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Gangnam Style

I like that song soooo much I’m almost beginning to hate it? Saw this cute sugary pink mesh Gangnam style tribute dress on the market place and HAD to grab it..natty little outfit, for just 10L its a real bargain…I slipped a Jane layering tee on…a pair of leggings I’ve had rolling around in my inventory for like years and nabbed myself a pair of these fabbo little boots from DUH, only 20L – steal! (I edited the woollen part to a slightly deeper pink to go with the dress…if you do this, make sure you don’t recolour the whole boot, use “edit linked” and click on the woolly sock bit , then play with the tone – you may also have to lift an invisi prim up to do so..just yank it back down when you’re done – easy peasy)

Yuki Hoki Styles


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

At Home

Wether you’re gonna be at home mooching about like moi…or youre exploring the SL globe..this new dress from CandyMetal is just perfect…its called Lin and is just 199L…three colours available. I really loved the neutral grey..but theres  green and a purple …you also get a small short top to wear underneath….if youre ok with flashing a bit of boobage..dont wear it ! Thanks Emychan ❤