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Finally! Something you can rezz. (Freebies).

Yessss, Linden labs have now increased people’s PRIMS which means if you own land you now have MORE prims to play with so woo hoo I’m taking the day off RL and I’m rezzing my biggest nastiest primiest house and calling it home!

Until then a skirt n bag just for you.


Both from the same shop,Vive Nine and they’re just there in the entrance.  TBH once I’d grabbed em I read the note off Faith to check the sim prim count and so I TPed home to rezz, rezz and then rezz some more so I’m not sure what is in the Vive Nine shop but really nice GG’s.  A leather pencil skirt in all the mesh sizes and a wearable bag with 4 really good poses, 2 for each arm.  Sorry, I forgot to walk around and see if the bag moves well with your AO but I have a feeling it will do.


But if you’re like me not into your accessories but like using bags, shoes etc as decor items the bag is only 6 prims so rezz away.

Vive Nine

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Fifty is Fab

MOLiCHiNO Fifty Linden Friday skirt & top plus bodysuit (not shown) 50L

A real quicky of a post so you don’t miss this amazing outfit from MOLiCHiNO. I hadn’t heard of this store before so thought Id check out the FLF offer, always a good way to check out a new designer. Was really impressed with the (free) demo’s and actually thought that it was 50L for each item…but oh no ! You get the nude tone mesh skirt AND the mesh lace top, plus you will find in the box a red body suit – just incase you’re a lot more modest than Iam. Didnt have time to mooch the store but will definitely be returning for a good look around later. This offer is only available for Friday…dont miss out!


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Clutch me


I have a real passion for bags & purses…uhm..a bit like I do for shoes and hair really ! I heard B&T had opened a new mesh studio..and headed over there to scope it out. First thing I spied was this deeelicious mesh clutch…and ohmai a real bargain at just 10L…it has a built-in pose it ! Then I spotted this slinky dinky mesh pencil skirt for 49L …right on style…and sparkly ! It was SO mine…it comes with various sizes included so your sure to get a good fit…slipped on that group gift jacket from [echo] and felt a million bucks…there is a heap of really lovely gear to gawp at…specially loved the mini wrapped mesh skirts..and check out the long baggy mesh shirt…fahhhbulous! Guys there is gear for you also hoohah!

B&T mesh studio

Group gift jacket [echo]