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Home girl

I’m a real homebody lately…and have been pretty excited by the progression of mesh in decor items…Lok’s (a long-term fav of mine cause Iam theeee low prim Queen of interior decor!) gave out a group gift this week of a mesh lamp, it’s a wicked little item…its got heaps of colours in the menu for both the base & shade, looks a million bucks on the mesh table from Vooner , which is also currently free !

Also in the group gift from Lok’s (free group join btw yay!) is this washer & dryer..perfect deco for your SL kitchen…also has a colour change menu so it will slot right on in easily, and low prim…hurrah! You should find them in the group notices after joining…the vooner gifty I’m not sure how long its available for..so dashhhh.

These wearable gifts are from “Choose Cafe”, there are about 50 or so to collect *faints*, I found them on whats fast becoming one of my favourite blogs for all things unique & wearable in sl Virtual Vagabond, so thank you for feeding my wearable addiction !

This wearable globe is just gorgeous…it comes in two parts that you wear and then add…youll find yourself sat on a rock in a pretty water garden, complete with fluttering fireflies..awww adorbs…totally prim free as you’re wearing it how sooper ! Go pig out on the goodies, you will find them all on the side…dont get clicker-buy-happy..there are some items that you need to pay for also in the same location .

Mesh lamp & washer dryer: Lok’s

Mesh table : Vooner

wearables: Choose Cafe