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Friday Slump

bauwerk 22769 The Challenge - elua Brenda hair- neve espirit sweater,zeezee houndstooth pants - Venus shoes vanessa with HUD

I almost forgot that a new round of The Challenge has begun – I’ve been that tired lately and now its Friday I’m definitely slumping. So anyway, one thing that really stood out for me in this current round is from 22769 bauwerk. The conversation bench sits up to three people, and has twelve sitting animations crammed inside. This version is white 7 gold – which I found particularly scrumptious! Ye s I am stilllllll wearing the Neve hounds-tooth pants, because they are delicious and I lurves them. This time with one of the newly released “espirit” sweaters from the neutrals pack. I had to buy some more wintery type shoes, so scoped the market place out and found these top-notch shoe/booties from Venus.

Venus shoes - slink, maitreya belleza - with 30 colour HUD for 7 shoe parts $149L !

Great value at just $149L and the HUD is awesomely fantastic with a gazillion colours to play with yippeee! These will suit Slink, Maitreya & Belleza high feet btw. Gah, just noticed that the HUD hasn’t rezzed fully in the photo – but I’m sure you get the idea – sorry!

Neve @ coldLogic store

Neve market place

Venus Vanessa shoes

22769 bauwerk

The Challenge blog

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Brrrr !

Neve zeezee lively - campus stripe NEW! DUH! Stitched western boots $40L !

So alrighty ! We’re dropping into the Fall arena pretty swiftly and there’s heaps of new gear around for the season. Neve have released another bundle of goodies with some really unique fiddly bits. Above I’m wearing the “zeezee” leggings, this scrumptous teal colour is from the lively pack, now the coolio thing is with these little darlin’s you will never need to stress about that old “legging – boot” scenario again hurrrah! In the HUD, is a wee bit of trickery that allows you to alpha out for boots of different lengths. I didn’t have to use it with these stitched western boots form DUH! – however I did try it out with other pairs and it’s SO brill. I’ve teamed the leggings up with a gorgeous new Autumnal sweater called “campus”, various packs of this in store, this is the stripe version. The HUD lets you remove the undershirt and recolour it, you all know I adore a bit of versatility.


These western boots by DUH! come in a whole heap of colours (I’m showing just a few here), they came out a while back but are so darn handydandy I use them a lot. Only $40L per colour, fat pack available too.

Neve zeezee floral - Breeze neutral NEW!

Another version of the zee zee leggings, a rather delicate tone from the floral pack. Over the top Im wearing the “Breeze” top, the HUD allows you to recolour the insert shirt also. There is a lattice version of this that’s ever so pretty – go take a gander and grab up a few free demo’s .

Neve zeezee neutral - campus neutral NEW

Here I am pottering in my SL garden and wearing the breeze top in brown from the neutral collection over the zee zee leggings (also neutral) This sweater is more organic and sort of nubbly. I thought it was just perfect for tottering about outside in no?

Duh! Boots (many colurs available)

What you can’t see above are my fabulous boooots from DUH! Gawd I love these and I don’t know how I didn’t see them before in the store. These are the combat boots, such a lovely array of colours to choose from, because I’m so deadly dull I of course chose beige . Just $50L per pair, basics pack $100L, fat pack uhm…$200L I think. Nifty touch to resize function and you don’t need mesh feet for these – nice !

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve Blog

DUH! Store

DUH! Blog

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coldLogic anselmo jacket & adler leggings salmon NEW

My real life home is surrounded by trees, consequently my gardens are FULL of leaves ! Each day I go out and kick them around, no point in raking them up as tomorrow they will be back *sigh*. Anyhowwww in SL its a different matter, I can rake them up to my hearts content. So I got busy on our home sim Dreamworks (come visit if you like!) I snagged this sweet leaf raking set from mien at the Autumn event. 150L for six poses, you get the leaf pile and rake also, love it ! I snuggled into a new release from coldLogic too, gawd my dream come true, spots and a warm jacket, perfect for some glamorous gardening huh? Now you might think I’m wearing pink as usual, but actually this colour is called “salmon” its a beautiful shade that’s very gentle on your skin tone (and of course is almost pink !)  The leggings come in a bewildering yet brilliant selection of sizes and types, different cuff styles, some for wearing under a dress/skirt , the jacket has a really soft look to it and deep ribbed hem & cuffs, it also comes with an optional under shirt . Two packs of this (or singles if you wish) dark tones and lights.

