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Slouching about

coldLogic NEW - FATEstep nylon chucks

Super excited to share with you the latest release from coldLogic ! Here I am exploring the grid wearing the coldLogic “traux” pants in a happy berry tone and my FATEstep nylon chucks. I popped on the brand spankin new Ortiz shirt also from coldLogic – now the really dandy bit about this shirt is it comes with a sweater that’s tied loosely around your shoulders – casual and stylish ! Also you get a tucked in version which is fabulous value and adds even more versatility to this item. Lots of different colours so go check it out.

coldLogic NEW

This is the miles version of the new shirt, jolly plaid fabric, also a tucked version in the box plus that shoulder sweater to add. Im wearing all of the above over my Slink Physique body utilising the physique option in the box, perfect fit everytime! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

 FATEstep store

FATEstep market place

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Read it.

Sage Fashions - shopoholic shirt 25L Modern couture FREE necklace - Clawtooth Cherry bomb hair

While I was Retail Therapy earlier I couldn’t resist a whirl on the Sage gacha machine ! They’ve got two out actually – one for tank tops and one for a nightshirt/ t-shirt as above. All have cheeky slogans on and for just 25L a pop its great fun. I was lucky enough to win the rare one o.O. Another go got me the hot pink one yay! Really well made and the fit is superb. My necklace is a freebie from Modern Couture, no group to join and you will find it on the back wall – left hand side.

Retail Therapy

Modern Couture

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Think Pink (Shade of pink hunt).


Not many hunt items out there for men and in this case since everything is Pink themed it is more for the women but I did find this and it’s non too shabby.  You not only get the mesh shirt, vest combo but also non mesh jeans and mesh (I think they’re mesh) boots.

Shade of pink hunt start location.

Blog with prize pictures and LMs

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Awash with colour

coldLogic skirty petty candy - top layne candy NEW!

I’m sat here in my real life office, listening to rain storm thundering down on the roof, wishing with all my heart I had the sort of weather that would allow me to be wearing the latest releases from coldLogic. Blah ! I expect too much for an English gal right?! Thank goodness for Second Life’s sun, I can mooch about wearing whatever I desire at any time of day. Here I am wandering a great expanse of beach in one of the new skirts and shirts, the skirt is “petty” and the top is called “layne”. I choose to wear the “candy” colour in the shirt, it’s a really sweet delicate tone. I don’t know if you can notice but I’ve been using the settings that enable materials to be visible in my last few posts, it’s a subtle difference but it does allow the fabric of each piece to shine through. I automatically got all grabby hands when I saw these two pieces – they seem to be timeless and classic, gentle and feminine. Both items will be so very easy to work in with your existing wardrobe.

coldLogic shirt vayne - shorts davar NEW!

On to the new “davar” shorts, you’re in for a treat when you take a peek at the colour range for these babies ! Two tone and pretty juicy. As I helpfully have not shown here (durrr) Essentially one colour at the front, another at the back. Brill fit and sweet turn ups on the cuff. I teamed it up with one of the “vayne” tops. These little shirts are dead easy to wear with almost anyyyything.

coldLogic dell shirt buff - petty skirt nude NEW!

Last up for today is the halter neck charms of “dell” in a gorgeous buff tone, worn with the “petty” skirt in the nude colour. I simply adore the dell top, close-fitting, with stitched in panels at the side. Theres something for everyone in this release, juicy colours right down the line to soft neutrals if you’re a bright colour scardey cat like moi.  Btw my hair in this photo is by tram, its available right now at the Collabor88 event – haven’t bought anything from tram for a while but this stopped me in my tracks and KERCHING! Thanks Janie, Damien & Zyrra ❤

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Im a lumber jack and I dont care…


SF Design NEW! Somnia NEW!

Theres something about plaid that always makes me smile.  I was a happy camper when I saw the new releases come through from SF Design & Somnia…plaid fesssst ! SF Design has these natty pants out available also in animal prints (rawwrrr). The nifty thing is you get a HUD, so you have ooodles of different colours in one single pair. I’m and chose the grey/black, love it . I teamed it up with a tied up blouse from Somnia, which also come sin a zillion colours in the one box – great value and so flexible .

