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El Patio Inc


I’ve been taking a lot of photos recently around a store called El Patio…and I wandered inside as the quaint little cafe looked so cute. Imagine my deeeelight when I spotted that El Patio make heapsss of scrummy foody items ! You all must know by now that I just adore food related stuffs…my SL home is crammed with it, it just adds so much atmosphere. Soooo I poked and nosed around and finally settled on the toast & jam set, a real steal at just 50L. Not only reasonably priced but it also dispenses munchable toast when you touch it ! I thought Id join the group so Id get more news, and found that the dear plate with mesh sammiches on is a gifty for members, hurrah! (Its in the group notices btw and group is free join) I also snapped up the baguette in the paper bag, low prim and only 10L…who could leave it behind?

El Patio Inc. Paper Bag Luminara FREE ! Garden bags Free! Mesh

I also found at the back of the store a group gift board, it’s these sweet mesh wall planters containing different plants. Brilliant for cheering up an exterior or interior wall…and after I wandered into the greenhouse that’s outside, I found these free paper bags that hold candles…love them ! Go and take a look around, the cafe is just piled with beautiful cakes and boxes of candies etc…


El Patio Inc.