DUH! Boots

A little note about my boots in this post. I popped over to DUH! after seeing someone asking about non – slink shoes and boots. I wanted to check to see  what was on offer, and found these terrific little boots. The spiked ankle boots were only 25L and are unisex .(some more boyish colours are available) Totally brill and pretty. The longer length boots are colour change but you can buy single tones as well. A simple style with a chunky wedge heel, a great addition to my wardrobe. I seem to recall the pack was 40L or thereabouts, such good value.

coldLogic Baket coat johns leggings - mien shrooms pose NEW - DUH Engineer boots multi colour HUD inc.

One more coldLogic outfit for today, and I almost swooned when I saw the jacket, isn’t it to.die.for ! Heavy knit with a cable pattern, hand on heart my nana knitted one JUST like this for me years ago. I’m also wearing another newly released pair of leggings with it, these just might take over from my old Jane piggies tights. (Never thought Id say that) What I really liked about the new releases is they are just so easy to wear, slam it on and you’re good to go – no fussing, no editing. With the range of sizes on offer in the leggings its sooper simple to wear them with just about any pair of pants or shoes. My shroom basket poses is also by mien and at the Autumn event, six cute poses all holding a basket of mushrooms – uhm I think it was 150L. Nice event btw, deffo worth a visit.

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

One word Autumn Event


DUH Blog

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A sorta freebie but since you have to join the group for a fee of 50Lds then not completely free.  I actually just wanted the knitted look leggings esp since they’re mesh as well but the top comes with it so that’s a bonus.  B!asta pops out regular GG’s so although I joined, grabbed and then unjoined (I’m short on Group spaces) you of course can join and reap the rewards each month.  There are also regular offers here such as 60Lds weekends, monthly discounted items etc.


Normally when doing a paid for items I don’t fiddle with the colour so you can get a good idea of what you get for your money esp if there is no demo for you to try  but I forgot “Oops”.  So the colours in these 2  pictures are a bit more darker but if you check out the picture in the main shop it’s a real good representation of the true colour and the last picture was taken in my Nams setting and not fiddled with.


Check out my ball.  Keshie the owner of Mayfly eyes was so sweet and sent me some more of her eyes and also this pose ball.  You add it and it appears at the bottom middle of your screen a simple click puts you into a classic  SL pose and this way you can zoom closer on your new mesh eyes and use the oh so simple pop up menu to adjust your eyes to exactly how you want them.  As we all know though, when you go into the standard SL editing pose it’s like stadium lights have lit you up and if you’re wanting to adjust your face or in this case eyes you can’t do it as that light just bleaches out detail.  This simple pose ball puts you into a standard SL editing pose without that blinding light! What a difference it makes.  Remember you don’t rezz you wear and it appears on your screen.  It’s such a handy item on it’s own.

baist ete

So this is my untouched piccie because I wanted to show off my eyes. These aren’t the New Group Gift ones but at 60Lds for the pack a bargain.  I wander around in Keshies shop and I just cannot make up my mind what eyes I want so I’m so grateful for the GG’s.  She has some stunning ethereal colours and natural rich colours and everything in between. I’ve always been really lazy with my eyes and although I’ve tried out mesh eyes previously Mayfly eyes are not only the best but even though the menu is pretty comprehensive it’s actually really easy to use! and with it you can change so much with such ease.  Although she has plenty of GG’s and discounts out at 99Lds for a pack I think it’s a bargain.

