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At the end of the day

Somnia NEW

Theres a whole bundle of new releases from Somnia this week, this dress caught my eye. Its called Ecliptic Vortex, little bit of a retro pattern going down! Great design detail with the ribbed turtle neck and the attached wide white leather belt. For your 200L you actually get a stonkingly huge pack of NINE colours ! (all in five sizes each) Dont forget to use the scratch & win ticket in the box while youre there!


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Old & New

Arcana drinks machine NEW! Stars Fashion - complete outfit with boots 99L!
I still feel sluggish after the Festive season, so I thought Id pep myself up with a coupla new outfits from Stars Fashion. Am unbelievable TEN new releases this week – and at a promotional 99L per set (only available for another few days) they surely are a really great deal. “I love Fashion” is the name of the set above – you get the dress, bolero jacket and the snazzy boots ! The vintage coke machine is a new release from Arcana – superb looking machine that actually dispenses a wearable animated can to drink. Lowwwww prim too yay!

Arcana NEW! Stars Fashion 99L promotion - complete outfit with boots !

I also chose this outfit above from Stars to share, its called Celesta and again just 99L for the next coupla days. Totally adore the checkerboard print on the dress, the jacket adds some chic interest, you also get two pairs of tights (sheer and not so sheer) plusss the fabbo boots ! At my feet is another new release from Arcana – this is the bit where you pay attention! These aren’t just pretty decorative books – oh no – they have a secret. Inside each set (and there are many to choose from) is a magical script, it allows you to add notecards, possibly even lovers notes (if that’s your thang), you can set the book to private or public , so your lover can take a peek. I’m thinking it’s just purrrfect with Valentines day approaching no? The globe is just gorgeous, I love it. One touch and it slowly rotates around – three designs to choose from. Ohhh dont forget while youre there both subscribo and group gifts are out to collect!

Stars Fashion



Slurrrrrrrrrrp !

Bubblez NEW!

I love strawberry milk, and I was stoked when I won one in a gacha machine at Flying Girls. If you walk through the racks of gorjus clothing and go up the stairs, you will find a little heaven of gacha machines to play . There are some sooper cool things such as a fly swatter and buzzzing cloud of flies…wearable candy baskets and a brilliant umbrella with a squillion poses in it ! My dress is from Bubblez, isn’t it cute?! A simple and fresh mini dress with flouncy floral pattern hem and a peter pan collar. Lovely detailing on the cotton fabric with wrinkles and creases adding realism. If you’re not a big fan of pink (omg!) there is also a baby blue version. (Thanks Milo xxx)

Flying Girls


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Lady in red


CandyMetal FREE outfit - includes dress, shoes,necklace and purse !!


Theres a lovely outfit for you as a group gift at CandyMetal ! The set comprises of a ruffled front mesh dress, matching red leather patent shooz,purse and a necklace…love love LOVE! I’m wearing the dress right now, its definitely a keeper. The clutch bag is red and has rows of metallic studs on the flap, tres chic. The shoes have an easy to use HUD for skin tone and nail colours, perfect , thank you Candymetal!




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A mini Minnie

NiNight Creations Group gift - Minnie dress FREE!

So glad to see some new releases from NiNight Creations ! This is the new mesh Minnie dress, isn’t it soooo cute? It comes in a range of six other colours and they are juicy fresh…something about dots that just always make me smile ! The black & white version is out as the group gift hot foot it over there and grab yourself up a treat.

NiNight Creations

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Stealing away

PiNK CHERRY NEW! Emilia dress in rose

Ever had the urge to follow a railroad track and see where it leads? I did today, it was such a beautiful afternoon and the scenery was stunning…so I wandered along. Luckily there were no scheduled trains ! Anyhooooo….PiNK CHERRY have this delightful slip-of-a-dress out new instore. Named Emilia, I’m wearing it in the rose shade. Very delicate colour with just the barest hint of posey pink. If you strain your eyes, you can see its a lil bit naughty and leaves the very tip of your nips it ! Check out the beady halter strap, different and pretty. Heaps more colours available instore…


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Pink Cherry NEW!

Newness from Pink Cherry ! Not only a new frock but also mesh jewels, yummmi. The Chemise dress is gorgy…floral print all over it with the addition of spaghetti straps make it such  a stunner…theres a few colour choices in this so go take a peek…love how the hemline dips at the back ! I’m also wearing the new line of mesh jewelry, the Ethnic collection. Beady bracelet in three tones of metal copper,silver & gold, plus earings to match all three. thanks Ladies ❤

Pink Cherry