Somnia NEW!

Another bundle of newness from Somnia that caught my eyes is the  cafios skirt . Its dead tight and sooper cute. I wore it in red with one of the lumber patch plaid shirts…so chic ! If you havent shopped at Somnia before, don’t forget to trot upstairs and slap those lucky boards, you will come away with a mahoosive haul of goodies and not old stuff, the boards are changed regularly to reflect new releases , PLUS…at the moment there is a huge sale on with 50%- 70% off nearly everything .

SF Design


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Boho, Booty, Hotpants (and FREEBIE’S)

Boho ChickManaged to spend a little time wandering around the Legione sim which is where I picked up the amazing free hair from my previous post and I found a small shop called Aphorism.  As soon as I spotted these sexy Boho style hotpants, with as you can see, laced sides I had to have them.  75Lds a go Gacha items and although this pair isn’t one of the rares ones  and although purple isn’t my favourite colour I have to admit I love this whole look.  Lots of shorts and linen pants for men and women at more than reasonable prices. Check out the MP which also has demos but of course you can only get these in the inworld shop but again if you have time to kill then killing it on the Legione sim isn’t a waste of time, loads of lovely hang out places, plenty of props and poses for the poseur in you, some hidden areas and open stage areas and a lovely up and coming shopping area.

Then a notice came through from Dollies about their new range of “long sleeve loose shirt” available at the new  She and Him monthly event.  They’re so well done I didn’t just get the 1 I treated myself to 2 colours, white and brown. The simple shirt taken to a new level, the lightly windblown look is so sexy but you’re not flashing any boobs so no rudeness there.  There is a skirt available which looks as though it has been made to match these shirts beautifully but I’ve resisted and I’m wearing a pair of my jeans and this shirt just looks great on them.  If you check out CrystalDoll Lemon main shop she is also involved in the Dirty Turkey Hunt and I have to confess I failed to find it but you might just do better than me and there is a lovely dress on offer.

beerSo there I am stood in Aphorism typing away and I noticed that there is a FREEBIE set out.   Decided to let Baylen model these for a change, shop quality and you get 2 versions with or without the belt loops.  Have to say they’re a mix of 3 styles to me, linen pants, jeans and almost Pajama like.  Nice that it’s for both men and women and if you’re a couple who like to dress alike then you will love the matching pants.  Only available for a limited time (I believe till the 15th but I could be wrong so don’t delay).  To get them you click the photo on the table at the back of the room and again don’t forget to check out the lovely sim and maybe ear mark it for a place for you to chill at.


APHORISM Marketplace

Dollie (at She and Him)

Dollie Mainstore

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Good mornings & Goodnights

SF Design NEW! (comes with plain striped version plus wearable, huggable & stactic teddybears!)

Oh I so love snuggly items to wear, and with this new release from SF Design, you get oooodles of snuggles ! Each colour pack is stuffed with goodies to ensure you get a good nights rest and are smiling when you wake up.

SF Design NEW! (comes with plain striped version plus wearable, huggable & stactic teddybears!!)

You get a nighty with a teddy bear on the front…and you get a plain striped version also. I just adored the gentle dove grey tone, there is mauve, blue and pink also to tempt you ! You can get these as transfer (so ideal for gifts!) or as copy/modify…and at 150L per pack…they are a total steal! Btw you might notice I’ve changed skins in the photo above, I noticed the lip gloss on the skin I got from a gacha yard sale (STILL can’t get into the Arcade to shop darn it!) by The Skinnery, is a great match for the espresso set I also got ! What a happy accident, I shall always have to wear this skin whilst I have my SL wake up espresso right?!

SF Design NEW! (comes with plain striped version plus wearable, huggable & stactic teddybears!!!)

Ok ok ok so I couldn’t resist trying on the PINK one ! I wanted to show you one of the three teddy bears you get with your nightshirt…one (above) has an animated snuggle, one attaches to your hand and the other is for displaying in your boudoir…SO cute. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design