The 60Ld eyes are just inside the doorway to your right when you walk in, the previous GG London Fog is still there so make sure to grab that.  Then go to the “Luminous” department and above all the rows of stunning eyes is a small board with yet another GG and then in the corner is yet another GG and this pose ball.  If you’re even more lucky your initial might just pop up on the Lucky Boards there as well.

There is also oodles of eyes for Nekkos and Petites which is good to see.  Actually there is also a small selection of jewelry and other items but it’s the eyes that mesmerise (boom boom).




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Rawr! NEW mesh sweater - dollarbie mesh leggings

Remember a store called Doux Couture?, if you do you’ll thank me for this post. DahliaJames GossipGirl opened back up a while ago and I’ve been keeping my eye on her little store in the sky. Doux Couture was one of those places that I used to pop into at least once a month to scoot around, always handy things to add to my already burgeoning wardrobe . Rawr Revolution seems to be her mesh items, and its totes worth checking out. Not a lot of items to browse but these funky mesh sweaters are worth the trip alone, I also snapped up the mesh leggings for just 1L – deal! Id been hunting around for lipsticks with added teeth…and found some yesterday from The Sugar Garden, they’ve got bunches and bunches of colours, and its a good deal in the pack as you get varying depths of colour anddd the no teeth version also. I THINK the one I’m wearing was 125L, go check it out.

Rawr Revolution


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Beach Life

coldLogic fray top gomez shorts

The new releases are coming fast and furious from coldLogic…Ive got heaps to share with you. Above is the “fray” top and “gomez” shorts…the colour I picked to show them in is ocean…isnt it pretty? Turquoise is a firm favourite of mine for a day on the beach…its so seas-sidey! The top would lend itself to a dressier outfit, beautifully draped over the tum area…it has a subtle sheen to it also. The shorts have a linen feel ..and a faint stripe…o.O did you notice my necklace?


It’s from Electica…and is part of the new “solaria” collection..big plump jewel surrounded by either silver or gold. There is turquoise, ivory,sulphur or cyan to choose from…I particulary liked the gold, it’s not overly sparkly or twinkly, you know? Its more antique looking…totally gorgeous. Incase you’re wondering..YES, there are ear rings to match in the pack, but my fluffy hair always covers them ! Thanks Tiffy ❤

coldLogic fenty top mccarthy shorts

Here is  the “fenty” tank top…great range of colours in this, and with it sweet flipped-to-the side front opening its adorable. I teamed it up with the “mccarthy” shorts…sooper spotty , just right for a walk along the shore. More colours instore.


Now for something juicy ! This is the “tisdale” top…plain top and a striped bottom, the colour palette for these makes them everrrrr so versatile. You can match up any of the tones on the stripes with jeans,pants,shorts etc yay!…Im wearing it with the “dion” Capri leggings..adore this colour called flamingo…tiny calf split gives them bags of style. Go take a peek instore or the market place to see the whole massive set of new releases, its huge and fahhhbulous – thanks coldLogic team ❤

Talking of bags…I found some at =IZUMIYA=  yesterday…gawd, only 80L and in the pack you get SO many versions PLUS, colour change ! Wearable for your shoulder, hand, across your front and draped at the back…Im wearing the the “leather” one above,  you get  oodles of tones to play with, colour change via a simple to use menu, howzat?! There are a few on offer, naturally I got all of them *winks*. Look upstairs also, there are freebies scattered around for you to grab!

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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Generation- X

o.O another new mesh outfit from Bubblez ! (does milo ever sleep?!) Say hello to Generation X…a sleek outfit consisting of a mesh shirt with a faint pinstripe laced through it..a tie that’s embellished with silver chains…and a scrummy pair of chic mesh leggings…so cooool and sophisticated…Im also wearing a fabbo skin offer from Stars Fashion..

for just 99L you get the skin, shape (not worn in photo 1 but is above) eyes,lashes, and four make ups! Two base versions of this skin are in the box..Im wearing the natural lips one..along with one of the makeups which are really really lovely…I think I prefer the face shape that’s in the box for this skin…which is pretty unusual for moi. Thanks Milo & Atlante ❤


Star Fashion