it but when I get back inworld to LM grab I’m going to do the FLF.  Since my previous attempts to give you the link to join the group have failed I’ll put a link to one of the shops involved in this weeks FLF and you can join from the Group Joining Board which is always right next to the offer.

YESSSS, So I quickly TPed home and unpacked the Freebie WOMENstuff win from Asteria , quickly redressed and then popped over to Pilot to give you the LM for one of the FLF boards and show you the WOMENstuff hunt outfit.


A mesh short and top combo can be worn together or as separates.  A brilliant freebie.  So you can clearly see the FLF board just give it a slap and join the group and each Friday like me you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Asteria Creations

Pilot FLF Board